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Week ending 24th January

Science morning
We had such a wonderful morning on Wednesday. Children from 5 other Reception settings came to visit us to engage in Science activities focused on the topic of ‘Space’. The children listened to two Oliver Jeffers stories, How to Catch a Star and The Way Back Home to inspire their learning. The children explored the following Science activities:
-building a straw rocket
-building a catapult to make the cow jump over the moon
-exploring magnetic materials in the space rice
-creating constellations using cocktail sticks and marshmallows
-using paint and magnets to create shooting star
-making playdough planets
-creating planets using tissue paper
-making craters using flour and cocoa powder.

Literacy- The children are enjoying telling their own stories and acting them out during whole class storytelling time. We call this ‘helicopter stories’. We are scribing the majority of the story with the children writing tricky words and/or CVC words.

Maths- The children have been solving calculations using apparatus and showing number bonds to 9 using counting objects and ten frames.

Phonics- We have been revising the graphemes air, ure, ear, ow and reading the tricky word you. We hope you are enjoying reading the penguin tricky word sliders.

RE- We have been learning about special people in different religions. This week we were learning about the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and why he is so important to Muslims.

Have a super weekend Reception!

Week ending 17th January

Phonics- We have been revising the graphemes oo, ar, ur and or. For this week’s phonics home learning we have sent home a tricky word penguin slider. Practise reading these tricky words little and often.

Literacy- The children enjoyed watching a clip from the Lost and Found film after reading the story. A penguin knocked on our classroom door and wants our help to return home. The children researched where penguins live and have since been building a boat in the workshop.

Maths- The children have been practising counting 9 objects and showing 9 in different ways. We have also been showing number bonds to 9 using ten frames, part part whole diagrams and counting objects.

Science- We observed the affect of adding drops of water to insta snow. We were surprised to see the insta snow expand. The children described how the snow felt and predicted what would happen as they added more water.

PE- The children were playing ‘bop it!’ with their bodies (bend it- bend your knees, twist it- twist your body, shake it- shake your body, bop it- jump up and down). We then added music and practised moving our bodies to the count of 8 beats.

Have a brilliant weekend.

Week ending 10th January

Welcome back Reception! We hope you have had a super Christmas holiday. We have had such an exciting first week back at school. The children are already enjoying our new topic ‘Living in a land so cold’. 

On Tuesday the children made melting snowmen after reading a story about Olaf and discussing what would happen to Olaf in the Summer.

Then on Wednesday we carried out an investigation to find out what would happen to Olaf in warm weather by observing an ice ‘snowman’ for the day. The children made some excellent predictions and developed their observational skills. Ask your child about what happened! 

Phonics- We have been revising the graphemes th, sh, ch, ng. This weeks phonics home learning involves the children segmenting and blending words including these graphemes. 

Literacy- The children have been reading the Oliver Jeffers story, ‘Lost and Found’ this week in whole class reading and will be engaging in some visual literacy (watching clips of film from the story and discussing the characters thoughts and feelings) next week. 

The children have been drawing pictures and writing about their Christmas holiday. We have loved hearing about your adventures. 

Maths- We have been developing our subitising skills (recognising a number of objects without counting) as well as our number bond fluency and double knowledge. 

PE- The children engaged in their first dance session this week. We were practising moving in different ways in and around our hoops. 

We have been learning about yew trees, oak trees, horse chestnut trees and holly trees this week. We have been discussing the similarities and differences between the trees. 

Have a super weekend! 

Week ending 13th December

Literacy- The children have enjoyed sharing Christmas stories together, writing Christmas cards and drawing pictures of the Christmas presents they would like. We have also been practising our name writing.

Maths- We have been continuing to solve maths number problems using equipment such as counting objects, Numicon, ten frames and counters and the part, part, whole diagram.

Phonics- We have been revising all graphemes and tricky words taught so far.

RE- This week the children were learning about Adam naming the animals in the Genesis story and we created our favourite animals in creation using craft materials, construction materials and paint. We discussed Christians believing God being Creator and giver of life.

CHRISTMAS- We have thoroughly enjoyed watching Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2s Christmas play dress rehearsals. We cannot believe the high standard of the plays this year. AMAZING! We have been very busy creating cards and calendars to send home next week. We have also been rehearsing the songs for our Christmas concert next week. The children wrote letters to Father Christmas which we posted during our trip to Smart Trees.

We had an amazing time at Smart Trees. The children were so well behaved and polite to the staff working there. We thoroughly enjoyed orienteering around the Christmas trees, visiting Father Christmas and experiencing the trailer ride. We even had fun on a mini zipwire and adventure playground and were able to meet reindeer! We were so proud of the children, they represented Tardebigge brilliantly!

A reminder that it is our carol concert next Friday. All are welcome!

Have a fun weekend and we will see you next week for our final week of the Autumn term! Where has the time gone?

Week ending 6th December

Firstly, thank you so much for being a fantastic audience for our Nativity play. We are so proud of the children! They have worked so hard to ensure their singing and dancing was fabulous! It is daunting performing on that stage so we are really happy with all the children’s efforts.

Phonics- We have been revising the graphemes taught so far and learning to read the tricky words ‘all’ and ‘her’.

Literacy- We have been writing our letters to Father Christmas in preparation for our trip to Smart Trees on Tuesday next week. (Please make sure your child is wrapped up warm with plenty of layers and hats, scarves and gloves).

Maths- We have been solving problems using the maths apparatus e.g. How many muffins are there? Prove it. The children used ten frames, counting objects and numicon to answer their number problems.

Forest School- The children really enjoyed their walk across the field spotting signs of change as we approach Winter.

IT and Computing- We have been developing our trackpad skills by creating Dinosaurs using ‘DinoBuilder’ on the laptops.

We look forward to seeing you at the Christmas fete this Saturday at 11-1pm at Tardebigge CE First School.

Have a brilliant weekend and see you on Monday!

Week ending 29th November

Thank you for bringing your child back to Bedtime Stories on Tuesday. It was such a special time to share stories and make lava lamps with the children. Hopefully this is another enrichment activity that has inspired your child to read and has helped foster a love of reading.

Phonics- This week we have been learning the phonemes for the graphemes air, ear and ure. We have also been learning the new tricky word ‘they’.

Literacy- The children have enjoyed reading The Rainbow Fish during whole class reading this week. We have sent home the children’s Phonics home learning folders with action words to practise at home. Any phonics home learning done, please record in your child’s diary and they will receive a team point. 

Maths- We have been developing our fluency when recalling and recording number bonds to 5 and 6.

Science- The children carried out an experiment in which we investigated why hibernating animals grow more fur and fat in preparation to hibernate. We used two water bottles, a box and some leaves. Ask your child about this. 

We have been busy rehearsing for our nativity next week. It is going to be amazing!

We have also been creating ‘King’ themed decorations to go on our Christmas tree in Worcester cathedral next week. 

Thank you for bringing in a donation for the Christmas fete next week. We really appreciate it! 

Have a super weekend! Wrap up warm, it is supposed to be very chilly! 

Week ending 22nd November

Literacy- On Monday we went on a hunt for the ‘Leaf Man’ after the children were enthused by the book last week. We discussed where the leaf man may travel with the wind next. The children then labelled a picture of the leaf man.

Maths- We have been practising recognising and describing the properties of 2D and 3D shapes. The children created some super 2D shape pictures which they described using the correct shape vocabulary.

Phonics- We have been learning the digraphs oi (boing, join), ur (turn, burn) and ow (cow, brown) and how to read the tricky word ‘you’.

Gymnastics- The children practised jumping off the benches and landing on the spots on the mats. We talked about different shape jumps such as a narrow/straight jump and a star/wide shape (jumping jack).

Science- We loved observing what happened to the Smarties when we added hot water! Try this at home. Place Smarties in a circle on a plate and add hot water. Observe the amazing ‘rainbow’ it creates, the children were wowed! We discussed what was happening and why.

Storytelling with the animals- Thank you Miss Hill for a fantastic morning at your stables with your animals. The children were so excited to read stories with the animals. Percy the Park Keeper even visited us and we met a donkey (very apt with our nativity practise). Hopefully, we have really fostered a love of reading!

Thank you for bringing in a teddy bear on Thursday for our CREW assembly. The children enjoyed learning about the Holy Spirit. Thank you CREW team, it was such a super assembly.

We have also been practising our Nativity this week, not long now!!

Have a brilliant weekend Reception!

Week ending 15th November

Literacy- We have been enjoying read a range of stories in different areas of the classroom. This week our whole class book was ‘Leaf Man’. The children have enjoyed spotting and creating leaf creatures.

Maths- The children have been practising counting in 2s using pairs of socks on a washing line and counting objects. We have also been learning about doubles, up to double 5.

Phonics- This week we have been learning the phonemes for the graphemes short ‘oo’ (book, look), long ‘oo’ (boot, moon), ar (car, barn), or (born, for). We have also been learning to spell the tricky words no, go.

PE- The children have been practising their balances for 5 seconds on the apparatus. We have been practising our narrow shape, star shape, pike shape, straddle shape and tucked shape.

RE- Reception class have been learning about the Creation story. We shared the story together and the children attempted to make jellyfish out of jelly, craft materials, construction materials etc. We discussed why we were unable to make our jellyfish come to life. We talked about Christians believing God being the ‘Creator’ and ‘giver of life’.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Week ending 8th November

Thank you for bringing in or emailing photographs of you spotting changes last week. We have been discussing with our friends the changes we have observed over the last few weeks. The children then explored some different squashes. We cut them in half as the children wanted to know whether the squashes were the same inside. They used tweezers and magnifying glasses to have a closer inspection.

Literacy- We have really enjoyed reading our first Percy the Park Keeper story this week. The children have been inspired and are enjoying getting to know Percy and his role as a park keeper.
Thank you for sending in your post after the half term holiday. We have been spotting logos and reading phases. The children enjoyed sharing this with their friends.

Maths- We have been learning about the number 8 this week. We have been developing our 1:1 correspondence by counting different objects to 8. The children have also been showing the different number bonds to 8 using a range of apparatus such as numicon, ten frames, unifix cubes, counting objects.

Gymnastics- The children were practising their ‘tuck shape’, ‘straight shape’, ‘pike shape’ and ‘star shape’ in gymnastics today. We encouraged the children to practise holding their balance for 5 seconds as they decided that 5 seconds is what makes a good balance! We discussed straight arms and legs and pointed toes and fingers. There was so much to think about!

IT and Computing- The children were developing their ‘completing a simple program’ computing skill in this week’s session, engaging in an underwater counting game.

The children have been learning about Remembrance Sunday (Armistice Day) this week and have been discussing why people where poppies to remember those soldiers who have served or who are serving in the armed forces. The children then decided to make some poppies using a range of materials.

Have a brilliant weekend Reception!

Week ending 25th October

Literacy- This week there was a crime scene in the three bears cottage role play area. We found footprints in the porridge oats on the floor and a strand of hair (yellow wool) with a red bow. The children carried out an investigation, using magnifying glasses to make careful observations. They generated some fantastic questions to try and solve the crime!

Phonics- We have been learning the phonemes for the graphemes sh, th, ch and ng. We have also been revising the tricky words he, she, no, go, to, the, I, into.

Maths- The children have been learning to subitise numbers to 6. This means recognising quantities to 6 without counting them. E.g. dots on a dice. We have also been representing number bonds to 7 using a range of maths apparatus. Mrs Barnett has been working with children focussing on comparing quantities of objects.

PSED- In HeartSmart this week the children have been continuing to talk about Boris the Robot. The children went on a ‘heart hunt’ and we discussed how our hearts are special and need to be looked after.

Communication and Language- We have been learning our final ‘word aware’ word for this half term, ‘chimney’. We discussed the purpose of a chimney and how chimneys differ. The children have also been developing their understanding of ‘where’ questions and in particular positional vocabulary e.g. on, under, below, in, between etc.

Gymnastics- We continued to practise different ways of travelling along the benches and different balances on the table tops. Some of the children modelled their movements and balances to the rest of the class.

RE- We read a story from the Qur’an about ‘The Sad Stump’. Ask your child to retell the story.

Thank you for all of your donations for the foodbank. We hope you enjoyed our Harvest Concert too.

Finally, we want to say how proud we are of all of the children for settling so well into school this first half term. We cannot believe the first half term is already complete! The next half term is a very busy yet exciting one so please ensure you have a restful and well-deserved week.

Thank you for your continued support, we appreciate all that you do to help with your child’s learning.

Have a fantastic week. See you on Tuesday 5th November (teacher training day on Monday!)

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