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This week, the children have written the blog! I have copied and pasted bits from each of their writing to put together below;


Our Blog

This week it has been British science week, so the lovely teachers planned lots of fun activities for us to do. This morning some scientists from Birmingham University came in to our class, and we made banana DNA. We all really enjoyed it when we got to help make it, but we got really messy! We also made water lilies to see and created our own investigations to see what would happen if we changed the size or the depth of the water or different liquids to see if they would still open. After, we took a lot of time cleaning the tables because they got very wet during this science investigation!
On Tuesday, we did another science experiment with the science leaders leading it this time, and we made seaweed slime. But it was not a slime at all because it did not stretch at all. (It looked like a big splat of disgustingness!) Some children went to the Science St John’s trip. They loved it there they said they had lots of fun testing fibres.

On Wednesday, we made static electricity with PVC pipes and towels to do a can roll with a can and lots of other cool things and then we made hover boards out of CD’s fruit shoot caps and blue tack so we did a bit of recycling. We couldn’t believe it when we went into the hall to see a real life hover board and some children even got to go on it!

After school, we did after school activities with the parents, which was really fun and we taught them some tasks.

We enjoyed completing a light sources experiment in the cupboard to find our cuddly orangutan and then we were able to find the best light source which was the torch.

Today, some children are going to meet a real life astronaut and ask him about space travel. We are very excited to see pictures and videos of him.


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