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We have been doing lots of work around our trip to Condover this week. Enjoy reading the class recount below; 


Condover Hall Residential 2018

On Wednesday 2nd May 2018, Year 4 from Tardebigge First School went on an enjoyable, thrilling residential trip to Condover for three whole days without our Moms and Dads! Before we left, we sadly hugged our Moms and our Dads. Lots of us felt saddened to leave our families behind, but we also felt eager to get to Condover to do all of the activities. We knew it would be an astonishing time because we had looked at lots of photos from the last three years and it looked really good! Also, we were really looking forward to bed time because we really wanted pizza massages and stories, just like having a big sleepover with all of your friends!

By Hayden and Mackenzie


The Journey

Nervously, we got on the coach with everyone’s suitcases underneath, all stacked on top of each other. While we were on the coach, we all felt a bit down because we were leaving our families behind, but excited at the same time. As we left, we sadly all waved most of the parents an enormous goodbye. On the journey, lots of people were asking how long until we were there because we were so determined to get there. Later that day, we saw a sign with ‘Condover’ on and that told us that we close to our destination .Before that, we all were so sleepy, but suddenly everyone was chanting ’’CONDOVER!” and it all went wild! Happily, we entered the mansion and our mouth dropped open. It was crazy..... I couldn’t believe my eyes, the mansion was the biggest mansion I have ever seen in my whole life!

By Lily and Daisy


When we first got to the accommodation, we were sorted into our rooms. We were all very impressed of how modern it was, there were four bunk beds one in each corner. I suggest swapping bunks each night if you both want to go on top bunk. Under the beds there were two draws to put your clothes in. I brought loads of clothes and it was only half ful, so you can bring loads.                    

By Rory and Max


Excitedly, but nerve-rackingly, we put on the aqua blue and rose red harness and a pink helmet. Then we went through the safety breach. Until people started getting sent up, we chanted to occupy the time while we waited and when it was our turn we climbed up the splintery stairs. Eventually, we got to the top and we were told 5 things- ‘lift the rope up to go down, kick off the wall, stick the landing, don’t look down and enjoy!’ So we fell backwards and did it. Although it was hard to get to the bottom, I was dying to do it again. As everybody else completed it, they realised how good it was. At the end, we played big fat gorilla until we did the moo off because it was the last 2. It was hilarious! You had to go on your hands and knees with your friend facing you and moo until the other person laughed.    

By Josh and Oscar                                                                                  After a remarkable, scrumptious dinner, we went to our evening activity....... Mini Olympics! It was enjoyable, but noisy because everyone was chanting names. First up, was shotput, then discus and hammer throw, which were pretty problematic at first, but once we got the hang of it, it was less tough. Next up, was the chicken race where we waddled like a chicken carrying a ball in-between our legs. Then, we tackled the overwhelming, extremely embarrassing granny race ..We had to walk really slowly (slower than the slowest snail on earth)up to the cones, then pretend to have an energy drink and zoom back like a fearsome , feisty ninja performing our best ninja skills. Next, was the relay, which was the best race of all. In first place, was the Marvellous Monkeys and in joint second place was the Yicky Yacky Squad and Flying Potatoes.

By Leah and Sophie


At bedtime, we changed into our colourful, cosy pyjamas. After that, we had a small bit of free time to play in our dorms. A few minutes later, the class got their snuggly, fluffy teddy’s and their white, soft pillows ready for a story and a pizza massage. When the pizza massage was done, Izzy said “I felt like I was flying through the sky”. Rosie also said “I felt relaxed and it felt like I was floating in the magical, blue waters” .Then we all settled down for an amazing story. Before it was time to go to sleep, Daisy, Simrit, Izzy, Rosie, Lily and Millie all read a book with their torches. We were extremely pleased in the morning that we got chosen for the quietest room! (Yes!).Quietly, we heard teachers and other class mates whispering and talking and eventually we got to sleep. The next night, we all did stories and someone got to do the acting together. Before ten o clock, we all got to sleep quickly but someone was snoring and that person was Izzy! It sounded booming and horrendous!

By Rosie and Izzy



Nervously, me and my marvellous, magnificent group went over to the trapeze. I felt nervous and terrified. Once I got there, it looked really easy, but when someone went on the platform the pole wobbled, so I became scared for when it was my turn. When it was actually my turn, I climbed up the tall ladder and started charging up the pole. I started to feel more confident, until I had to lean back and pull myself onto the platform. It felt scary, even though I knew I couldn’t get hurt because I was on a rope attached my harness and the instructor could slowly lower you down.

By Charlotte and Leyli

Climbing Wall

One of our activities was the climbing wall. When we got to the wall, we looked up at it and felt thrilled but fearful of the height. The first thing we had to do was to put our harness and helmets on securely and listen to the instructor carefully. We had to be responsible for being an anchor to the people climbing, so we had to pull the rope as the children went up the wall.

When it was our turn, we were clipped in and started to climb. Quickly, we scrambled up the wall and started to feel tense.

When we reached the top, we all felt a good feeling in our belly because we were really proud of ourselves.

By Elliot and Callum


Another activity was fencing. When we heard about the foils (swords) we felt a bit nervous. Anxiously, we went into a room with suits and chest protectors, but everyone called them booby protectors! We also placed on a mask to protect our faces from the foils, which made us all felt a bit safer. We got suited up ready to learn some of the body positions in our kit, which made us feel like professional fencers. After, we went over to a colossal sports court where we first saw the foils and excitedly put our first positions into practise with our partners. We were all a bit scared of the foils touching us but we were relieved when we saw that they had silicone stoppers at the end to stop the foil hurting us.

Eagerly, we learnt the hand and feet positions and how to walk forwards properly. Happily, we learnt our second position which was called a lunge because you put your foil forward ahead of you and lunge to place your foil on the opponent. We practised on each other.

When we practised, we took turns to score points. We had three goes before our partner would try and score points too. To score a point you would place the silicone stopper on your partner’s tummy and bend the foil to score a point. After that, we practised defending ourselves.   

Later, we were lucky to be able to play matches with our skills that we learnt against our friends. We moved around to play with different people although we couldn’t see who it was because of everybody’s masks.

Fencing was great to do and we all really enjoyed learning how to do it! J

By Simrit and Millie

Free Time

On Thursday we had free time, where you could do whatever you wanted. Happily, children did gymnastics, football, tag, predator, maze, duck duck goose, hide and seek, catch, rolling down the hill, singing, races and sunbathing.

The tricks the girls and boys did for gymnastics were cartwheels, handstands, backhand springs, aerials and last but not least handsprings.

During football, the boys and girls did football tricks and played matches.  

By Lilly and Holly

Rocket Launch

In the Rocket Launch activity session, we were introduced to Amy (our instructor.) Then, we did a quiz and thought of team names, which after lots of thought, ended up being Shooting Stars and Ultimate Aliens. For the rocket launch, we had to fill a bottle up with water and use a pump to launch it. The three challenges we had to attempt were to launch our rockets the fastest, furthest and highest. To fill up the bottles, both teams thought it was best to fill them up half way because it went higher. I think it went higher because the air and water were equal, so they both had enough to make it go high. Not surprisingly, everyone got really wet and soggy! I liked launching all the rockets with the pumps because it was really fun and I also liked the water filling.

By Paige and Holly E


Sensory Trail

On Thursday my group did a thrilling game called the sensory trail.

When we started the game, we had goggles on because we were not allowed to see. It was amazing! While blindfolded, we scrambled through loads of tunnels, stepped in lodes of tyres, chains and paper strips. Nervously, we completed the last part of the trail which was a deep tunnel. We felt uneasy and it felt like we were doing it for ages. We got quite muddy!

After that, me and my group did a game of the five senses. We still had goggles on and had things passed around the circle that we had to feel. There was a spoon, stick and a toy car.

By Oliver and Toby


At first, we did not have a clue where we were going until we entered the woods and then we saw the fire. It wasn’t that big at first, but the fire slowly spread as the flames flickered. Then, we all sat down and listened to some songs and some talents. Some of them were funny, some of them were serious. Nicole told us a story about meeting a pink gorilla and Freddy had to act out the part of the pink gorilla and Rory was Nicole! During our talent show, Lewis and Rory did their mind trick, which surprisingly worked! Then we sang a song called ‘Moose, alpaca’. It was fun. We were all so exhausted, we just wanted to go to sleep!

By Lewis and Freddy


The food at Condover was delicious, delectable and there was lots of choice!

One of our meals was sausages, yorkshire pudding and mash. We also had lasagne, pizza, chicken or vegetable nuggets, pork baps and shepherds pie. After choosing our lunch or dinner, we were able to help ourselves to the salad and pasta bar and to pudding. There was always sliced fruit and a very enjoyable one was chocolate icecream with raspberries, which we could take away and enjoy at our tables.

For breakfast, we enjoyed sausages and eggs. Even better, there were sticky, scrumptious waffles. They were delicious! There was also loads of fruit and cereals.

I just wish you were allowed second or even third servings!

By Harrison and Jack


After a delicious, mouth- watering lunch, we finished packing our bits and bobs and dragged our suitcases sadly to the green, colossal coach. We all felt upset to leave Condover, as we had had the most amazing time, but we also felt very excited as we were finally going to see our families again. Condover was the best trip ever and we are sure that all of the future Year 4’s will love it too!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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