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It is lovely to have everybody back at school after half term!
We are so proud of the sportsmanship and growth mind-set the children who took part in the Cross Country Finals displayed today. The children really did well and competing in the finals was a huge achievement. It was so exciting to watch!
The children at school had a lovely afternoon helping with Computing in Reception; Mrs Hartle was very appreciative of their help.
I am so proud of the effort I have seen from the children in our Maths this week. We have been working on multiplying by multiples of 100 in a variety of ways, such as arrays with our 100 place value counters, using place value grids, repeated addition and using the sentence stem below;
………. Hundreds x …… = ………. Hundreds=
For example 700 x 4 =
7 hundreds x 4 = 28 hundreds = 2800
The children then multiplied three digit numbers using partitioning.

Before half term, the children began writing their Egyptian Cinderella stories. This week, the children have been practising the skill of editing to improve and then re drafted their final piece of work in handwriting pen. They finally were able to share their stories with an audience today and read them to Year 1 children, which was lovely to see. The focus was reading with good expression, intonation and at a good volume and it was so special to see the Year 1 children enjoying the writing our class had produced.
In our topic, we have been learning about mummification. We have completed a Scientific experiment to see the effect of drying out an apple with ‘natron’ just like the Egyptians would have done with bodies. We have one very horrible- looking, brown apple for us to compare it too in a separate container that the children have been observing daily!
As February was Michael Morpurgo month, we have been reading extracts from Kensuke’s Kingdom, which has captivated the children. We have been doing so much inference work throughout hearing the story and of course, the children loved the mention of the orangutans on the island!
Overall, a brilliant first week back! Enjoy the weekend.

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