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We have been very productive in Year 4 this week, despite our excitement about the snow we were expecting last night!

The children have moved onto solving problems in Maths, which has really challenged everybody, especially when working out what calculations we are required to do in a two or three step word problem. We have used the bar model as a pictorial representation to help us understand the problem and the children have become far more confident with this over the week.

In Guided Reading, we have read Ye Xian (the Chinese version of Cinderella) and identified all of the differences. This has enabled the children to come up with ideas for their Egyptian version and they have been doing lots of research about Ancient Egyptian celebrations, gods, celebrations, clothing etc to support with this. I am looking forward to seeing the children’s ideas develop.

Our new RE topic ‘What is it like to be a Hindu in Britain today?’ has been very interesting and we have compared Christian beliefs about the Trinity, with Hindu beliefs of Brahman and the Trimurti. The children have looked at examples of art work and have tried to represent the gods all interlinked to show one god. They used pastels to demonstrate their understanding of this concept.

In Science, we have continued to enjoy our Dyson lessons and learning about how to become design engineers. The children have come up with a design specification in order to improve an everyday existing item. There have been lots of imaginative ideas, as I’m sure you can imagine!

Have a good weekend!

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