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Week ending 20.09.19

This week has absolutely flown by! WOW!   In maths we have continued to focus on place value of 2 digit numbers, identifying the tens and ones. We have also become more confident comparing two numbers. We know to look at the tens first and then compare the ones. The children became very hungry crocodiles and demonstrated eating the greatest numbers. We have recalled number bond facts to 10 and will continue to explore related facts. By the end of the week we were exploring how many ways we could partition a 2 digit number.   E.g  42 = 40 + 2 42 = 30 + 12 42 = 20 + 22 42 = 10 + 32   In English we have been detectives cracking the code of our ‘How to be a cowboy’ non-chronological report. We then identified all the features in the different sections of the report. We identified questions, commands, description and conjunctions. We then received a message in a glass bottle! It was from Captain Cooke asking us to write a non-chronological report about pirates! We were very excited by this so spent some time gathering information all about pirates. By the end of the week we started to write the title and opening of our report.    In DT we looked at wonderful books with moving parts. We explored them and identified the different mechanisms in each book. The children evaluated the products and were able to discuss what they liked and what could be better. In geography we continued our work naming and locating the 7 continents and 5 oceans on world maps. We also looked at atlases for the first time and explored the different maps and keys. In PE we focused on balance and in computing we inputted our predicted algorithms (instructions) into beebots. The children were very accurate with their instructions and were able to debug (fix) them if they weren’t quite right. In RE we were able to retell the story of creation and explored what Christians are thankful for.    Many apologies again for the mix up with the maths homework. I will ensure next Friday that every child has the correct book. For SPAG homework children will be identifying proper nouns (names of people, places, days of the week and months) and editing my sentences!    We have school photos on Monday.    Have a lovey weekend everybody!   

Week ending 13.09.19

What a brilliant week in year 2 which has gone by so quickly! Everyone has settled in really well this week and we are all use to the new routines.

In maths this week we have continued to look at the place value of a 2 digit number. We have learnt a lot of new vocabulary. We have done lots of learning with concrete materials to really consolidate and prove the value of each digit in a number. For this we have used place value charts and part, part whole diagrams. It can be quite tricky to understand the difference between tens and ones and we will continue to prove this. By the end of the week we have started to compare numbers using the language ‘greater than’, ‘more than’ and ‘equal to’ as well as using symbols > < =.

In English we learn using text types and have explored non chronological reports. These are non-fiction, fact based reports. We have identified the features in them such as titles, headings, facts, questions and pictures. We then spent the rest of the week learning new skills to put in our writing. We have used different types of sentences (questions and bossy commands), description (using adjectives) and conjunctions (to join clauses together).

The children started their science topic this week with Mrs Medlicott:

Autumn Term 2019 -Materials Matter. Blog update.

In this unit we will identify what everyday materials are made from and compare if there is another suitable use of the material. We will investigate how the shape of solid objects made from some materials can be changed by squashing, bending, twisting and stretching. We will explore materials in their natural and man-made form and conduct experiments to develop our skills to work scientifically, develop observation skills, gathering and recording evidence and identification and classification of materials.

Our investigations will include a classroom material hunt. We will learn about the properties of materials and conduct a “What’s in the bag?” Activity, making predictions of objects by touch alone. We will investigate the different forms of materials and consider using different materials for different uses, What if …? (my desk was made of fabric etc). And will we consider the best material to use to make a bucket to help with a sinking pirate ship. From this point we will research a famous scientist and finally, we will consider recycling and how we can help to be more proactive at recycling.

Throughout our science lessons each of us will be asked to work scientifically by three prompts; I see, I think, I wonder…. Using three prompts will help to focus their investigations to what they see, what they know and prompt a greater depth investigation for I wonder. We will use prompts both around the classroom and when recording findings in their science books.

Each week the Science bag will be sent home with a child. As a class we will look at your child’s experiment and hold discussions around their findings. Please send the Science bag back into school the following Monday ready for our next science lesson. Thank you.

I am looking forward to some very scientific investigation work being carried out in their Year 2 year! 

from Mrs Medlicott.

In geography we have been practicing the skill of locating and naming the seven continents on maps. In PE we had a quick session to get our hearts racing and the children really enjoyed the bean game! The children for DT came up with three designs for a pirate pebble, evaluated and chose their favourite design to make.

We had a very smiley visitor today from baby Theo and enjoyed seeing all the changes from the last time he came into school. The children were so excited and eager to interact with him and ask questions. Some children predicted he might be walking next time! Thank you again baby Theo.

We finished the week with RE and explored what the creation story meant to us. We could retell the story of creation and thought about which part we are most thankful for. We expressed this by creating a watercolour painting and the results are beautiful!

Homework has been sent out today. I hope you enjoy the noun hunt!

Have a lovely weekend everybody!

Welcome to year 2! 06.09.19

Welcome to year 2! I will be updating this blog each week with information all about year 2! I have updated the class 2 page with information such as key dates, homework and the days we have PE. The Ahoy Pirates medium term planning is also attached as well as year 2 pirate topic words.

We have had a brilliant week and have practised all our new routines in year 2. The children have settled really well and are becoming more familiar with the classroom, adults and expectations. Year 2 is a big step up in terms of learning and expectations but the children are becoming more independent each day!

We have done lots of maths this week and practised counting in different multiples as well as recalling number bonds. We have used these skills to start our Singapore maths number and place value chapter by counting up to 100.

The children have recounted their summer holidays (which all sounded brilliant) and familiarised themselves with our topic words. We have started to understand how to retrieve information from a text by underlining key words to give us clues in whole class guided reading.

We made fantastic 3D artwork in the style of Zoe Bradley by changing the shape, form and texture of paper. The end results were fantastic! We had our first coding computer lesson and became pirates to write algorithms to help us get to our treasure! We predicted, tested and debugged using ourselves as robots. The children had their first RE session thinking about ‘Who created the world?’

Guided reading will start next week. The book band level of the home reader your child brings home might change as we assess fluency and comprehension skills.

If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to contact me.

Homework will be sent out on Friday.

The week has flown by and I think we are definitely ready for the weekend! Enjoy and see you on Monday!

Transition week in Year 3!

What a delight it has been getting to know the wonderful new Year 3 to be. We began our week with a getting to know each other game ‘two truths and a lie’ and creating information sheets on themselves. Staff filled these in too, so the children could find out all about us also.

On Wednesday we created maths posters ready for September, using representations to show the numbers. We thought about ‘part, part, whole’, Base 10, counters and bar models. These will look fantastic when they are up to support us with our spellings and remind us of representations. Later in the week, we also started our new Year 3 Singapore Maths books, and the children showed what they have learned about Picture Graphs.

We then went on to read a lovely story called ‘The Dragon and the Nibblesome Knight’, and followed James the knight and Dram the dragon as they discovered friendship through showing their true qualities. We used these qualities to think about what qualities Year 3 knights would show, ready for September. The children also designed their very own armour!

On Thursday, we had such an 'eggsciting' discovery! We watched a video that showed a dragon flying over a nearby school , then searched our field for evidence of the dragon. We found small nests with eggs in, and pieces of burnt wood on the field! We quickly collected the evidence, then brought the eggs into school to decorate. This was the perfect time to annouce our new topic in September will be Dragons! On Friday, we celebrated the school's musicians, with the Musical Showcase in the morning. A huge well done to all that performed and impressed the audience with their talents. In the afternoon, we enjoyed a game of quick cricket on the field, before coming back to school to do some dragon sketching.

We look forward to seeing them all again on Monday, for their final transition day!

Mrs Horton and Mr Bennett.


Week ending Friday 5th July- Activity Week!

What an active week we have had! The children have shown fantastic skill, perseverance, self-belief and sportsmanship all week. We are really proud!

Monday- We made smoothies with AIP and enjoyed the weather during our Tardebigge Trek.

Tuesday- Sports Day was brilliant with lots of team spirit. Well done to Bredon!

Wednesday- Ridgeway leaders were very pleased with our manners and skill during a carousel of activities and Forest School was great fun.

Thursday- Pilates and the obstacle course were definite favourites!

Friday- We practised skipping during our "Jump Rope" session and loved a variety of different activities with Miss Hill's horses!

Next week, Monday is as normal but then the rest of the week Year 2 will be completing transition into Year 3. I have not sent home any homework but over the weekend your child could write some questions to ask the Year 3 team about next year if they want to.

Have a great weekend!

Update: Photographs don't seem to be showing despite many attempts and being told the upload has been successful- hopefully they will work soon. Apologies!

Week ending Friday 28th June

In English the children edited and redrafted their openings to the “Journey” book we have been reading. Throughout the rest of the week we continued to read and enjoyed learning about the girl’s journey through an enchanted, magical world. The children created a story map gathering descriptive vocabulary and sentences along the way. Afterwards they wrote their narratives!

In Maths we concluded our work on 3D shape.

In Art, after focussing on both LS Lowry and Joan Miro this term we compared the two artists’ work noting their differences in line, shape, shade and colour. The children impressed me when describing LS Lowry’s work as real and Miro’s as abstract. They have really enjoyed this focus this term!

In Geography we compared the United Kingdom to a non-European country- Australia noting similarities and differences.

On Thursday Year 2 were wonderful at Multi Skills and we were very pleased that we could go after such uncertainty with the weather! We also enjoyed CREW assembly on Wednesday.


Useful information for ‘Activity Week’: reminder that it is Activity Week next week therefore children can wear sporty, active wear throughout the week suited to the weather.

- Children are to come to school wearing PE sportwear. PE kits have been sent home this week.
- On Thursday afterschool there will be an opportunity for your children to have another go on the inflatable fun run on the field. We will be running this as a school fundraiser activity and therefore asking for a small payment per go (bring your change!)
- On Friday the children will be given the opportunity to buy a skipping rope after their Jump rope session. Details of cost will be on the newsletter.

Timetable for the week:
- Monday: Tardebigge Trek in the PM. Parents/carers are invited to join us at 1.15pm.
- Tuesday: Sports Day. The children have already pre-ordered a sandwich at school. In the morning the children will be engaging in group activities. There will be a picnic lunch on the field at 11.30 and the track events will be in the afternoon. Children to wear a t-shirt of their house colour.
- Bredon- blue
- Clent- green
- Lickey- yellow
- Malvern- red
Parents/grandparents are welcome to join us for part/all of the day.
- Wednesday: Forest School session (bring waterproofs!)
- Thursday: Inflatable fun run on the field
- Friday: Horse riding and Jump rope session

If you have any queries regarding Activity week then please just ask!

Week ending Friday 21st June

In Maths we have been consolidating our learning on 3D Shapes- describing their properties and grouping shapes with similarities.

In English the children planned and wrote their setting descriptions that will act as a story opener for our wordless book "Journey" We really encouraged and supported the children weave different skills together to make writing exciting and present what we have learnt over the year. Our sentences were full of adjective and adverbs phrases joined together with conjunctions. Brilliant!

In RE we completed our "Who created the world?" unit by reflecting on what we have learnt using art, music and words.

In Science the children continued to think about healthiness. Not just what we eat but also our exericse. We investigated how our heart rate increases when we exercise.

In Art we continued to look at Joan Miro creating our own paintings inspired by him again but this time using primary and secondary colours.

In PE the children practised their agility- we are preparing for Sports Day in a couple of weeks.

The children really enjoyed our theatre visit production of The Jungle Book.

Next Thursday we are at Birchensale in the afternoon for a multi-skills event so please ensure water bottles and PE kits are in school. 

Have a fab weekend and see you on Monday Year 2!

Week ending Friday 14th June

In English we redrafted our Nibbles stories and began to look at our new book "Journey". The children saw similarities with the book "Flotsam" we've read previously as it was wordless too! We are going to create setting descriptions from the illustrations so Year 2 composed expanded noun phrases and phrases including adverbs. The children's choice and variety of descriptive words and phrases has progressed so much!

In Maths we have been solving shape patterns and moving shapes. The children have had to work hard to draw and copy 2D shapes on squared paper.

In Science Year 2 learnt about healthy eating. We sorted foods into the different food groups, discussed the importance of the right amounts and variety then taste tested the different foods!

In Art the children used their LS Lowry sketches from last week to paint the same LS Lowry painting- thinking about line, shape and colour (instead of shade). 

In RE we thought about how God might feel when his creation (world, animal, humans) get destroyed. We created our own world and watched as it was destroyed by others to help us emphathise. 

In Computing we continued to practise our typing skills by typing up our stories.

Another fabulous week Year 2 even with such wet, rainy weather! Have a great weekend-fingers crossed it is a little drier!

Week ending Friday 7th June

We have had a wonderful welcome back after half term. It was lovely to see children's photographs and stories of their half term holiday homework. 

We completed our chapter on Money in Maths and then moved onto recapping 2D shapes. The children noted that a 2D shape has the same number of vertices as it does sides. We identified and drew lines of symmetry which the children found a little tricky- especially if the line was diagonal rather than vertical or horizontal. Year 2 also practised rotating (turning) and drawing shapes.

In English we finished our Nibbles story and saw how the book monster nibbled out his own book off to somewhere unknown! We became authors and planned our own sequel to the story by creating an alternative story to a tale we already know. Nibbles has entered tales such as Rapunzel, The Man on the Moon, the Gingerbread Man and a Dinosaurs fact book! The changes to the story that the children have imagined are very creative and funny! We will edit these and redraft into our self-designed front covers next week.

In Science we identified what humans and living things need for survival.

In History we read different historical sources claiming the whereabouts of Amelia Earhart. The children had to test the reliability of each source and conclude what they think happened. We had many enthusiastic historians in the classroom who were asking and answering some deep questions and challenges to their own theories!

In RE we explored the importance of the day of rest (Sunday).

Pyjamarama was a great success and the children really enjoyed wearing their pyjamas to school. Thank you for coming if you could and, more importantly, thank you for reading with your child at home. Unfortunately our Indoor Athletics event on Friday afternoon was cancelled. We are hoping this will be rearranged for next Friday.

Week ending Friday 24th May

We are thrilled with our whole class Platinum award and that our tests are over (as you can tell!). What a great end to a very asking half term. Even though it's been very short, the children have applied their learning as brilliant as ever. We really hope you enjoy your week off and can complete some of the fun homework tasks!

We completed the Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar tests this week. We recapped alot of our spelling rules and grammar knowledge earlier on in the week. Meanwhile the children completed their wolves descriptions, edited and redrafted them. In Maths we have been working with money. In Science the children presented their animal life cycles. The children asked and answered questions about Amelia Earhart in History. In RE we thought about what we would like to say and ask the Creator (God). 

A reminder on Friday 7th June we will be celebrating the Book Trust's Pyjamarama so children can come into school in their pyjamas! We will be tying this in with our Read-a-thon celebration so we invite all parents to join us at 9am for an activity in class. Children who have successfully completed their reading 5x a week will receive a reward in school.

See you on Monday 3rd June.


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