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Week ending Friday 15th February

What a busy and quick half term! The children have truly started 2019 off brilliantly. We have seen a real maturity in their attitude and effort towards their learning in the past couple of weeks that makes us very very proud. Have a wonderful rest over half term children!

In English we received news that Bob (known better as Man on the Moon) had been sacked. The children thought this was extremely unfair so they decided to write a letter to the President of the Moon persuading him to give Bob his job back. The children thought about their language and description to represent just how brilliant Bob is and just how unfair this firing was! The children used words such as "foolish, depressed, powerful, unfortunate and miserable". We edited our work as we wrote ensuring accuracy in our spelling and punctuation. This also helps makes sure our work makes sense.

In Maths we "filled in gaps" that arose from our mental arithmetic practice last week. The children have since been finding fractions of shapes and numbers. At the end of the week we created different amounts of money in lots of different ways.

In Science Miss Davies asked the children "Which ball is the bounciest?". The children had to use their knowledge and understanding of materials to make predictions. They then had to apply their knowledge of investigations to carry out an investigation in order to answer the question. Lots of bouncing balls on Tuesday afternoon!

This week has been Online Safety Week so we enjoyed an assembly from our Digital Leaders and in our Computing lesson we created posters to raise awareness of how to stay safe online. The children also enjoyed their final session of StressBox.

In Art we created collages of Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night using tissue paper, foil, cellophane, buttons and pom poms. We will add to this after half term.

Thank you so much for attending our assembly this afternoon! I'm sure you're equally as proud of the children as we are! We hope you enjoyed it and found the tips shared useful. 

Enjoy your half term Year 2!

Week ending 8th February

This week I have been so impressed with the children's attitude and effort in all areas of our learning. 

In Maths we have continued to answer two step word problems by using bar modelling.

In English the children have been working on writing a setting description describing space. We worked on including words with suffixes such as -ment, -ful, -ness and -less (greatness, darkness, environment, colourful, wonderful, colourless, endless, lifeless). and choosing our adjectives carefully to describe space. The children had brilliant imaginations and we were really impressed with their work.

In Science the children tested which materials would bend, squash, rip, twist and scratch. They predicted, tested and recorded results. For our Dyson work the children used cardboard, paper and card to produce their first prototype. They showed great creativity! In Computing the children concluded our games testers units by evaluating the games we have been looking at. 

In History the children ordered space events on a timeline describing events as older and newer. They have enjoyed learning about the history of space travel and predicting what the future might hold.

In RE we gathered lots of information about plastic in water for our courageous advocacy and began making posters, writing letters and using artwork to raise awareness of this problem. 

In Guided Reading the children had a go at a SATs reading paper which they loved! There is no difference between it and the reading comprehensions we have been doing already. On Monday the children also completed the mental arithmetic paper in Maths and demonstrated excellent use of all our adding, subtracting, mulitplying, dividing and fractions methods we have been working on all year.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Week ending Friday 1st February


In English the children wrote their stories based on Chris Hadfield as a child in the book "The Darkest Dark". They worked so hard to include skills we have learnt but thought carefully about making their writing flow, building a picture in the reader's mind and chose vocabulary carefully.

In Maths we began the week continuing to perfect our addition and subtraction methods in preparation for a week of solving word problems. The children were introduced to the bar model to solve problems. The bar model is a brilliant way of representing numbers for comparison and progresses through to Key Stage 2. The children practised finding fractions of shapes and numbers too. 

In History the children ordered a timeline of space events looking at dates and used historical language to describe older, newer, past and present. In Science the children continued to design in detail their products based on our Dyson work- we have got great imaginations and improvements to our tables, whiteboard pens and the bins! In Computing we continued to test games to predict their algorithms and in our other Science lesson the children discussed the suitability of different materials for different objects. They were given different scenarios such as an umbrella made of glass and they had to debate on why this might be suitable or unsuitable.

In RE we were introduced to the idea of "Courageous Advocacy" and the children reflected on what they feel passionate about. As a result of our Under the Sea topic last term and Space now, the children had God's planet at the centre of their thoughts and in particular it's oceans. The children have frequently discussed and thought about the use of plastic and it's threat to the oceans. Over the next couple of weeks the children will decide what they want to do to promote awareness of this as "stewards" of God's world.

We enjoyed a Stressbox and Gymnastics lesson aswell as Mr Alexander's normal PE lesson on Thursday too. Just to clarify, on Monday the children spent 5 minutes outside with their Stressbox coach as a meditation exercise to feel "at one" with nature before completing their lesson in the hall as normal.

Next week the children will have their first practice of a Reading and Mental Maths SATS paper! We keep it very low key and the children are actually always very positive and happy with the experience. They rise to the challenge!

Have a good weekend Year 2.



Week ending Friday 25th January

In English the children have been retelling "How to Catch a Star" and spotting the skills we have been perfecting within it's text e.g. adverbs, expanded noun phrases, contractions and apostrophe for belonging. After this we read a brilliant book written by the astronaut Chris Hadfield called "The Darkest Dark". Children identified the plot and created a story map or mountain accordingly. We thought about how we could apply the skills mentioned above in the most effective and appropriate way in our planning. Next week we will be authors retelling the story!

In Maths the children have been problem solving finding missing numbers to a variety of adding and subtracting calculations. The children must must must use a part, part whole/number bond diagram and think about our add./subtract sentences- a part + a part = the whole and the whole - a part = a part.

e.g. ? + 13 = 27 so the part + a part = the whole. This means we know the whole and a part which means we have to do subtraction because subtraction is the whole - a part = a part so we would do 27 - 13 = 14. 

? - 15 = 37 so the whole - a part= a part because this is a subtracting calculation. This means we know the parts which means we have to do addition because addition is a part + a part = the whole so we would do 15 + 37 = 52.

I know that might not make sense over the blog so if you have any questions ask me or your child! The heavy reliance on our sentences are paramount.

In RE we reached the end of our Gospel unit thinking about is the "good news" just important to Christians or is it news that everyone can relate to?

In Science the children began to think about their design specification in their Dyson work thinking about what their product design must do, should do and it would be nice if. We also explored a variety of objects and identified the materials they were made out of. We discussed how these materials are suitable for the purpose of the object. We noticed how many objects can be the same but made out of different materials e.g. metal spoon, wooden spoon, plastic spoon.

In Art the children mixed colours in order to recreate Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night carefully.

The children enjoyed their Stress Box session on Monday and we had an absolutely fantastic time in the planetarium visit on Monday afternoon. We loved listening to stories of the stars and finding them in the night sky.

So many children have continued to read, complete homework and go on Spelling Shed. Thank you so so much for your support at home! It is vital in the next couple of months leading up to our May SATs.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Week ending Friday 18th January

This week we were joined by Miss Davis, a final year teaching student who will be completing a placement in Year 2 until mid March. 

In English we started work on a new text type- a story. We identified the features of a story including the characters, setting and plot. The children read "How to Catch a Star" by Oliver Jeffers and then read my retelling of it that included skills to focus upon. We practiced writing expanded noun phrases to describe all things "Space!" but the children had to think more carefully about their choice of adjectives. We were introduced to adverbs- words that describe verbs and that we spot with the -ly suffix and the children consolidated their learning on apostrophes for belonging and contractions e.g. didn't, won't, hasn't to ensure we spell these correctly. We will use all these skills to plan and retell "The Darkest Dark" over the next couple of weeks. In Whole Class Reading we began our new book- Man on the Moon by predicting possible similarities and differences between it and Simon Bartram's other book Dougal's Deep Sea Diary which we have previously read last term.

In Maths the children recapped and completed revision sessions on multiplication, division and place value. We have been encouraging the children to not just answer questions but explain and problem solve too. These activities require more patience and deep thinking that takes time so we must not rush! We also have been recalling lots of number bonds within 10 to ensure we are fluent in our number facts. Doing this helps us to be efficient when adding and subtracting bigger numbers.

In History the children learnt about the lifes of astronauts Neil Armstrong and Tim Peake noting similarities and differences between them and their space travel. We answered questions such as "Why did 600 million people watch Neil land on the moon back in 1969 but just 24 million people watched Tim Peake launch into space in 2015 when nowadays there are more TVs?".

In Science the children were "design detectives" and "design engineers in training" as they looked closely at a traditional fan and the Dyson Air Multiplier fan to identify the work Dyson did to improve and re-invent an existing product. We thought how we could do this with items in school such as a whiteboard pen, bins and our tables. The children's ideas were inventive and imaginative which will help over the coming weeks as they design new products and build prototypes. We also began our Chemistry work on "Materials"- by exploring lots of different objects to name the material they are made out of. This can be a common misconception for children!

In RE we discovered how Christians follow the Gospel in their prayers and actions. 

Spelling Shed homework has been set and if your child logs on and completes the activity for the list given this can replace a reading session.The children are very proud of their current top spot on the learning platform!

Have a wonderful weekend! We have an exciting Space activity for Monday afternoon for you all to look forward to.

Week ending Friday 11th January

Happy New Year!

It was wonderful to have all the children back on Tuesday well rested and ready to learn. We all enjoyed sharing and writing about our Christmas news.

We began our Space topic by finding a strange crash landing outside- a huge pile of pants! The children immediately guessed it was aliens because they love underpants!  Because of this we decided to report our findings in a newspaper! We looked at examples and planned different types of sentences that we could include. The children wrote their reports and impressed us lots! The topic planning is on the main class page if you wish to look. 

In Maths we revised our adding and subtracting methods to answer calculations, complete number bond diagrams and write a family of calculations (4 for the price of one).

In Science we started a series of lessons based on James Dyson- the inventor of the first bagless hoover. The children thought about what a design engineer was and realised it takes a lot of perseverance to be an inventor. It took James 5,107 attempts to create his first hoover!

In Art we began to look at the artist Vincent Van Gogh and his artwork. Over the topic we will learn about his life story and focus on his Starry Night painting. The children used pencils to recreate the picture thinking about tone and different thickness of lines.

I was on a course on Friday so in RE, Mrs Friday and  the children thought about what part of the Gospel was most important to them- friendship, forgiveness or peace. They then created a craft item to represent each part of the Gospel.

We will begin Guided Reading next week. The children have done some whole class reading comprehension and individual reading this week.

Enjoy your weekends! See you on Monday.

Week ending Friday 21st December

On Monday the children enjoyed watching KS2's Christmas Play dress rehearsal!

In RE we have completed our initial learning about the Gospel (the good news Jesus brings) and focussed on forgiveness and peace. We thought about the importance of saying sorry in order to be forgiven aswell as the safety Christians feel knowing Jesus gave everyone his peace. We learnt about this from the Bible and read different Bible verses.

In Geography the children created a world map, locating and labelling the 7 continents and 5 oceans. They chose to make it by painting or with card. In History we completed answering historical questions about the Titanic. 

The children completed their investigation over time, answering the question "How does a seed develop over time?". We made our final observations and drawings. The children noticed how the plants have produced their own seeds for reproduction and that the flower is the final part of the plant to develop. We pulled two plants from the soil to observe their roots. The plant with the smaller roots had fallen to the side.

In Maths we continued to consolidate our learning about division aswell as answer word problems involving division. The children also spotted odd and even numbers.

In Whole Class Reading we completed our Dougal the Deep Sea Diver book continuing to infer and predict. The children compared this book with Flotsam (our whole class reading book from last half term).

Party Day was fantastic fun and lots of children won lots of prizes (sweets!). Father Christmas made a visit on Thursday too!

We hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Stay safe and enjoy all your festive plans. We are looking forward to seeing you in January! It is INSET Day on Monday 7th so we welcome children back on Tuesday 8th.

Week ending Friday 14th December- Our Christmas Play!

We hope you enjoyed watching our Christmas Play as much as we enjoyed practicing and performing it. All of the KS1 team are so proud of the children and their brilliant singing, acting and dancing. What a fantastic play it was! 


In and amongst play practice and performances the children made their 2019 calendars and continued to practice dividing by either grouping or sharing. We worked hard to represent division and multiplication as the inverse of each other

e.g. 4 x 2 = 8 and 2 x 4 = 8 so 8 ÷ 2 = 4 and 8 ÷ 2 = 4

In English we wrote about our Christmas play and in History we became historians as we ordered historical events we had learnt about so far on a timeline. The children then explored primary and secondary sources about the Titanic and its sinking in 1912. They used the sources to answer historical questions such as what happened?, how long ago? and what was it like for people?

I can't believe it is our final week of the Autumn term next week! Remember it is Party Day on Wednesday and the Carol Concert at 2.30pm on Friday.

Enjoy your weekends! 



Week ending Friday 7th December

Year 1 and 2 had a brilliant time at the Sea Life Centre!   

In English we wrote some recounts about our trip and the children's work was very detailed and descriptive! 

In Maths we began our topic on division learning about equal grouping and sharing of numbers.

For the rest of the week the children have been creating their Christmas cards and Christmas decorations for the church's tree at Worcester Cathedral.

The majority of the week has been busily preparing for our Christmas play next Thursday. The children adapted to the stage wonderfully!  

Week ending Friday 23rd and 29th November

Apologies for no blog last week- I thought I had done it but obviously not! Here is what we've been up to for the last couple of weeks.

In English we planned and wrote our diary entries pretending to be Dougal the Deep Sea Diver. We predicted what we thought might happen to him next and wrote our entries based on that. The children worked hard to ensure they were writing in the past tense therefore using past tense verbs- some needing athe -ed suffix. We also showed off all our other skills we have learnt this year to make our writing exciting. If you were invited to the in school Read-a-thon, you would have seen the children's diver creations and heard us read the story and our own versions together. All children have brought their diver home tonight.

In Maths we have been multiplying 2s, 5s and 10s. The children understand we must be fluent in our multiplication facts- knowing if the calculation is 6 x 5, we can count in 5s six times to find the total. But we must also prove our work through drawing arrays, groups of, writing repeated addition calculations and understanding multiplication is commutative.

In RE the children thought about 12 people they would choose to change the world- just like Jesus did with his 12 disciples. We acted out the story of Jesus asking Matthew, the tax collector, to be his disciple and understood this was part of the good news Jesus brings- the Gospel. Jesus is a friend to the friendless. We thought about what this meant to us.

In Science the children enjoyed our investigation to answer the question "Which habitat is best for woodlice?" Thank you for your woodlice and shoeboxes! We recorded our results and wrote up our investigaton, answering the question just like scientists do.

We have been very busy practisting our Christmas play and are ready to start performing on the stage next week.

Remember it is our trip to the Sea Life Centre on Monday so please bring in your disposable packed lunch in a named bag. 

Have a brilliant weekend!

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