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week ending 27.11.20

This week in year 4 the children have really impressed us with all their hard work.

In English the children edited and redrafted their non-chronological reports on Julius Caesar. They look amazing; the layout, the handwriting, the organisation of information has blown us away. They are hopefully as proud of themselves as we are of them.

In maths we have continued with addition and subtraction but are now using our learnt methods in multi-step problems. The children have had to understand the problem, make a plan and then carry out the plan to solve the problem. We’ve also looked how to use bar models to support our understanding.

In one of the PE lessons this week the children worked really hard on their own personal strength , they carried out a range of sit ups, push ups, bridges and squats. They listened carefully and carried these out with amazing control.

In science the children recapped some prior learning from year 2 with food chains, but we have introduced some new language for them to use. Ask your children what a detritivore is? The clue is it’s an animals diet.

I know the week will end on a high with the cinema afternoon. 

Have an amazing weekend all,

Mrs Horton

week ending 20.11.20

We have had another week of working hard in year 4 this week. The children have been challenging themselves both mentally and physically.

In PE we looked at sprinting techniques and how to improve them. The children thought carefully about the shape of their arms, how they move them, what part of the foot hits the floor first and how the logs and arms work together. They had great fun trying to sprint after their peers!

In English the children have planned and written their first draft of their non-chronological report on Julius Caesar. This week’s homework links to this, so please look on Class Dojo to find out more. 

In maths we have continued subtraction, moving from written methods to mental methods for 4 digit numbers. The children have really persevered to understand a range methods over the last few weeks. 

Have an amazing weekend,

Mrs Horton :)


week ending 13.11.20

We have certainly been working hard in year 4 this week. The children have been impressing all the adults with their perseverance.

In maths we have looked at two written methods for subtraction with renaming. The children worked hard to understand these. To help support the understanding I have set these for their homework this week.

In English the children have focused on the skill of using a range of nouns and pro-nouns. They then had a go at writing a non-chronological report on themselves including this skill and organisational features. It was great way to find out some random facts about them. They have also started learning about Julius Caesar ready to write their non-chronological report on him.

On Wednesday we were given the opportunity to place wooden crosses on the graves of the soldiers in the churchyard, as the church were unable to do it this year as their service was virtual. We held our two minutes silence outside the church and then visited the 6 graves of soldiers from World War 1 and World War 2. The children showed amazing respect during this and we were honoured to do this for the church. 

Have a wonderful weekend,

Mrs Horton :)

week ending 06.11.20

Welcome back. It’s been great to have all the children back healthy and eager to learn. Thank you for all the team captain entries sent in. The successful candidates will be announced next week. 

This week we have begun our new English on non-chronological texts. The children successfully unpicked the features from a text on the Roman Emperor Claudius, and then we spent a lesson at looking how to use organisational features.

In maths we are continuing our work on addition and subtraction. This week we have looked at mental methods using 4-digit numbers and taking them to the nearest 10, 100, or 1000 and how this can help.

In History we explored the timeline of the Roman Empire more, thinking about the achievements made during the time and the impact it had on Britain. The children had a go at using a scale for their timeline. This really helped the children see how long the Roman Empire lasted in Britain.

On Thursday morning we welcomed Sarah from STEMWorks who helped us explore the world of engineering. The children were set a challenge in their pairs to create a building from K’Nex whilst following a design specification which included four rooms, accessibility for all and being eco-friendly. All the children did amazingly working in their pairs and considering the specification. Our class winners were Erin and Alfie and we have videoed their entry to put into a competition with other participating schools. Well done all of year 4!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

Mrs Horton :)

week ending 23.10.20

What a fantastic eight weeks we have had in year 4 so far. It has been a long half term and the children have worked extremely hard getting back into routine and learning. We are all so proud of them.

This week we have started adding 4 digit numbers, both with renaming and without. The children have remebered the column method from year 3 well and are enjoying the extra challenge of including the thousands column. We will continue this unit after half term. 

In English the children have been working on writing and performing their own ryhming poetry. It really has been a pleasure to see them challenge themselves. Their performances have been really confident and creative too. 

All the year 4 team wish you all a well earned and restful half term. Stay safe everyone!

Mrs Horton, Miss Cowles, Mrs Feighoney and Mrs Allmont.

week ending 16.10.20

This week the children have really blown me away with their perserverence and stamina in their writing. The children have written up their retellings of the myth Remus and Romulus. All the children have really understood the story well, some have even put their own spin on the retellings too. I'm so proud of them for the effort they have put in.

In maths we have finished our work on place value, finishing by rounding numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000. Some children have found this tricky, so any continued practice at home would be great. We will now be moving into additon and subtraction.

In history the children were really brave and explored some Roman poo to uncover what Roman's would have eaten. We found some fruit stones and seeds, and even some stones! 

Miss Cowles has recorded a harvest performance form the class for you all to enjoy, which will be put up on to class dojo.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Mrs Horton :)

Week ending 09.10.20

Six weeks in and we are continuing to work hard in year 4. The children have begun pracising to count in 6, 7 and 9s in their maths. These are our focus times tables to begin with in year 4 too. The children in English have planned their version of the myth Romulus and Remus ready to write next week. I can't wait to see the creative twists they have added to their myths.

In computing the children explored simple wikipedia, looking at wiki's that already exist and gathering more inmformation ready to write their own wiki. Through science the children explored in further detail the digestive system, looking at the jobs of each of the organs. It certainly got a little messy this week when we reinacted these functions!

Next half term we will be changing the timetable in year 4. We will be stopping forest school, so children will no longer need to come ready for forest school on a Friday. The children have loved their time in forest school this half term, and we hope to do more later in the school year. On Wednesdays we will be having a second lesson of PE, so children will need to be in PE kits both Wednesday and Thursday. Any questions please let me know.

See you on Monday morning,

Mrs Horton :)

week ending 02.10.20

It has been another busy and wonderful week in year 4. We are continuing to explore Roman myths through our writing, and the children will be soon working to write their own version of a very famous myth. In maths we are focusing on place value value of numbers up to 10,000. This week we have compared and ordered some really big numbers.

In science we looked at the names and places of the key organs involved in digestion. We will continue this next week. And in computing we will have begun to explore Wiki's ready to create our very own on the Romans.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Mrs Horton :)

week ending 25.09.20

This week in year 4 we have begun to explore our new topic Roman Rampage. In English we have begun to explore Roman gods and goddesses through myths and in history we looked at the timeline of the Roman Empire and how far they conquered. The children have really enjoyed beginning to explore this new area of learning. 

We have begun our year 4 maths looking at the place value of numbers up to 10,000. The KIRFs for this half term have been put up on the class dojo, so please do work on these at home.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Mrs Horton

week ending 18.09.20

We’ve had another wonderful week in Year 4. We have continued to explore colour through our English work the book ‘The Day The Colours Quit’ and through science by experimenting with skittles and water. In maths we have continued to recap some year 3 place value objectives ready to move into the year 4 curriculum next week. We are also enjoying our extra time in forest school. 

The children have taken on their first year 4 responsibility by helping to film mini videos about what they love about Tardebigge First School for our virtual open day. It’s great being able to see them enjoy a year 4 responsibility.

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Horton :)

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