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Wow! Year 4 managed to raise over £150 today and are excited to donate this money to help save orangutans and their habitat. They have really enjoyed learning about how WWF helps orangutans by reading their newsletters this week and about the orangutans they will be sponsoring.

The children made us so proud this week at Cross Country! They really displayed a good growth mindset and completing the very muddy course was a huge achievement in itself. We are really pleased, not only with where the children placed, but also the sportsmanship and attitiude they showed. Well done to the children who made it to the finals! 

The children have been requesting to have their tables laid out in rows, facing forward and you would not believe how happy they are with this new table layout! The children have been commenting on how it is easier to focus and so we are trialing this for a while.
In Maths, we have been continuing our work on multiplication and division and practising using the bar model to represent the problems we have needed to solve.
In English, the children have been writing their first draft of their Egyptian Cinderella stories. I am very much looking forward to reading them!

The children have enjoyed the Dyson design engineer topic we have been doing. We enjoyed watching the Heinz advert and discussing the characteristics of the ‘Head of Innovation’ in the video clip (link below) We also followed the same process in completing a design specification and a production plan. We have all sorts of ideas for how we will be improving items in the classroom, such as anti- slip rulers, whiteboard pens with a rubber on the end, attached whiteboard cleaner spray bottles on our whiteboard rubbers etc.

In our Computing session, we have been using Scratch to create an algorithm for a simple educational quiz. I was very pleased that lots of the children focused on
multiplication, but we have a wide variety of different themes. I am looking forward to seeing these ideas develop.

Overall, a very good week in Year 4! Have a good weekend.


We have been very productive in Year 4 this week, despite our excitement about the snow we were expecting last night!

The children have moved onto solving problems in Maths, which has really challenged everybody, especially when working out what calculations we are required to do in a two or three step word problem. We have used the bar model as a pictorial representation to help us understand the problem and the children have become far more confident with this over the week.

In Guided Reading, we have read Ye Xian (the Chinese version of Cinderella) and identified all of the differences. This has enabled the children to come up with ideas for their Egyptian version and they have been doing lots of research about Ancient Egyptian celebrations, gods, celebrations, clothing etc to support with this. I am looking forward to seeing the children’s ideas develop.

Our new RE topic ‘What is it like to be a Hindu in Britain today?’ has been very interesting and we have compared Christian beliefs about the Trinity, with Hindu beliefs of Brahman and the Trimurti. The children have looked at examples of art work and have tried to represent the gods all interlinked to show one god. They used pastels to demonstrate their understanding of this concept.

In Science, we have continued to enjoy our Dyson lessons and learning about how to become design engineers. The children have come up with a design specification in order to improve an everyday existing item. There have been lots of imaginative ideas, as I’m sure you can imagine!

Have a good weekend!


Overall a brilliant week in Year 4!

We have been very much enjoying learning about traditional tales, especially comparing different versions of Cinderella, including a Caribbean and Chinese version. They children have been practising skills that they will need for writing this text type, such as using similes and fronted adverbials of place. The children have really worked hard on their use of descriptive language to paint a picture in the readers mind.

In Maths, we have worked on dividing numbers with remainders. We have used concrete resources to physically share and recording this by demonstrating grouping pictorially. We have continued to practise multiplication tables in order to help with this too.

In our Science this week, we have been doing some child led investigations. One of the questions a group wanted to test is; ‘Do dogs have a favourite colour?’ The children planned to test this with three pieces of coloured card and a dog treat on top of the card. We let Maisie off her lead and recorded which colour she went to, to eat the treat from first. At the end we determined that although we thought Maisie might have a preference for the colour blue the experiment would need to be tested with lots of dogs to see.
The children are going to repeat the experiment at home with their own dog, or a family/ friends dog. We also talked about how it would be interesting to try the experiment out with other animals, so please feel free to try this if the children would like to, or if you don’t know of a dog to try out the experiment with!

We have had lots of conversations this week leading up to Holocaust Memorial day, using clips from Newsround as a starting point. The children have been very contemplative during these discussions.
Have a good weekend!


Everybody has enjoyed the start of our Ancient Egypt topic and is very enthusiastic to learn about this topic, especially all of the gory facts we have read about in the Horrible Histories ‘Awful Egyptians’ book! The children enjoyed identifying primary sources and artefacts in our history lessons, asking appropriate questions and making inferences about what the items may have been used for and especially our secondary source hunt in the community hall, where their teams were able to win lengths of toilet paper for correct answers in order to wrap up one person as a mummy!

We have immersed ourselves with books based on our new text type this week- traditional tales. The children identified the skills in our ‘crack the code’ lesson, which was based on a Chinese version of Little Red Riding Hood and how it differed to the original. One of the skills identified was the use of similes for effective description and the children came up with some of their own examples of similes;

The man was as strong as an indomitable, silver back gorilla, lashing out at intruders to protect its territory. - Mavi
The boy was as brave as an intrepid lion and as strong as a mighty, indomitable hippo. - Jaiden
The girl was as brave as a fearless monkey leaping through the trees. - Phoebe

In Maths we have been working on multiplication. The children have practised their times tables in a variety of ways, spotted patterns and solved problems. Please continue to practise times tables at home.

We have really challenged ourselves in Geography this week, using maps, atlases, globes and Google Earth to locate Egypt. We have also learned about the features of the River Nile and identified the where the source, tributary, confluence and mouth is.

This week was our first Stressbox session, which involved boxing, Zumba and relaxation techniques. The children absolutely loved this session and will continue to participate in this for the remainder of the half term.

I hope everybody has a lovely weekend! See you next week.


Happy Christmas everybody!

I am sure that you will agree that the children did an amazing job of performing their Christmas play. We were absolutely over the moon with the effort that they put in and so proud of them all. The atmosphere in church in the evening is always so special- thank you again for bringing the children back and supporting them so well in learning their lines and with costumes. Lots of the class commented on how sad they were that it was their final performance at Tardebigge School!

We have had a wonderful week and have been feeling very festive, enjoying Party Day, our visit from Father Christmas and making our Christmas cards and calendars.
This term has been wonderful- I am still blown away by the enthusiasm that the children have displayed in all of our lessons.

Have a wonderful, magical Christmas everybody and see you all in the New Year!


What a busy week year 4 have had! We started the week with the pantomime which the children thoroughly enjoyed.

We have continued to research Jane Goodall for our writing and practiced our skills of fronted adverbials of time and manner, speech and expanded noun phrases. We have enjoyed learning about Jane’s discoveries and the personalities of the chimps she observed. The children have planned their biographies and have started to write them, editing along the way.

In Science this week we went on an invertebrate hunt in the local environment which was lots of fun! We carefully collected specimens to sketch and identify using a classification key. We mostly found annelids and molluscs and discussed what invertebrates we might not see linking to seasonal changes.

Throughout the week we have put a lot of effort into practicing our Christmas production and finished the week off with a dress rehearsal which went brilliantly! The children have worked hard to pull everything together and have sung their hearts out!


We are so impressed with the children’s attitude towards their English and topic work! As a class, they have created a very emotive and moving advert to raise awareness of palm oil and have shared this with the other classes. We are so proud of the finished result and all of their efforts with their writing and using Movie Maker to collate the pictures, music, voice clips and their song- ‘Kid in the Mirror’ which they worked on with Mrs Clarkson to change the lyrics to.

We have now moved on to our new text type- biographies. The children have enjoyed exploring the features of this text type, and ‘cracking the code’ of our class Bear Grylls example. They have worked on some of the skills needed for this writing, such as inverted commas using Bear Grylls as a stimulus. We will start to write our individual biographies next week on Jane Goodall, who we have been learning about in our continuous provision lessons. Jane Goodall is the primatologist we are focussing on throughout our Science topic of ‘Living things and their habitats’ and the children have very much enjoyed researching about her work with chimps.
In Maths, we have started to work on problem solving of addition and subtraction calculations. The children have been using the bar model to support their understanding of this.

We are definitely in the Christmas spirit, after enjoying the Christmas fayre last weekend and beginning our cross stitching for our Christmas cards. The Christmas play rehearsals have been lots of fun too! Have a lovely weekend everybody.


Pilgrim’s Quest at Worcester Cathedral on Monday was a wonderful experience for all of the children. They were given the opportunity to have a tour around the cathedral, learning about the pilgrims that have journeyed to the cathedral in the past and to create art and drama work. Joining with other schools to sing the pilgrim’s song and to leave stones from each of the schools was very special.


The children have been writing persuasively to attempt to ask people to stop using palm oil. Once again, we have been blown away by their effort- we have had such amazing writing produced as a result. See a couple of examples in the photographs below. (Well done Alice and Oscar!)

In Maths, we have continued working on subtraction of four digit numbers and have been doing some very tricky renaming! Using the place value counters on our thousands, hundreds, tens and ones grid and physically replacing 1 tens counter for 10 ones counters has really helped us to understand the process we follow when we have to rename.

The children have enjoyed beginning our new topic in Science on ‘Living things and their habitats’. They enjoyed classifying rainforest animals and plants in Venn diagrams and choosing how to group animals in a carol diagram- some suggestions included grouping the animals based on diet (herbivores, omnivores and carnivores) and by their habitat.

Everybody is very excited to begin the Christmas play after introducing what it was about this week- another very wacky one this year! We will begin rehearsals next week, as we will be on the three week countdown until the performance!


We are so proud of all of the children for being tour guides on Monday, we could burst! Listening to how confidently they spoke to the parents and children looking around our school about how much they loved Tardebigge was wonderful. Thank you so much to the children who came back to school in the evening too- you did a brilliant job. The feedback we have had about the children has always been extremely positive, but this year it was even more so, so a huge well done to everybody!

The Rang tan video which we have used as a stimulus for writing over the past few weeks has been featured in many news reports and articles over the last week. After hearing this, the children have become even more passionate about the orangutans being affected by palm oil. We were planning to change our writing focus this week. However, after seeing how worried the children were and listening to their very insightful, emotive comments, we are now planning to create a class advert, to help gain even more awareness. We have focussed on persuasive techniques this week, after watching lots of Greenpeace and WWF adverts and have worked on the skill of using fronted adverbials of frequency when writing facts. The children have been really inspired by this unit of work and an example of one the children’s ‘Morfo’ can be seen below;

In Maths, the children have been working on strategies to help them with mental calculation (such as rounding to the nearest ten or hundred) We have also started work on subtracting without renaming, using the place value disks, using a pictorial method and the standard column method. An example can be seen below;

Miss Cooke has taught some brilliant Geography lessons this week! The children demonstrated their understanding of where the equator, tropics of cancer and Capricorn, the prime meridian and the arctic and Antarctic circle was placed in the world using paper plates, string and pipe cleaners. The children have also been comparing the Amazon rainforest to forests in the UK.
Thank you for all wearing stripes or spots today to support Children in Need! Have a good weekend.


It sounds as though everybody had a wonderful half term. It is lovely to have everybody back and we have all very much enjoyed our first week after the break.

I am sure that you have seen the poppy display on our fence outside. The children were fascinated during discussions about Remembrance Day and really unpicked the symbolism behind the following video clip which was shown to all year groups;

In Maths, we have been continuing our work on column addition of four digit numbers using base ten resources, place value disks and Th H T O grids to explain our methods. In English, the children have written up their first person narratives and created orangutan ‘Morphos’ using an app to read their work aloud.

Brilliant sportsmanship was displayed at Birchensale on Thursday when we competed against other schools in the Invasion Games Tournament as part of the School Games. The children played five matches of either hockey, football or a net ball based game. At one point, we noticed a rainbow in the sky and the children saw this as a sign of good luck, believing it was our school logo in the sky! We were extremely proud of all of our children and delighted that our footballers came first.

Overall, a brilliant week! Enjoy the weekend.

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