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Year 1

This week Year R became Year 1. We had a really super week Mrs Medlicott and I were so impressed with the children, they behaved beautifully, listened carefully and worked really hard.

We introduced our new topic which is ‘Under the Sea’ this will be our topic when we return in September. We created art work which will get displayed over the summer holidays ready for September. We talked about our class rules, became familiar with our classroom and learnt lots about each other. We had a really lovely week and we are sure next year will be a great one!

Have a lovely summer and see you in Year 1 in September.

Mrs Welsh

Horse Riding


Activity Week!

It is only Thursday and we have already enjoyed a Zumba session, a rugby session led by Worcester Warriors, sport sesisons by children from Aston Fields and Ridgway, caving and archery. Here a few photogrpahs from the week so far. The children have demonstrated super sportsmanship, courage, persistence and resilience across the week. 

Thank you to everyone who attended our very hot Sports Day. We are so proud of the children.


We still have horse riding and Bollywood dancing to enjoy tomorrow!

What a fitness filled week! We are having so much fun!





Week ending 29th June

Literacy- On Monday the children enjoyed a seaside sensory day in which we got changed into our shorts and t-shirt (PE kit) ready to visit the ‘beach’. We walked in the sand and water barefoot, tasted chips from the chip shop, listened to the sound of waves and seagulls and watched a clip all about a trip to the seaside. This was a fantastic way to begin our ‘Beside the Seaside’ topic. The children then wrote some super seaside sensory poems about their experiences.


Maths- We have been practising identifying and describing the properties 2D and 3D shapes as well as adding coins in a purse and recording number bonds to 10.

Phonics- We have been revising the graphemes ay, ou, ie, ea and learning the new tricky words oh and people.

PE- We have been practising for Sports Day next week. Every child will be given the opportunity to take part in a running, sack, egg and spoon and sack race next week.

RE- The children have been thinking about creation and what makes our world so our amazing. We have been thinking about Christians believing God being the Creator of the world and discussed how nature makes us feel and why.

Next week it is Activity week so the children can come to school dressed in sportswear (t-shirt, shorts/jogging bottoms and trainers). Please remember that it is Sports Day on Thursday so the children need to wear their house colours (e.g. a red t-shirt for Malvern. Any shorts will do!) Parents/grandparents are welcome to bring a picnic lunch on this day to share with your child on the school field. We will be doing group events in the morning e.g. penalty shootout, javelin etc. and the races e.g. sack, egg and spoon, hurdles etc. in the afternoon. We have a VERY exciting week planned for the children. Some of the activities include orienteering, caving, horse riding, Bollywood dancing etc.

Have a restful weekend ready for a busy and fun filled week next week.

Week ending 22nd June

Literacy- As part of our topic exit point, on Monday the children really enjoyed watching clips from the film, The Incredibles. We discussed the different superheroes in the film and their special superpowers. The children then engaged in some fantastic writing about The Incredibles.

Maths- I have been working with the children to record number bonds to 10 using the part, part, whole method. We have also been developing our number knowledge by watching and discussing Numberblocks clips. These episodes can be found on the CBeebies iPlayer.

Phonics- The children have been reading and writing CCVC and CVCC words. We have also been reading and writing Phase 4 sentences. Many of the children are becoming confident when reading tricky words in Phonics and are now beginning to apply this knowledge when reading their guided reading books.

PE- The children have been practising Sports Day activities such as throwing a javelin and playing ‘Rob the nest’. We are very excited for Sports Day in two weeks time. For more information on Sports Day please check the school’s newsletter.

Also as part of our topic exit point, we had a visit from Dr Hudson who came into school to carry out a check up on our poorly doll who had come out in spots overnight. Our doll was diagnosed with chicken pox and we were given a prescription to take to the pharmacy for some cream. We enjoyed discovering what doctors carry in their bag and asked our visitor some questions. Dr Hudson finished his visit by reading a story all about a trip to the doctor’s surgery.

Next week we will begin our new topic ‘Beside the Seaside’. The children will be having a ‘seaside sensory morning’ on Monday as part of their topic entry point.

Have a brilliant weekend Reception!

Week ending 15th June

Firstly, can I remind everyone to ensure their child/ren are safe when walking from the school playground to the car park at the end of the school day. I have spoken to the children about the importance of walking and staying close to an adult when there are cars around.

Literacy- We have been continuing our fairytale stories this week in which the children have written a traditional tale adding the dragon as the superhero.

Maths- The children have been learning about capacity in the water tray this week and comparing and ordering the capacity of different containers. We have also enjoyed watching the Numberblocks clips and discussing what numbers 0-10 really mean.

Phonics- The children have been reading and writing two syllable words and reading and writing tricky words. We have also been reading and writing longer sentences with a connecting word.

PE- The children loved playing the team game Dodgeball during Games this week. This was a great opportunity for the children to develop their ball skills as well as their sportsmanship and team skills.

Hopefully, your child should have come home with a slip about what house your child is in and what colour t-shirt to wear on Sports Day.
Bredon- blue
Malvern- red
Lickey- yellow
Clent- green

Also, a reminder that on Tuesday 19th June there will be no Forest School as we are having a visit from a local theatre company who will be performing The Wizard of Oz for the children.

Have a brilliant weekend Reception!

Week ending 8th June

Welcome back Reception class! We hope you had a fun filled and relaxing half term holiday. We are now excited for a jam packed final half term in Reception.

On Monday, the children found out that there had been an ‘incident’ in the Reception classroom and so it had been coned off with Police tape so that an investigation could take place to find out exactly what had happened. (All pretend of course!!) Half eaten crackers were found on the floor spilling out of our snack time box. The children interviewed adults and children throughout the school to try and find out more information. They gathered evidence and used magnifying glasses and a microscope to have a closer look. Some new evidence came in later on in the day, a camera clip of a gingerbread man and a few of his friends creeping into the classroom and eating some of our crackers. It turned out that Mrs Friday in Year 2 and left a gingerbread man in her lunchbox over the half term holiday!

Literacy- We have been reading the story ‘There is no dragon in this story’ which the children were all engaged and inspired by. We reminded ourselves of some of the traditional tales and discussed how we could add the dragon into these stories, allowing him to become the superhero! The children have started writing their own alternative traditional tale including the dragon. For example, one child wrote a story about the three little pigs in which the dragon threw the wolf down the chimney and blew flames into the cauldron setting the wolf alight! Another child wrote a super story about the gingerbread man and how the dragon got there just in time before the fox ate him! We will be finishing these next week.

Maths-Mrs Barnett has been working with children to solve some subtraction calculations. The children can solve these in a range of different ways such as using a number line, Numicon, a ten frame, counting objects or drawing pictures. We are now encouraging the children to record their calculations in their chosen way.

Phonics- We have been reading and writing CVCC and CCVC words, revising our tricky words and reading and writing words with split digraphs such as i_e (bike, kite), a_e (cake, male), e_e (athlete, compete), o_e (tone, phone) and u_e (mute, cute).

RE- In RE we have been discussing the big question ‘Where do we belong?’ This week we read Psalm 139 in the Holy Bible and talked about Christians believing we are made by God and how we are all unique and special. The children had a go at taking their fingerprint. We were amazed that everyone’s fingerprint is so different.

Have a super weekend Reception!

Week ending 25th May

Phonics- We have been revising the digraphs and trigraphs we have learnt so far as well as learning to read and write CVCC and CCVC words. Over the half term holiday please ensure your child is reading little and often each day. This will really help with their transition into Year 1.

Literacy- The children have been writing about their experience with Detective Sargent Lane. I have been really impressed with the children’s sounding out and blending when writing their sentences. Some children even remembered their finger spaces between words and capital letters and full stops!

Maths- The children have been adding two groups of people (counting objects) through a time machine to be saved by superheroes! We have been remembering to count on to find the total. The children have been practising recording this as a calculation.

PE- The children continued to develop their kicking skills and also played a team game in which they needed to work together. After half term we will be playing more team games and practising for Sports Day!

RE- We have started our new unit on ‘Where do we belong?’ and read the story ‘The Ugly Duckling’. We then discussed ways in which we are special and unique and celebrated their qualities together.

The children have had such a super half term and definitely deserve a week off to relax and rest! After half term the transition into Year 1 will continue. We will be learning lots about our new classroom and teachers to ensure this transition is smooth. The children also have lots to look forward to with Health and Fitness Week, Sports Day and other Summer activities we have planned.

Have a brilliant week!

Week ending 18th May

Firstly, a massive thank you to Thomas’ Dad who came into school on Wednesday and spoke to the children about the role of a police officer. The children were so intrigued and excited to learn many interesting facts and also explore a “real life police car!” I’m sure the children have been telling you all about this exciting experience and I hope they enjoy sharing the photographs with you at home. Not all superheroes wear capes!



Literacy- I have been really impressed with the children’s retelling and writing of the story ‘Superworm!’ The children were set the challenge to remember the superworm missions within the book and write about how superworm saved the day!

Maths- The children have been continuing their learning about the place value of teen numbers and have been representing this in a range of ways.

Phonics- This week we have been learning to spell some tricky words as well as read them. The children have also been learning the split digraphs u_e (flute, compute) and o_e (coke, rope).

PE- This week we were engaging in three different activities developing our kicking skills. We had a penalty shootout, a weaving station in which the children dribbled the ball in between cones and a station in which the children had to pass and receive the ball with a partner.

RE- Thank you to those who brought in items from their Christening or naming ceremony. It was a fantastic opportunity to learn about Christenings from the children’s first hand accounts. This week the children made something of their choice from a range of media reflecting Christenings. For example, a font, a Christening card etc.

We hope you enjoy watching the royal wedding this weekend!

See you on Monday!

Week ending 11th May

We were blown away by the children’s fantastic superhero costumes on Tuesday! It was such a brilliant start to our ‘Reception to the Rescue’ topic. They really enjoyed engaging in sport challenges on the playground and field. We had children hurdling, throwing javelins, bouncing on the trampolines, weaving in and out of the cones with a hockey and ball and shooting baskets with a basket ball!


Literacy- Miss Wildboar (our University student training to be a teacher) has been really impressed with the children’s writing this week. They have been writing about themselves as superheroes including their super powers and superhero name.

Maths- I have been wowed by the children’s symmetrical capes they have been designing with Mrs Barnett. The children used a mirror to check that their pattern was symmetrical.

Phonics- This week the children have been learning the graphemes au (August, haunted), a_e (cake, bale), e_e (athlete, compete), i_e (kite, bite).

PE- Working in groups of 5, the children practised throwing different sized balls to each other. They used foam balls, plastic small balls, basketballs and squashy balls. We practised keeping our arms in front of us and keeping our eyes on the ball.

IT and Computing- The children enjoyed using the BeeBots to program the superheroes to different ‘disasters’ such as a broken bridge and a house on fire. They had to choose the most appropriate superhero for the mission and then direct the BeeBot to the correct location. We practised using the language left, right, forwards and backwards.

Remember it is the Tardebigge Trek on Monday 14th May so please send your child into school in their Forest School clothes on Monday and Tuesday. It is also a non-uniform day on Friday 18th May to celebrate the Royal wedding so please send your child dressed in blue, white or red clothes.

Have a super weekend!

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