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Week ending 25.09.20

We have had another fantastic week in year 3. We are so proud of how hard they are working and their brilliant attitude to learning.

We have started guided reading this week in our groups and have had some great discussions about our fiction books exploring setting, characters, tricky words and predictions. During writing this week we have used colour once again for our inspiration to plan and write free verse colour poems. We worked on including imaginative description with fantastic results. In maths we have moved onto our year 3 singapour maths books focusing on place value. We have counted in hundreds, understood the place value of 3 digit numbers and ordered and compared them. They have all been amazing with this! Well done year 3!

We explored micro-habitats during forest school and recorded our data on tally charts and pictograms as well as researched living things in a number of different habitats. In art we explored colour mixing by adding white, grey and black to make tints, tones and shades.

Congratulations to our gold and platinum children.

I hope you have a brilliant weekend!

Week ending 11.09.20

What a fantastic first full week back we have had in year 3.

All of the children have settled in really well now and are becoming more used to our new routines. Myself and Mrs Bridgwater are extremely proud of them.

We are working on a colour topic at the moment using books such as 'The Colour Monster' and 'The Day the Crayons Quit' as inspiration. This week the children have recapped key place value knowledge, started to plan a letter back to crayons living in their trays, made abstract art, explored habitats in forest school and became colour photographers in computing. The growth mind set and positive learning attitude has been fantastic with everything!

Well done year 3 for a lovely week and please have a safe weekend.

Week ending 04.09.2020

What a brilliant three days we have had back at Tardebigge.
It was so brilliant to see all of the children arrive back at school on Wednesday so ready and keen to get back. They all came in brilliantly.

We have spent the week settling in and finding our feet. The children have picked up our new school rules and routines really well and are becoming quicker every time. We have enjoyed taking time to talk to each other and find out what we have been up to in the holidays. We’ve completed lots of lovely art activities and some reading, writing, maths and PE which have all been enjoyable.

Well done for a lovely first couple of days year 3 and I can’t wait to see you on Monday!


We just wanted to say how amazing you have been this week, Year 3 and that we are very proud of how hard you have continued to work. From now on, we will keep in touch over Class Dojo. Have a lovely weekend. Enjoy the opportunity to read lots of books, go for long walks, start jigsaw puzzles and play board games plus all of the fun ideas of things for you to do below.

British Science Week ending 13.03.20

What a week it has been participating in British Science Week. This week we have had a science focus each day to help us celebrate this wonderful week.

On Monday we focused on theme of the week ‘Our Diverse Planet’. We thought about what makes our planet diverse, it can be as simple as colour in nature or something more complex like habitats. Ask your children what they think makes our planet diverse.

On Tuesday we welcomed chemists Ruth, Lucy and Amanda from the University of Birmingham. They explored chemistry with us through looking at self-cleaning materials. The children explored how effectively water on paper, kitchen foil and plastic removed dirt, before repeating their experiment with a lotus leaf. We were all amazed with how the lotus leaf reacted with the water. Ask your child to explain what made us all gasp with awe and wonder.

On Wednesday we had a whole school physics day. Class 3 worked in every class across the school exploring a range of physics based activities. The children looked at friction, gravity, water resistance, static electricity and other forces through the activities. The children absolutely loved working in other classrooms and seeing science brought to life through a range of exciting investigations.

Thank you to the parents who popped in on the evening so the children could their learning from the day with them. We loved seeing you get just as excited as the children.

On Thursday, the children found out about hormones in their bodies and discussed their body clocks. We found out about how cortisol, melatonin, ghrelin and leptin affect us and created individual body clocks. In Maths, we completed very challenging problems involving length, which required us to use the bar model to represent the problem. We have been enjoying reading the book 'Niteracy Hour' in English and the children used their senses to think about what a head louse in the Ancient Egyptian times would have seen, smelt, heard and been able to feel. There were lots of gruesome repsonses! 

Today, the children presented what they have discovered about Science this week back to the class and completed a reflection. The children described this week as exciting and entertaining, which we would definitely agree with! 

Have a wonderful weekend,

Mrs Horton and Mrs Stevens

week ending 06.03.20

Thank you to everyone who attended parents afternoon/evening, it was great to talk with you all and share such lovely things about your children.

We had a wonderful day yesterday for World Book Day. We started the day with a catwalk to showcase everyone's brilliant outfits and we heard many different adults read some of their favourite books. The focus on comics was such good fun and the children really enjoyed sharing copies of the 'Beano' and 'The Dandy'. We completed comprehension based on a comic and then the children sketched Gnasher and Dennis in their sketch books. Many children did another copy that they took home with them yesterday. I am sure you will have been very impressed! 

This week we have continued our work in maths on length with word problems. We have been converting length whilst solving addition, multiplication and division problems. It has helped us to recap methods learnt earlier in the year too.

In English we have started work on first person narratives, focusing on the skills of using inverted commas for speech and conjunctions. After reading a section of a very funny book, 'Niteracy Hour' which is written from a head louse's point of view, the children composed their narrative written from a spider's view point, which really made us all think about how we treat spiders! 

In RE this half term we are learning about what makes Jesus inspiring. The children have been thinking about their inspirations and the qualities of these people. We will be looking at stories from the Bible and how these qualities can be seen in Jesus. 

Have a fantastic weekend,

Mrs Horton and Mrs Stevens.

week ending 28.02.20

Welcome back! It’s been great to see the children come back to school full of energy and enthusiasm for their learning.

We have become geologists in our science. We have looked at the different varieties of rocks; metamorphic, igneous and sedimentary and how these are formed. We then looked at rocks found locally and thought about which of these types they might be.

In maths we have continued our work on length by converting kilometres and metres. We know ‘1km is equal to 1000m, and 1000m is equal to 1km’, and have used this to support conversions of different measurements. We have also looked at word problems involving conversions of centimeters, metres and kilometres. The children have been using the bar model to support with this.

In English, we have written our persuasive letters to Howard Carter which we planned before half term. The children worked really hard to format them carefully and use a range of persuasive features to ensure Howard Carter doesn’t unearth the tomb of Tutankhamun.

As our Geography curriculum links to the physical features of rivers, we have been learning all about the River Nile and how settlements have developed. 

The children enjoyed swimming as always today! They are making good progress . 

Have a wonderful weekend,

Mrs Horton and Mrs Stevens

week ending 14.02.20

We can’t believe we are half way through the academic year. We really appreciate the support across the year so far, and look forward to seeing you all after half term for parents evening. 

This week we have been exploring the decision of Howard Carter to enter Tutankhamen’s tomb through our English work. As a class we decided to persuade him not to enter the tomb and came up with persuasive reasons why he shouldn’t. We will continue this after half term.

In Maths, we have begun to look at length, and converting centimetres and metres and metres to kilometres. The children have explored measuring tapes also, and looking at how to measure objects more than a metre. 

At school we currently have the Royal Microscopical Society’s microscopes, and have begun to look at and use these in our science sessions. The children explored how water can be used to magnify. Then looked at magnifying glasses, before using the microscopes to explore everyday materials like coffee, teabags and newspapers and then describe what they could see.

In History, we have been learning about Egyptian Gods and this has really engaged the children. They were all very excited about the fact files that they created.

We loved seeing everybody’s outfits today and some children strutted up the Year 3 catwalk to strike a pose and show off what they were wearing! The fun continued when we went swimming because the children used persuasive techniques to convince us that they deserved a fun session for all of their hard work this half term. We had all of the floats in the pool and the music playing.

Have a wonderful half term. 

Mrs Horton and Mrs Stevens.

week ending 7.2.20

This week we have been working hard on our maths, applying our knowledge of bar models to support the methods of division we have learnt. This hasn’t been easy, but the children have really persevered at thinking about how using the bar model can help solve the problem.

In science the children have looked more closely at muscles, thinking about the different types of skeletons, vertebrate and invertebrate, and how they work together to move. We then looked at how we can keep skeletons healthy and what happens when we hurt our skeletons. We looked at the invention of the x-ray and how this has developed over time. Ask your children how the x-ray was invented.

Thank you for all the support and hard work gone into the children’s homework so far. Every child has the opportunity to share their homework with the class, and it’s been lovely to hear their film reviews, read their hieroglyphics and see the jewellery and artifacts they have created. We are looking forward to seeing what else they can create.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Mrs Horton

week ending 31.01.20

At the end of last week the children began to explore the topic of 'Tomb Raiders’ further with Mrs Friday, by looking at mummification. The children enjoyed the gory details and wrapping each other up as mummies. Mrs Friday is really enjoying exploring Ancient Egypt with our lovely year 3 historians.

This week we have welcomed a new adult to our class, Miss Taylor-Imms, she will be with us for seven weeks whilst she works towards her teaching qualification.

In maths we are continuing our work on further multiplication and division. The children have explored long division. They found this really challenging but their perseverance has been amazing. This has led on to solving word problems using the methods we have learnt in multiplication and division to solve them and using bar models to represent the problem.

In English the children have edited their setting descriptions thinking about the skills of cohesion in paragraphs and adverbs. They really enjoyed getting the handwriting pens out to redraft these. Their handwriting and efforts in presentation have really made us smile.

We have really worn our scientist hats this week. We are closely looking at skeletons thinking about their purposes: support, protection and movement. We’ve looked at different joints and how these move differently and at the different types of skeletons, including invertebrates and vertebrates.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Mrs Horton

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