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Everybody has enjoyed the start of our Ancient Egypt topic and is very enthusiastic to learn about this topic, especially all of the gory facts we have read about in the Horrible Histories ‘Awful Egyptians’ book! The children enjoyed identifying primary sources and artefacts in our history lessons, asking appropriate questions and making inferences about what the items may have been used for and especially our secondary source hunt in the community hall, where their teams were able to win lengths of toilet paper for correct answers in order to wrap up one person as a mummy!

We have immersed ourselves with books based on our new text type this week- traditional tales. The children identified the skills in our ‘crack the code’ lesson, which was based on a Chinese version of Little Red Riding Hood and how it differed to the original. One of the skills identified was the use of similes for effective description and the children came up with some of their own examples of similes;

The man was as strong as an indomitable, silver back gorilla, lashing out at intruders to protect its territory. - Mavi
The boy was as brave as an intrepid lion and as strong as a mighty, indomitable hippo. - Jaiden
The girl was as brave as a fearless monkey leaping through the trees. - Phoebe

In Maths we have been working on multiplication. The children have practised their times tables in a variety of ways, spotted patterns and solved problems. Please continue to practise times tables at home.

We have really challenged ourselves in Geography this week, using maps, atlases, globes and Google Earth to locate Egypt. We have also learned about the features of the River Nile and identified the where the source, tributary, confluence and mouth is.

This week was our first Stressbox session, which involved boxing, Zumba and relaxation techniques. The children absolutely loved this session and will continue to participate in this for the remainder of the half term.

I hope everybody has a lovely weekend! See you next week.

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