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First Class 4 Blog

I absolutely love my new class and I hope that the children are just as enthusiastic as me about our fantastic week!

On Monday morning, we began by playing a Pictionary style game in order for us to guess what everybody had been up to over the summer holidays. We then created a checklist of the features of a recount and wrote our news. It sounds as though everybody has busy and exciting summer!

Our new topic is based on the rainforest and the children really enjoyed our introduction to the topic. We began with an information hunt on the playground and then we were all shocked to return to the classroom and find that it had been transformed into the rainforest! It was very dark in the classroom, with lots of branches of leaves, rainforest animals and other resources. There were also bags containing some very strange smells and we could hear funny noises! The children then had a task of thinking of descriptive words and phrases to describe their senses. We were very impressed with the vocabulary that was generated!

In SPAG/ English sessions, we have also been practising writing expanded noun phrases. We began by looking at a ‘Where’s Wally?’ picture, which really emphasised the importance of using adjectives to extend our sentences, so that our partner knew who we were talking about! Then, we took clipboards and paper down into Forest School to write expanded noun phrases about the rainforest… we had to use our imagination to picture the animals we might see in the trees and on the forest floor.

In Maths, we have been working on place value and used base ten blocks to create four digit numbers. We also had a Pokemon challenge!

We have completed lots of art work this week of rainforest animals including sketches and pastel pictures. The effort and concentration that everybody displayed was brilliant.

Thank you for being so amazing in your first week back at school Year 4- I am so impressed with you all! Have a lovely weekend! 

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