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Week ending 19th October

Literacy- On Monday we found out there had been a crime in the Reception classroom. Somebody had been eating the porridge! The police cornered off the area using police tape. The children have been busy collecting evidence such as a strand of hair, a swatch of fabric and footprint in the porridge oats. The children then decided who the suspects could be and carried out an investigation interviewing adults within the setting. On Wednesday, we received a confession letter from Goldilocks. In this letter she apologises for eating the porridge in our three bears cottage role play area and asks for forgiveness. Some of the children were keen to respond and have written letters they would like to send back to Goldilocks.

We have also been writing labels for pictures from the Goldilocks and the Three Bears story.


Maths- The children have been developing their fluency by learning to say their number bonds to 5. 5 and 0 make 5, 0 and 5 make 5, 4 and 1 make 5, 1 and 4 make 5, 2 and 3 make 5, 3 and 2 make 5. The children have been showing these number bonds on ten frames and part, part, whole diagrams. We have also been learning 1 more than and 1 less than numbers to 5 by engaging in a bus maths problem in which people got on and off the bus.

Phonics- This week we have been learning the phonemes for the graphemes y, z and qu. We have also been learning to read the tricky words he and she.

RE- This week we have been reading the parable of the two sons from the Holy Bible. Next week we will be introducing the sacred book for Muslims, the Qur’an.

Science- We have been investigating squashes over the last two weeks. The children have been describing what they can feel, see and smell as well as coming up with their own questions about the squashes. For example, what do they look like inside? Where do they come from? Why do they all look different? We were amazed to see what was inside!


A reminder that next Tuesday we will be visiting the Hive in Worcester for the Beeline Festival. We will be watching The Little Red Hen puppet show.

Have a great weekend!

Week ending 12th October

Thank you to all those parents who were able to attend parents evening this week. It was lovely to be able to speak about each child and share how brilliantly they are settling in and enjoying school life.

MISSING JUMPERS- We have a couple of school jumpers missing in Reception. They are named! Please check your jumpers at home.

Literacy- To introduce our new traditional tale, we engaged in a Goldilocks and the Three Bears sensory story in which the children got to explore cold and hot porridge play dough, play the wooden claves, bang the drum, touch hard, soft and fluffy blankets and say repeated refrains. The children then wrote a list of porridge ingredients so that I could buy the correct food items from the shop and on Friday the children made and tasted porridge.

Maths- We have been focusing on number bonds to 5 this week. The children have been showing the number bonds in different ways such as using a ten frame and a part, part whole diagram using counters and cubes. The number bonds to 5 are 5 and 0, 0 and 5, 4 and 1, 1 and 4, 2 and 3, 3 and 2.

Phonics- This week we have been learning the phonemes (sounds) for the graphemes (letters) j, v, w and x.

A useful website including phonics games to help your children is You do not need to subscribe as there are plenty of free games. The children particularly enjoy the ‘Buried Treasure’ game.

Forest School- The children were spotting signs of Autumn in the Forest School area and made leaf kebabs with the Autumn leaves on the sticks.

RE- This week the children read the Bible story ‘David and Goliath’ and talked about what this story might mean to Christians today.

Gymnastics- The children practised moving in a range of different ways. They were asked to explore the apparatus and floor mats pretending they were monkeys in the jungle. They did this whilst listening to jungle themed music.

A reminder that it is our Harvest Festival on Thursday 18th October at 9.15am in the church.

Have a brilliant weekend!

Week ending 5th October

Literacy- The children have been practising writing their name using cursive letters. Each child has also retold the story of ‘The Three Little Pigs’ using repeated refrains and ordered the story pictures.

Maths- This week we have been learning to represent the same number in different ways. Some of the children have been quite amazed to realise just how different one number can look. For example, 4 can be represented as 4 dinosaurs, 4 counters, 4 cubes, 2 cubes and 2 cubes, a square etc. The children have also been learning how to use a ten frame to show numbers up to 10.

Phonics- This week we were learning the phonemes for the graphemes h, f/ff b and l/ll. Please continue to practise recognising these letters and actions at home.

RE- Continuing our RE unit on ‘what stories are special and why?’ we looked at a piece of artwork representing the Bible story of Jesus calming the storm. We then acted out the story as a whole class using props to support us. We discussed what many Christians may learn from this story and why the Holy Bible is not only special to many Christians but sacred.

PE- In Gymnastics we have started our Jungle gymnastics sequence of lessons in which the children explored different ways of moving on the apparatus to a jungle soundtrack. We listened to the story ‘Walking through the Jungle’ and discussed how different animals might move.

Have a wonderful weekend Reception. Remember it is parents evening next week!

Week ending 28th September

Firstly, thank you all for coming to the curriculum meeting on Tuesday. We hope you found this an informative and useful evening. Your child should have come home with a questionnaire regarding the transition process from nursery/pre-school to school. We would really appreciate any feedback so we can continue to improve our starting school transition.

Secondly, some parents are beginning to ask about birthdays and whether they could bring in cake or sweets on their child’s birthday. Due to us being a healthy school and children having allergies and intolerances we have instead suggested the child buy a book for the class to share on their birthday. This is merely a suggestion so please do not feel obliged to bring in anything!!

Literacy- The children have continued to enjoy retelling the story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff. We particularly enjoyed acting out the story on Tuesday when we were joined by two REAL goats who very enthusiastically trip trapped over our bridge! A huge thank you to Miss Hill who brought Olly and Stan up to school. It was a real treat and definitely inspired us all!

Maths- This week we have been thinking about the best ways to count and strategies that we may use to help us when counting. For example, place objects in a line before counting, move objects once counted, place objects onto a ten frame etc.

Phonics- We have been learning the phonemes (sounds) for the graphemes (letters) ck (kick, lick, tick), e (egg, ten, Ben), u (umbrella, up, under) and r (red, run, rut). The children also revised the tricky word 'the' and learnt the new tricky word 'to'.

Science Investigation- As part of our learning on The Three Little Pigs, the children decided to carry out an investigation in which they built a stick house, straw house and (Lego) brick house. The children then used their own breath and the air from a hairdryer to try and blow down their houses. We have began recording our results on a whole class chart.

We hope you have a wonderful weekend Reception!

Week ending 21st September

Literacy- The children have enjoyed acting out The Three Billy Goats Gruff this week and building bridges in different ways to help enable them to retell the story with their friends.

Maths- We have been recognising and ordering numbers 0-5 as well talking about 1 more and 1 less than numbers to 5. This week the children have particularly enjoyed using the unifx counting blocks and ten frames. I will be talking about how to use a ten frame next week at the Curriculum Meeting.

Phonics- The children have been learning the phonemes for the graphemes g, o, c, k this week. Please practise saying the sounds for each letter at home as well as the actions. Your child will show you these!

Forest School- Mr Bennett and I took the children to the Forest School area this week. The Forest School rules were explained and the children listen to a story about a leaf man. They were then given time during the session to explore the new area and create their own leaf man. It was fantastic to see the children demonstrating such courage engaging with the low ropes and rope swing.

PE- This week the children were balancing on the apparatus for the first time. We used benches and table tops. The children were also exploring different ways of moving along the benches.

We have also been very busy baking and decorating gingerbread men. Thankfully, none of the biscuits ran away!

A reminder that next Tuesday 25th September, it is our Reception Curriculum Meeting at 6.30pm. We look forward to seeing you then.

Week ending 14th September

We have had another jam packed week in Reception class. By Friday all of the children should have come home with a guided reading school book. This book will be changed once a week but please continue to read your own stories at home daily so that your child builds a love for reading.

Phonics- This week we have been learning the phonemes for the graphemes i, n, m and d. Last week we were learning s, a, t, p so the children are already building words and learning to read consonant, vowel, consonant (CVC) words e.g. sat, tap, pin, pot etc.

Maths- We have been learning numbers 1-5. The children have really enjoyed watching the Numberblock episode to go with each number and are now engaging in 20 minute whole class Number Time sessions.

Forest School- We had our first Forest School session on Tuesday. Unfortunately Mr Bennett has not been in school this week so Mrs Barnett and I took the children on a walk around our immediate area so they could observe some of the environment they will be exploring in. The children had lots of fun are now looking forward to exploring the Forest School area next week.

PE- The children have also taken part in their first Gymnastics session over in the Community hall. We were really impressed with the children’s independence when getting changed into and out of their PE kits. We are focusing on different ways of moving and balances.

Mrs Barnett has been outdoors this week introducing some of the equipment in our shed. Some of the children have particularly enjoyed den building with their new friends.

Have a brilliant weekend Reception!

First week in Reception!

Firstly, welcome to Reception class! We have had such a fantastic first week at school and are so proud of the children. They are already settling in so well! We have had such a busy week learning the rules and routines of school and getting to know each other.

The children have already begun Phonics sessions and Number Time sessions. They have also painted their face for our birthday display, drawn a picture of themselves in their new school uniform and practised writing their name. I have enjoyed hearing about some of their Summer holiday adventures.

Next week the children will receive a reading diary and guided reading book which you can share with your child at home. Please sign your child’s reading diary each time you read with them and they will receive a Dojo point. When they have been allocated a school house, they will then receive a team point. More information regarding reading with your child will be given at the curriculum meeting.

Your child may have come home talking about DoJos. This is an online behaviour reward system in which each child is allocated an avatar. The children receive DoJo points for behaviours such as good listening, good sitting, being helpful, being a kind friend, persevering with a task etc.

Next Tuesday the children will be beginning their Forest School session so please ensure wellington boots are in school and waterproofs are in their bookbags. They can come to school in jogging bottoms and school uniform tops.

Next Wednesday we will be starting our Gymnastic sessions in the Community Hall so please ensure PE kits are in school.

If you ever have any questions or queries, no matter how small, please do not hesitate in contacting me.

Have a fun and restful weekend and we will see you on Monday.

Welcome to Reception (important information!)

Welcome to Reception!
We hope you have all had a lovely holiday and are now excited for the year ahead. We are!

Curriculum Meeting

On Tuesday 25th September, 6.30pm at Tardebigge CE First School we will be sharing a photo presentation of your children during their first few of weeks at school. We will also be explaining the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework and will hand out learning packs and give advice on how you can support your child’s learning at home. This will be an informative evening and we look forward to seeing you there.

The start and end of the day
The gate will open at 8.45am and will close at 8.55am. Children need to be in school by this time. If you arrive after this time you will need to come through the main office and sign your child in and get a late mark. Children can be collected from 3.10pm.
At ‘home time’ we will line the children up and bring them onto the playground to hand them over directly to you. Please can you let us know in writing if your child is to be collected by someone different. We will not let them go with anyone else unless we have been notified beforehand. It is always helpful if you give us a wave when your child is at the front of the line.

School Lunches
If your child is having a hot school lunch, please discuss their menu choice in advance (a blue lunch- a meat option, a green lunch- a vegetarian option or a purple lunch- a jacket potato). There will be a board outside the gate to Reception. Your child will need to move their name to the correct place depending on whether they are going to have a blue, green, purple or packed lunch. Please name your child’s lunchbox as many lunchboxes are the same design.

For the first few weeks we will be getting to know the children. They will become familiar with the rules and routines of the classroom. The topic focus for this half term will be ‘Once upon a time...’ It will be really useful for the children to become familiar with traditional nursery rhymes and songs. To obtain your child’s input on this topic you will receive a copy of our planning and a feedback sheet. In future, this will be uploaded to our school website. Please discuss the topic with your child and jot down any ideas they, or you, have that we can include in our planning. We will do this for every topic we cover during the year. In the past we have found that the children have some really super ideas and parents may have knowledge or resources about a topic that can really enhance it.

Our school website is regularly updated by all members of staff. You will find our weekly school newsletter particularly useful. I will also be updating our class blog every week to inform you of our classroom activities and adventures. The class page will also be used as a means of giving announcements and news so please check this at least once a week. The topic planning will also be uploaded to our Reception class page on the school website. To access the school website please visit

We encourage all of the children at Tardebigge to read daily. Reading diaries are checked everyday and those who have read receive a team point. More information regarding reading at home will be given at the curriculum evening. Your child will be sent home with a guided reading book in their book bags but please feel free to read any books you have at home as well. Book bags can also be used by parents or the school to put any letters or forms in. Please ensure your child’s book bag is in school and checked every day.
Forest School
The children will have the chance to go on nature walks, minibeast hunts and explore the Forest School area every Tuesday morning with Mr Bennett. Children should come to school on a Tuesday wearing tracksuit bottoms and their school uniform tops. Please ensure your child has waterproofs in their book bag. At the end of the session we should only need to change the children out of their waterproofs and wellies. We ask that your child has a pair of named wellington boots that can be kept at school. It is a good idea to also supply extra clean dry socks in their book bags on Tuesdays just in case! It is important that on cold days your child wears extra layers of clothing as well as gloves and hats. If your child is cold they will not enjoy the activities planned. For Forest School to run effectively we need a high adult ratio. If you can help on a Tuesday morning please let Mrs Hartle or Mr Bennett know. Forest School will start on 11th September.

We will be doing PE on Wednesday afternoons but PE kits should remain in school at all times. It is important that in addition to your child’s PE kit, they also have jogging bottoms as they may be outside. Please ensure that everything that comes into school (including hats and gloves etc) is CLEARLY LABELLED.
The children’s first PE session will be on 12th September.

Water bottles
Please ensure that your child has a named bottle of water in school everyday. We will ensure that they are given the opportunity to have regular water breaks throughout the day. These bottles will need to be named as they are kept in the same area and MUST ONLY CONTAIN WATER! Water bottles should not be put in book bags as we have had many reading records and books damaged by leaking bottles.

Marvellous Me
Each week a different child will bring home a special box that they can fill with different items about themselves. Instructions will be inside the box. This will be an opportunity for your child to talk about themselves and answer any questions in front of the class. The items should be ‘interesting items’ that your child can talk about including photos and not just toys.

Celebration Assembly
This is an assembly every Friday afternoon (starts at 2:40pm) that recognises children’s achievements that week. A Gold award (for effort and a positive mindset) and a Platinum award (for demonstrating Christian values) from each class are presented to the children during this assembly. You will be informed earlier in the week if your child has achieved either of these awards. The Gold award is a surprise for your child on the day and if your child has received the Platinum award, they can come to school on Friday wearing non-uniform.

Can you help?
If you would like to help in the classroom in any way please let us know. We would love parents to come in and play games with small groups of children, read with the children, help with caterpillar phonics, supervise the painting table or help plant up our allotment area. If you can spare a bit of time please let us know.

We are looking forward to an exciting year and hope that your child enjoys their first year at school. If you or your child have any worries or concerns please do not hesitate to come and speak to us so that we can work together to resolve any issues (however small, we know that they are important to you and your child). If you have any exciting news please feel free to share with us. Our positive partnership is paramount to your child’s successful learning journey.

Kind Regards,

Katie Hartle and the Reception Team

Horse Riding


Activity Week!

It is only Thursday and we have already enjoyed a Zumba session, a rugby session led by Worcester Warriors, sport sesisons by children from Aston Fields and Ridgway, caving and archery. Here a few photogrpahs from the week so far. The children have demonstrated super sportsmanship, courage, persistence and resilience across the week. 

Thank you to everyone who attended our very hot Sports Day. We are so proud of the children.


We still have horse riding and Bollywood dancing to enjoy tomorrow!

What a fitness filled week! We are having so much fun!





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