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Our Vision 

Our school vision 

Jesus promised a ‘life in all its fullness’ (John 10:10). As a unique rural school, inspired by our Christian love, we nurture our family to grow and shine spiritually, personally and academically.

The vision explained

Despite being a rural school, 90% of our families come from towns. This makes Tardebigge CE First School a unique rural school. Our parent/carer, staff and governor voice, all acknowledge that nurturing children to enable them to flourish is incredibly important at Tardebigge. The Tardebigge community feel that the three traits; spiritually, personally (including socially, morally and culturally) and academically, are integral for children to become the people God intended them to be. At Tardebigge we define spirituality as an emotional connection that we get through experiences and reflection with ourselves, people, nature and beyond.

Our theologically-rooted Christian vision

Jesus' promise of a 'life in all its fullness' is at the heart of our deeply Christian vision. We are thankful to all be children of God and therefore believe everyone can experience this abundant life. In every decision we make, we ask ourselves are we giving the children a chance to grow and shine, a chance to fail and the skills to achieve? In order for children to live a ‘life in all its fullness’, they need to experience a rainbow of opportunities allowing them to develop our core Christian values. We experience the fullness of life, the highs and the lows, in relationship with one another.


Spirituality across the Curriculum

For more information about the ways in which children develop spirituality across the curriculum, head to our Curriculum > Subjects > RE page.