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week ending 07.05.21

We are continuing to work hard in year 4. This week we have continued our work on multiplication in maths. We are starting to use multiple steps when working out a question and a good knowledge of the multiplication tables are key. Please can you continue to practise these at home. Remember Times Tables Rockstars is there to help.

In Science the children planned their own investigations to see if there is a link between vibrations (sound) and volume. We will be carrying these out next week.

In computing we have been focusing on coding. The children this week worked hard to programme their own version of the game Flappy Bird. The children have shown excellent partnership work during these sessions alongside perseverance.

Our current class book is The Big Book of The UK. I’m really enjoying reading this to the class as it really does bring out the best conversations. From discussing food, to world records it’s been a great way to discover more about the UK.

See you all Monday morning,

Mrs Horton :)

week ending 30.04.21

We’ve had another lovely and busy week in year 4. This week the children wrote their formal letters in English. It’s some of the most beautifully presented and well thought out pieces of work I have seen from them all. They really worked hard on their letters, including some very impressive vocabulary and great cohesion in their paragraphs. Well done year 4!

This week in maths we have begun our year 4 further multiplication and division unit. We have started off gently, looking at multiplying by 0 and 1, dividing by 1 and looking at home multiplication can be communicative. All of these skills will be essential when developing formal written methods. 

In science the children explored what ‘sound’ is. We discussed how sound is a vibration which travels through the air that can be created in variety of ways. We also looked at sound in our classroom and explored a line graph produced by a data logger recording on Monday. This was fascinating for the children to see how the sound changes in decibels across the day, and how what we are doing at the time impacts the sound.

Have a wonderful bank holiday weekend everyone and we look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday. 

Mrs Horton :)

week ending 23.04.21

What a great week back we have had. The children have come back refreshed and eager to learn. 

This week we recapped year 3 formal written methods for multiplication ready to move on to year 4 objectives from next week. 

In English we have begun looking at formal letters and the children will be writing their own next week. We are focusing on synonyms to develop vocabulary and cohesion in paragraphs for our writing.

In science we have begun a unit on ‘sound’. This week children explored a range of sound activities and explored their thought and thinking about their current understanding of ‘sound’. Some great vocabulary such a ‘vibrations’ ‘high’ and ‘low’ were used when describing what they were witnessing.

We will be focusing on geography this term and exploring local geography. This week the children explored google maps to find physical and human features of Tardebigge.

Please can children continue to read at home at least five times a week and can we ask reading diaries are filled in to show this as these are checked weekly and dojo points are awarded for each time they read. If your child uses Bug Club please record this in the diaries as well, as it counts towards their reading. We also ask you continue to use Spelling Shed, Times Table Rockstars and practise KIRFS when you can, as these all help!

Have a wonderful sunny weekend,

Mrs Horton.

week ending 26.03.21

We have had another lovely and busy week in year 4! The children are continuing to persevere with their fractions in maths. We have been adding, subtracting, answering in mixed numbers and then simplifying. It really has stretched all our brains. We will be continuing with some problem solving with fractions next week ready to move on to ‘further multiplication and division’ after Easter.

The class absolutely blew me away with their English this week. We focused on poetry and writing haikus, a Japanese form of poetry which has three lines and follows a 5,7,5 syllable pattern. The class explored writing on a natural theme in pairs before writing their own based on the happy memories of returning to school. 

Here are a couple of the examples written about nature - can you guess the theme?


The snow is falling.

Snowmen are proudly standing.

The lakes are frozen.


The sun is now here.

The seagulls are flying round,

Had better watch out.

At the beginning of the week our afternoon lessons focused on history and beginning to compare what we know about the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings. The children have begun producing a wonderful non-chronological report which they will finish this week.

It is forecast to get rather warm at the beginning of the week, so let's hope the sun sticks around for the Easter holidays too. 

Stay safe all,

Mrs Horton :)

Welcome back - the last two weeks!

Hi all,

What a a great couple of weeks we have had back at school. We couldn’t have been prouder of the children and how they returned to school.

Last week we celebrated British Science Week with a range of events, the theme this year was ‘Innovating for the future’. On Monday 8th we had a magic show from Dr. Matt Pritchard ( who blew our minds with a range of physic based illusions. On Tuesday 9th we had a virtual chat with Michelle James from Severn Waste recycling, who helped us understand the journey our waste goes on and the importance of recycling. This was supported through Miss Fisher’s lessons on plastic across the week, where the children looked at the physical features to work out the different types of plastics. We also explored the Mars Rover ‘Perseverance’ and it’s possible impact on the future of life on Mars. Alongside this we also engaged in well-being activities, including a wonderful forest school morning.

This week we have returned to a more familiar timetable, the children are continuing their work on fractions in maths and we have explored compound sentences, to support the work during home learning. The children had another mini science treat on Thursday where we took part in a virtual mission to Mars run by ESERO. As the children showed such an interest in the previous week, it answered a lot of the questions the children had about the Mars mission, whilst showing a little bit more about the future of robotics. 

We have also said goodbye to Miss Fisher this week who has finished her placement with us. She really enjoyed getting to know the class in person over the last two weeks and I know they have enjoyed her lessons too.

Also, we are not currently setting homework, but please continue to use Spelling Shed, Times Tables Rockstars and Bug Club (all books have been adapted to any change in book bands). All these are there to support your children’s learning in class.

If there are any questions, please contact just one adult on dojo in school hours. However if it is urgent please do contact the school office.


See you all next week,

Mrs Horton :)


week ending 18.12.20 MERRY CHRISTMAS

What an exciting week it has been at Tardebigge. Although we haven’t been able to do our usual Christmas performance, we worked really hard to bring you a little Christmas magic from year 4. The children wrote all their own words, and did their own pictures to support their retelling of the Christmas story. If you haven’t already please head over to the class dojo page and watch it. It was amazing that we got every child involved in what has been such a tricky time, and we couldn’t be prouder of how beautifully they worked together. Well done year 4.

Our party day on Wednesday was wonderful. We started the day with a great Christmas quiz, giving the children time to work with the children on their new tables. In 'Catchphrase' style the children saw a part of the picture and had to a guess what it was while the picture slowly revealed. It certainly got more difficult as they pictures went on, but the children persevered and were very creative with their answers.  

We then went on a rather wet adventure to stumble across Father Christmas in Miss Hill’s barn. Father Christmas answered any questions the children had and kindly gave them all a gift. It was great opportunity for the children to question the new rules in place; particularly when Father Christmas was asked if he needed a substantial meal with any alcohol they left him!

It was such a special treat for us all. The children even had a squash and biscuit too, before their muddy walk back to school. A huge thank you to Miss Hill for giving Father Christmas a place to stay warm and dry so our children could visit him.

In the afternoon, we played a range of party games. Including pass the parcel and musical statues. We had cake, treats and crackers from FOTS which were truly appreciated by all. 

We will be saying goodbye to Mrs Allmont this week as she starts her maternity leave. We wish her all the best with the new baby and we know she will keep in touch.

In January we look forward to welcoming Mrs Nasta and Miss Secker to our team, they have been in school over the last few weeks getting to know the children.

We have certainly felt lucky this term that we’ve managed to stay in school for the whole time! Thank you to all the parents for your support in this ever changing time. We wish you all the merriest of Christmases and a wonderful 2021. Please stay safe this holiday and we look forward to seeing you all in January.

 Mrs Horton, Mrs Feighoney, Mrs Allmont, Miss Cowles.

week ending 11.12.20

Another fantastic week in year 4 has passed and we’ve now only one week until we have have completed our first full term. 

This week we have continued with our work on multiplications, we have looked at the seven, nine and 11 times tables. The children have been working on relational facts, and how knowing one fact can help them work out others. For example, if we know 10 x 9 = 90, we know 11 x 9 = 90 +9 = 99.

In English the children re-drafted their retelling of the Christmas story by typing them up. They then worked on their performance and learning their lines before we videoed their retellings ready for our Christmas video. We look forward to sharing this next week. 

In PE we worked on agility. The children thought about how to move quickly through changing direction and their height level. It was great to see children challenging themselves and working in their table teams.

We have also begun a few Christmas crafts this week and will continue some of these next week.

I'm sure the class will enjoy a wonderful virtual Pantomime on Friday too, I look forward to hearing about it next week. 

Have a great weekend.

Mrs Horton :)

week ending 04.12.20

This week year 4 have been working on retelling the Christmas story. The children have listened carefully to the traditional story and used this to develop their retelling alongside the images. They have included great description, and it really is their own retelling. We look forward to sharing this with you closer to Christmas.

In maths the children persevered with bar models to support understanding a range of word problems for addition and subtraction. They didn’t always find it easy but it was lovely to see them working hard to find the solution and understand the problem being asked. We have now begun our next unit on multiplication and division by looking at the six times table, a great way to practice one of our current KIRFs too!

With only two weeks until we break up, we are feeling incredibly lucky that team year 4 are still going strong. Over the next two weeks we will be bringing our topic of Roman Rampage to an end, ready to start something new next term. We will also be doing a few Christmas activities in the lead up to us finishing for the term. So there should be some lovely surprises coming home.

Have an excellent weekend,

Mrs Horton 

week ending 27.11.20

This week in year 4 the children have really impressed us with all their hard work.

In English the children edited and redrafted their non-chronological reports on Julius Caesar. They look amazing; the layout, the handwriting, the organisation of information has blown us away. They are hopefully as proud of themselves as we are of them.

In maths we have continued with addition and subtraction but are now using our learnt methods in multi-step problems. The children have had to understand the problem, make a plan and then carry out the plan to solve the problem. We’ve also looked how to use bar models to support our understanding.

In one of the PE lessons this week the children worked really hard on their own personal strength , they carried out a range of sit ups, push ups, bridges and squats. They listened carefully and carried these out with amazing control.

In science the children recapped some prior learning from year 2 with food chains, but we have introduced some new language for them to use. Ask your children what a detritivore is? The clue is it’s an animals diet.

I know the week will end on a high with the cinema afternoon. 

Have an amazing weekend all,

Mrs Horton

week ending 20.11.20

We have had another week of working hard in year 4 this week. The children have been challenging themselves both mentally and physically.

In PE we looked at sprinting techniques and how to improve them. The children thought carefully about the shape of their arms, how they move them, what part of the foot hits the floor first and how the logs and arms work together. They had great fun trying to sprint after their peers!

In English the children have planned and written their first draft of their non-chronological report on Julius Caesar. This week’s homework links to this, so please look on Class Dojo to find out more. 

In maths we have continued subtraction, moving from written methods to mental methods for 4 digit numbers. The children have really persevered to understand a range methods over the last few weeks. 

Have an amazing weekend,

Mrs Horton :)


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