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Week ending 30.04.2021

We have had yet another fantastic week in year 3!

In maths this week we have recapped our knowledge of place value (recognising hundreds, tens, ones, ordering numbers and counting in different multiples) as well as out addition and subtraction skills. The children showed great perseverance will this!

In English we were introduced to our new whole class guided reading book ‘Escape form Pompeii’ by making observations and predictions using the front cover and blurb. This week the children planned their retelling of the ‘Lava’ short film and took great care writing each paragraph including adverbs of time and description.

In forest school and Science the children observed rocks in the environment closely by sketching them and describing their properties. We then learnt about the different types of rocks and their properties by using starburst sweets! The children had great fun doing this, made great observations and took home a little sweet treat at the end of the week!

In Geography we explored the physical features of Italy and then Naples and created a key to label these on a map. We also interpreted a topographical map. In Re we further discussed shabbat and the difference between our work and rest. In computing we continued working on our coding and programming.

Congratulations to our gold and platinum children! Have a lovely bank holiday weekend!

Week ending 23.04.2021

Wow, year 3 have had an amazing week back after our lovely Easter break.

In Maths we have been measuring and calculating the perimeter of 2D shapes. We are confident knowing that the perimeter is the total length around a shape and have had lots of practice exploring this.

In English we have used the Disney short film, ‘Lava’ to inform our writing and embed our skills. We have practiced writing simple sentences around a theme, compound sentences (using and, or, but, so), using adverbs of time (next, eventually, finally) and using a range of pronouns (he, she, they, them)!

In Science we have started out new topic or rocks and soils. We investigated a range of rocks to think about what we already know and what we would like to find out. In Geography we started our new topic called ‘Bonjorno’ so we used a range of maps to find Italy and it’s important places. In Re we continued our work on Judaism and found out all about the special day of shabbat and what happens!

Everyone has worked so hard this week which is why the whole of year 3 has been awarded gold!
We are so very proud of them!

Week ending 11.12.20

It is getting ever closer to Christmas and we are beginning to get very excited in Year 3. We enjoyed eating our yummy Christmas dinner on Wednesday and watching the panto with an ice lolly on Friday!

In English this week we planning and wrote our own narrative trying to improve our writing stamina by writing more for longer. We then moved onto learning, rehearsing and performing a Christmas poem together after watching some top tips from Michael Rosen! On Friday we started to write our own rhyming verses! In guided reading we had a go at using the dictionaries to find the definitions of Christmas words!

In Maths we finished our work subtracting with renaming by having to renaming from the hundreds and tens!! We then moved onto using bar models to help understand word problems. This was tricky but the children really persevered!

In RE we discussed what we think Christians think is most important to learn about from the creation story. In science we learnt about how water is transported in plants and made models of this process. In DT we started to make our very own moving toys with cam a mechanism which was so exciting!

Well done for all of your lovely homework displaying our Christian values. You have all done some really thoughtful and generous things!

We do not have forest school on Monday. Please if you didn’t bring Christmas cards in on Friday then please bring them in on Monday.

Home work this week is to complete an online quiz to recap all of your knowledge from our science topic of plants! Here is the link

Have a brilliant, Christmassy weekend everyone!

Week ending 04.12.20

We have had a fantastic past two weeks at school. The children are continuing to wow us every day!

In maths we have continued with subtracting with renaming. We recapped subtracting a 2 digit number from another with renaming 1 ten to become 10 ones. Once comfortable with that, children moved onto working with 3 digit numbers. This involved renaming 1 ten to become 10 ones but also renaming 1 hundred to become 10 tens. We are continuing our KIRFS practicing our 3 x table.

In English over the past two weeks the children have been writing in paragraphs and using a variety of skills. We have rewritten ‘Stone Age Boy’ including direct speech, conjunctions, expanded noun phrased and adverbs. The children have put their heart and soul into this piece of work and have amazed us with their skills and interesting vocabulary. We used pens for the first time to practice our handwriting which they absolutely loved to do!

In science we continued our topic of ‘plants’ and recreated the life cycle of a flowering plant. In DT we have evaluated existing toys and understood how a ‘cam mechanism’ works. In art we developed out watercolour techniques and in geography located counties and cities of interest on maps.

The children thoroughly enjoyed cinema afternoon last week and the Christmas Fayre today. The children has so much fun decorating biscuits, playing Christmas games, taking part in a colouring competition and a chocolate raffle. The children left with treats bursting from their pockets! Thank you FOTs for putting on such a great event.

We are really starting to get into the Christmas spirit!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Week ending 06.11.20

We have had a brilliant first week back after half term this week.

In maths this week we have been adding ones, tens and then a 3 digit number to another 3 digit number with renaming. It’s really lovely to see the children’s confidence in this now compared to year 2 when we found it tricky!

In English we have spent time identifying a new text type which is a narrative. We discussed the features which included characters, settings, plot, paragraphs, direct speech and conjunctions among others. We then spent time identifying paragraphs by finding the theme of a group of sentences.

In Science we began to identify the parts of a flower by dissecting some. In History we interpreted secondary sources for evidence about prehistoric homes and debated which one we would rather live in and why.

I have uploaded a homework sheet to Class Dojo with folders for work to be uploaded into. Team points will be awarded accordingly. We are assessing book bands and monitoring reading. Please try and read with your child every night for at least 5 minutes. Up to 6 teams points will be awarded for this. We have been amazed with the enthusiasm for reading in school so well done everyone!

Congratulations to our Gold and Platinum children and to all those who have received their Bronze awards for team points!

We are very lucky to have two PGCE students from the University of Worcester join us for this half term. Here is a message from them:

Hello, we are two students from the University of Worcester, Mr Thomas and Mr McKirdy, and we have had the pleasure to join the year 3 class with Miss Cooke. For our first week, we were blown away with their behaviour and how friendly they have been towards us. We both are super happy to be a part of this class up until Christmas time.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone. Stay safe and see you on Monday!

Week ending 16.10.20

Another excellent week with year 3!

In guided reading we love our book talk sessions discussing the characters, settings, predictions and much much more using evidence form the text. We have also started ‘non-fiction’ Friday as an opportunity to retrieve information. In maths we have worked hard adding ones, tens and then hundreds to a 3 digit number without renaming. We finished the week by adding two 3 digit numbers together using column addition. In English we gathered more information about the Stone Age and the children have decided their headings for their new instructional writing. We have spent time gathering vocabulary to then plan our sentences at the end of the week.

In Science we learnt about the roles of each part of a flowering plant using scientific language and then sorted and classified plants that we get food from. In topic work we investigated photos of primary sources and learnt what that meant. In PE we did a baseline assessment testing our balance, strength, coordination and agility which the children were brilliant at!

Well done everyone for a brilliant week.

Congratulations to our gold and platinum children and those who brought in certificates from outside of school. We are so proud of you all.

Enjoy our harvest song which has now been uploaded on class dojo for you!

Have a brilliant weekend!

Week ending 09.10.2020

Well done for another fantastic week in year three.

In maths this week we have been focusing of recapping year 2 KIRFS such as number bonds to 10, 20 and our 2x, 5x and 10x tables. We have also done lots of revision of addition including renaming too. We finally moved onto identifying a family of facts from one addition number sentence.
For example 15 + 12 = 27 so 12 + 15 = 27, 27 – 12 = 15 and 27 – 15 = 12.

In English we have continued our work with instructional writing by writing numbered steps with time connectives, specific verbs and adverbs. The children had great fun instructing me on how to wash my bear toy and thought I was very silly putting the whole bottle of bubble bath in when they told me to ‘put in the bubble bath’! We then reverse planned instructions and wrote up our final work.

In science we had an afternoon exploring and recalling everything we know about plants. In history we were historians sorting through information about the different time periods of prehistory and then found similarities and differences. In art we attempted roller printing!

I had a lovely afternoon updating many of you on how the children have settled back in and look forward to more appointments next week.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

Week ending 02.10.20

We have had another fantastic week in year 3!

In maths this week we have counted in fifties, found 10 more or 10 less than a 3 digit number, 100 more or 100 less than a number and counted in fours and eights. The children are really impressing me with their colourful brains! In English we identified our new text type which is instructions. We identified its features which included headings, rhetorical questions, a list of things you need and numbered steps with time connectives and verbs and adverbs. We are using the book ‘How to wash a wholly mammoth’ as inspiration and have learnt about other prehistoric animals we can write instructions about. In science we have finished our living things and habitats by investigating why some animals are adapted to living in their habitat and learnt about food chains.

We started our new topic this week called ‘Bones to Stones’ which is all about prehistory. We created a toilet roll timeline to understand chronology and the different eras of the Stone Age. It almost went around the whole of our classroom! In art we talked about cave paintings and the natural materials used. We improved our mastery of chalk pastel techniques before recreating the ‘Cave of hands’.

We have had such a brilliant week and I can’t wait for Monday already.
Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

Week ending 25.09.20

We have had another fantastic week in year 3. We are so proud of how hard they are working and their brilliant attitude to learning.

We have started guided reading this week in our groups and have had some great discussions about our fiction books exploring setting, characters, tricky words and predictions. During writing this week we have used colour once again for our inspiration to plan and write free verse colour poems. We worked on including imaginative description with fantastic results. In maths we have moved onto our year 3 singapour maths books focusing on place value. We have counted in hundreds, understood the place value of 3 digit numbers and ordered and compared them. They have all been amazing with this! Well done year 3!

We explored micro-habitats during forest school and recorded our data on tally charts and pictograms as well as researched living things in a number of different habitats. In art we explored colour mixing by adding white, grey and black to make tints, tones and shades.

Congratulations to our gold and platinum children.

I hope you have a brilliant weekend!

Week ending 11.09.20

What a fantastic first full week back we have had in year 3.

All of the children have settled in really well now and are becoming more used to our new routines. Myself and Mrs Bridgwater are extremely proud of them.

We are working on a colour topic at the moment using books such as 'The Colour Monster' and 'The Day the Crayons Quit' as inspiration. This week the children have recapped key place value knowledge, started to plan a letter back to crayons living in their trays, made abstract art, explored habitats in forest school and became colour photographers in computing. The growth mind set and positive learning attitude has been fantastic with everything!

Well done year 3 for a lovely week and please have a safe weekend.

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