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Week ending 23rd October 2020

Wow, I cannot believe the first half term has already come to an end! What a first half term it has been!! We are so proud of the children and how they have settled into Tardebigge life. We are now well into the swing of things and are enjoying our school routines.

Literacy- Fee Fi Fo Fum, I smell the blood of an Englishman! This week has been all about Jack and the Beanstalk. On Monday we received a special package from Jack himself. Enclosed in the envelope were 5 magic beans!! Throughout the week, the beanstalk has been growing across the classroom. We have been amazed!

On Friday, we celebrated the end of our topic with a Jack and the Beanstalk castle banquet in the hall. We set up the lunch tables with plates and table cloths and the children created name place cards and crowns for the banquet. We also enjoyed some party games afterwards!

Maths- We have been continuing to develop our knowledge of number 5 and have been splitting 5 in different ways (number bonds) e.g. 5 and 0, 4 and 1, 3 and 2. The children have then been representing these number bonds in a range of ways. We also watched a Maths lesson by Mrs Harris on Oak Academy so the children are familiar with this online lesson format if we were in a situation where home learning had to take place.

Phonics- This week we have been learning the phonemes for the graphemes j, v, w and x. The children have also been practising reading the tricky words; I, go, no, to, the. We also watched a Letters and Sounds Reception lesson with Jess on YouTube, again just in case the children have to switch to online learning. They really enjoyed taking part in Jess’ phonics session.

Science- We carried out a gummy bears experiment on Tuesday in which we placed one gummy bear in an empty cup and one in a cup of water. The children made some brilliant predictions earlier on in the week and on Friday we observed the changes and similarities. We found that the gummy bear in the water had grown in size and the gummy bear in the empty cup remained the same.

The children have also been planting runner beans. We discussed what the beans would need to grow; sunlight and water. We hope you enjoy growing these at home! We would love to see any updates. Feel free to send us photographs on DoJo.

PE- Mr Taylor will be the PE coach teaching the children on a Thursday now. They are really enjoying getting to know him and taking part in his PE sessions. This week the children were developing their balancing skills, tiptoeing, hopping and balancing cones on their heads whilst walking with their arms out or on their hips.

After half term we will begin our new topic ‘Percy the Park Keeper’. We will be continuing to observe seasonal changes and will enjoy learning about Percy’s animals, some of which hibernate or are nocturnal. If you have any ideas or contributions towards our planning for this topic, please send me a message on DoJo. Perhaps have a discussion with your child and see if they have any wonderful ideas too.

We hope you all have a well-rested and enjoyable break next week. Be kind to yourselves and to each other. You are all doing a brilliant job! See you on Tuesday 3rd November (remember Monday is a teacher training day!)

Week ending 16th October 2020

Literacy- We have really enjoyed reading and acting out the story Goldilocks and three bears. The children have had a go at writing and drawing a list of porridge ingredients and thought about what topping they would have on their porridge.

Science- This week the children were scientists researching ‘what makes porridge yummy?’ They tasted porridge with ketchup (!) and discussed what it tasted like and gave their review. They then tasted the porridge with strawberry jam and compared the tastes. We were encouraging the children to use vocabulary such as ‘too salty’, ‘too sweet’, ‘just right’. Surprisingly, a few children thought tomato ketchup and porridge was delicious!

Maths- The children have been splitting numbers 1-5 into two parts. These are called number bonds. For example, the number bonds to 5 are 5 and 0, 4 and 1, 3 and 2, 2 and 3, 1 and 4, 0 and 5. We have practised showing this in different ways such as using bead strings, part, part, whole diagrams, splitting groups of children on chairs at the ‘bus stop’ etc.

Phonics- This week we have been learning the phonemes for the graphemes h, b, f and l. We have also been learning to read the tricky words go, to, no, I, the, into.

PE- On Thursday the children continued to work on different ways of moving such as hopping, jumping, ducking to touch cones. The children were then given a ball to incorporate within their movements and they had to complete an obstacle course and bounce the ball 4 times and catch it.
On Friday the children were introduced to some apparatus; benches, mats and table tops, and we also practised our different shapes; pike, straight shape, tuck and star.

Music- The children were moving to the rhythm of the music and joining in with the dance. They also used claves to tap the pulse of the music.

Welly Wednesday- We have continued to spot signs of change during the Autumn season. We walked to the oak tree and discussed what we could observe this week and then visited the horse chestnut tree on the church meadow in which we collected hundreds of conkers, some of which were still inside their spikey shells. The children then explored the forest school area.

IT and Computing- We were developing our trackpad control on the laptops this week and the children were set the challenge to program the wolf around the 3 pigs houses by clicking on the different arrows. This involved the children moving their finger around the trackpad and clicking the left hand button.

Have a super weekend Reception and see you next week for the last week of the first half term! Time is flying!

Week ending 9th October 2020

Literacy- The children have loved reading The Three Little Pigs and joining in with the repeated refrains. We have been building houses for the pigs using a range of materials and retelling and acting out the story using masks and story spoons.

Maths- In our Number Time sessions this week we have been practising how to count objects accurately using strategies such as place the items in a line, move the objects as they count and to count using numbers in the correct order.

Phonics- We have been learning the phonemes for the graphemes ck, e, u and r. We have also been learning to read the tricky words to and the.

Welly Wednesday- This week the children were spotting signs of Autumn. We observed the oak tree, talked about the features and Autumn changes and discussed the squirrels collecting the acorns to bury them in time for Winter. The children also enjoyed creating Autumn bracelets.

PE- The children really enjoyed their first gymnastics session. This week we were practising holding different shapes such as a tuck, a pike, a star and a stretch.

On Thursday they were developing their special awareness and had to move around the room using different techniques.

Science- We have really enjoyed our three little pigs investigation! The children were set the challenge to build houses using a range of materials such as straws, hay, lollipop sticks and Duplo bricks. They then practised blowing the house down using their own breath and then the hairdryer air (the big bad wolf)! We recorded our results in a table.

RE- This week we began the unit ‘Where do we belong?’ from the Worcester Agreed Syllabus. We discussed times and events in which we feel/felt special. Examples included, birthdays, playing with Daddy, kisses from Mummy, caring for my chickens etc. We talked about Christians believing that God thinks we are special too and that in the Bible it says He loves us before we are even born (Psalm 139) and that he has our names in the palm of His hand (Isaiah 49:16). The children drew around their hands and wrote their name on their hand outline and decorated it to remind themselves that they are special.

We have also been practising our Harvest song which will be recorded and posted onto Class DoJo next week.

We hope you have a super weekend Reception! See you on Monday.

Week ending 2nd October 2020

This week Little Red Riding Hood (Mrs Hartle dressed up) visited us in Reception. The children asked Little Red such brilliant questions such as ‘did you know it was the wolf?’, ‘were you scared of the big bad wolf?’, ‘what did you take to granny?’
Little Red then set us a task to draw what we would take in granny’s basket.

The children have enjoyed acting out the story in the Little Red Riding Hood small world play and using the masks and story spoons. Miss Walker has been reading and discussing the story all week during our whole class reading sessions.

Our guided reading groups are now up and running. These books will be changed once a week on the day your child reads with their group. Please ensure your child’s books and reading diary are in their book bag every day.

Phonics- the phonemes we learnt for the graphemes this week were g,o,c,k. It is also important to be aware that ck is a digraph (two letters one sound).

Maths- we have been learning all about the number 5 this week and representing 5 in different ways such as using a range of counting objects and counters on a ten frame.

Welly Wednesday- we visited the meadow next to the community hall carpark as there is a huge horse chestnut tree there. We talked about the features of this tree and sent Mrs Pugh and Miss Walker to wade through the long grass and conkers to collect the conkers. We took these back to our outdoor area and have been creating large runs for the conkers using drainpipes and crates.

PE- This week in PE the children were practising forwards and backwards movements, negotiating space successfully when playing games and exploring moving in a variety of ways.
From next week the children will be engaging in gymnastics sessions on Wednesday afternoons as well as their session on Thursday. We will do PE in bare feet in the hall and they can do PE in their forest school jogging bottoms so you do not need to bring anything extra in.

HeartSmart- This is our weekly PSHE session in which we discuss feelings and emotions. It is based around a robot called Boris who thinks he’s just a pile of scrap (because he’s made from bits and pieces from the scrapyard). However the children he lives with tell him he’s much more than rubbish to them and they talk about his good qualities. This week we were learning about the ‘tools’ to have in our ‘toolkit’ such as knowing I am special, I love others, I am a good friend, I tell the truth, I can do it.

Music- Miss Walker is teaching our music sessions every Thursday afternoon whilst Mrs Hartle has her planning and assessment time. This week the children were using claves to find the pulse of a song.

Picture News- This is a short session the children engage with each Friday afternoon which focuses on a news item at an early years age appropriate level. This week we discussed visitors not being allowed in care homes and ways to keep in touch with people we cannot see in person such as sending letters, drawing pictures, phoning, video calls etc.

Have a lovely weekend Reception!

Week ending 25th September 2020

Welly Wednesday- We found a baby hedgehog, a hoglet, in the Reception outdoor area last week. Many of the children were fascinated by this so we have been updating the children on what has happened to the hedgehog. He’s now at the rescue centre being well looked after. At the weekend, a couple of walkers found another hoglet and left a note to make the school aware. We therefore went on a hedgehog hunt around the forest school area and read a poem called Spiky about a little hedgehog. We are yet to find the other hoglet but we are keeping our eyes peeled. The children have been learning the forest school rules this week; walking only, drag sticks behind you, no licking and no picking and no walking through the fire circle. The children enjoyed digging, stick collecting, swinging on our homemade swing, hiding in dens and exploring the new environment.

PE- The children loved their first session with Mr Cooper. They played a traffic light game, a runner beans game and sleeping lions!

Phonics- We have been learning the phonemes for the graphemes; i, m, n and d. For more information view the presentation posted on DoJo.

This week the children have enjoyed reading the story The Colour Monster by Anna Llenas. We were so impressed with the children’s discussion around feelings and emotions. The children talked about what feelings they associated with colours and why. For example, yellow is happy because of sunflowers.

We have also been reading the story ‘Wow’ said the owl by Tim Hopgood and some of the children decided to paint the different colours that owl could see in the painting area. There were some wonderful rainbows.

Have a super weekend Reception!

British Science Week 2020

British Science Week
Each day this week the children have engaged in some exciting Science investigations and activities to celebrate ‘Our Diverse Planet’, this year’s British Science week theme.

Monday- The children created paper chains to show just how diverse people are on our planet. We celebrated this by discussing each other’s amazing skills and qualities referring to our class talent show on Friday.
In the afternoon the children used the microscopes, which we currently have on loan in school, to explore different items such as coins, newspaper clippings, herbs, salt, sugar etc. We then observed different fingerprints and talked about each finger print being different and unique.

Tuesday- Mrs Stephens took the children on a ‘rainbow collectors’ walk in which they gathered different items of a range of colours and stuck these to their sheet to show the varying and diverse colours in nature.
In the afternoon the children enjoyed investigating different materials for the teddy bear’s house. We were very fortunate to have this session delivered to us by three scientists from Birmingham University.

Wednesday- The Reception children engaged in a range of Science investigations across all of the classrooms throughout the whole day!! Thank you to those of you who were able to visit the classrooms at the end of the day to engage in a few of these Science experiments. All of the Science enquiries were physics based and inspired the children to explore and investigate. The children also enjoyed visiting other classrooms and teachers!

Thursday- We really enjoyed learning about native British animals and creating animal flip flap storybooks in which we talked about the similarities and differences between animals and discussed how diverse the animal kingdom is. We also enjoyed creating our own funny mixed animals using our flip flap books.

Friday- The children created posters for 'our diverse planet' British Science week. 

What a fantastic Science week we have had!!

Have a brilliant weekend Reception and see you on Monday.


Week ending 6th March

Firstly, thank you to you all for attending parents evening on Tuesday. As always, we appreciate your continued support. 

World book day- Wow, we were blown away by the children’s amazing costumes! The children were inspired by the Beano and Dandy stories we read and created their own comic trip. We also watched a ‘how to draw Dennis’ video tutorial and attempted to draw the cartoon character. Mrs Cutler shared a thriller story called One Fox with us which kept us in suspense! 

Phonics- We have been practising reading the tricky words little, like, one and reading and writing 2 syllable words such as lunchbox, sandpit, desktop etc. 

Science- The children made dinosaur fossil eggs using baking soda and baked the ‘fossils’. We then used vinegar in pipettes to encourage the eggs to ‘hatch’ and we observed the effects! 

PE- We engaged in our first ball skills session this week in PE. The children practised rolling the ball with control using their hands. 

Maths- We have been solving subtraction calculation problems this week and using the apparatus to prove our answers and represent the calculation in different ways. 

A reminder that on Monday it is class photograph day. It is also British Science week so we will be engaging in Science investigations and activities throughout the week! 

Have a lovely weekend Reception! 

Week ending 28th February

Welcome back! We hope you had a restful and fun week last week. It has been lovely catching up with the children and getting back into the swing of things for the second part of the Spring term.

Phonics- We have been reading the high frequency words; have, like, some, come and practising reading CCVC words.

Maths- This week the children have been identifying and describing 2D and 3D shapes. We have also been developing our number bonds to 5 fluency. This is our KIRF this half term so use our top tips sheet to help you support your child’s learning in this area at home.

The children enjoyed playing a number bonds game on the website link above.

HeartSmart- In PSHE this week the children made a special box and filled it with special items around the classroom e.g. a yellow pencil because my favourite colour is yellow, scissors and gluestick because I love creating! The children shared these items with the rest of the class and they were excited to take their special boxes (without the classroom items!) home. 

IT and Computing- We really enjoyed doing exercises in IT and Computing this week! The children used stopwatches to time 30 second intervals. We then checked our pulse to see if it had got quicker, slower or stayed the same. 

Trip to ‘thebarn’ church- What a fantastic morning we had at the church. The children’s minister taught us an action song and read us a story about Jesus just before his crucifixion. We also played games and went on a tour of the building, exploring each of the rooms for children of different ages. The children’s brilliant behaviour was noted by the staff at the church. They represented the school so well and enjoyed themselves too! We discussed the similarities and differences between this church and our church St Bartholomew’s. E.g. Pews and no pews, stained glass windows and no stained glass windows, an old building and a new building etc. A huge thank you to Steve and Claire who made us feel so welcome at the church and delivered a brilliant session.

The children loved making and eating pancakes on Shrove Tuesday. Thank you for sending in donations to raise money for Primrose Hospice.

A reminder that it is parents evening on Tuesday and also it is a Beano or Dandy comic dress up day for World Book Day on Thursday. We look forward to seeing your costumes!

Have a super weekend Reception!

Week ending 14th February

Phonics- We have started Phase 4 phonics this week. The children have been practising reading and writing consonant, vowel, consonant, consonant (CVCC) words. We have also been learning to write the tricky words the, into, to, go, no.

Literacy- This week the children have been writing about riddles for Arctic animals. For example, I am white. I am fluffy. I eat fish. I am a polar bear.

Science- We have been learning facts about different Arctic animals. The children have been locating the Arctic on a globe too.

Maths- The children have been practising showing number bonds to 10 using ten frames, part, part, whole diagram, counting objects.

PE- The children enjoyed creating a circle dance. They had to remember different actions and put them together to create a dance routine.

Thank you for your donations today. The children loved wearing ‘what they love’.

We hope you have a wonderful week Reception. Relax and enjoy!

Week ending 7th February

Phonics- We have been revising the phase 3 graphemes. The children have been practising reading and writing words including phase 3 graphemes. 

Maths- The children were introduced to the number 10 and practised creating 10 using a range of maths apparatus such as ten frames, numicon and counting objects. Next week the children we will be showing number bonds to 10 in a range of ways. 

Science- The children have been building boats using a variety of resources. They then tested them for size and strength in the water tray. Their boats had to be strong enough and big enough to hold the toy boy and toy penguin (linked to the story Lost and Found).

RE- The children took off their socks and shoes, washed their hands and listened for the call to prayer. We then entered the ‘mosque’ and explored inside (a virtual tour of a mosque). We discussed the similarities and differences between the mosque and St Bartholomews church. For example they both have stained glass windows. The children talked about what they could see in the mosque such as a shoe rack, prayer mats, Qur’an stand and Qur’an. 

Dance- The children were practising dancing to the beat and using alternative dance moves to heads, shoulders, knees and toes.

Have a wonderful weekend Reception! 

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