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Overall a brilliant week in Year 4!

We have been very much enjoying learning about traditional tales, especially comparing different versions of Cinderella, including a Caribbean and Chinese version. They children have been practising skills that they will need for writing this text type, such as using similes and fronted adverbials of place. The children have really worked hard on their use of descriptive language to paint a picture in the readers mind.

In Maths, we have worked on dividing numbers with remainders. We have used concrete resources to physically share and recording this by demonstrating grouping pictorially. We have continued to practise multiplication tables in order to help with this too.

In our Science this week, we have been doing some child led investigations. One of the questions a group wanted to test is; ‘Do dogs have a favourite colour?’ The children planned to test this with three pieces of coloured card and a dog treat on top of the card. We let Maisie off her lead and recorded which colour she went to, to eat the treat from first. At the end we determined that although we thought Maisie might have a preference for the colour blue the experiment would need to be tested with lots of dogs to see.
The children are going to repeat the experiment at home with their own dog, or a family/ friends dog. We also talked about how it would be interesting to try the experiment out with other animals, so please feel free to try this if the children would like to, or if you don’t know of a dog to try out the experiment with!

We have had lots of conversations this week leading up to Holocaust Memorial day, using clips from Newsround as a starting point. The children have been very contemplative during these discussions.
Have a good weekend!

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