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Week ending Friday 13th July

This week Year 2 have moved up to Year 3 for a transition week and we welcomed Year 1 into the classroom.

We have been busy getting to know one another, creating classroom rules, thinking about growth mindset and enjoying an introduction to our topic for September and the Autumn Term... Under the Sea! The children have been busy creating artwork and all things underwater for our displays. On Friday we loved the Musical Showcase and our trip to Trinity for our Multi-Skills festival. The week has gone very quickly but it has been a delight to enjoy a glimpse of what the new year will bring! 

Have a fab weekend and see you on Monday for our final week! Where has the year gone?! 

Activity Week 2018

What a busy, active week we have had! In such glorious weather aswell.

We have enjoyed a zumba session, playing rugby with the Worcester Warriors and archery. The children have enjoyed their Multi-Skills sessions with children from Ridgeway and Aston Fields. We all showed lots of courage and confidence when caving! It was lovely to see the children supporting one another. On Friday we had a wonderful time learning to bollywood dance and a lovely ride on Miss Hill's horses!

We have made fruity yoghurt pizzas, frozen banana yoghurts, flags and all things England for the match on Saturday! The children looked at the human body and how each part helps our bodys to work. We thought about the best way to keep each part healthy.

Thank you to everyone who came and cheered their team on Sports Day! 

Next week the children will be spending the week in Year 3 for transition. I will miss them very much!

Have a fab weekend and I hope it is spent celebrating  an England win!

Week ending Friday 29th June


In English we finished writing our playscripts. We then read different plays in Guided Reading, practised them and performed to each other. The children were brilliant and have really enjoyed our acting focus for the last two weeks. As a prize, the class were treated to the sequel of "Wanted: The Perfect Pet" called "The Perfect Present". We were going to do some work on this but the children felt very passionate about spending the rest of the week writing a letter to the author Fiona Roberton asking her to write another we did that!

In Maths we have been completing work on money: counting and making different amounts, exchanging money and giving change.

We loved going to Birchensale on Wednesday afternoon for our Multi-Skills event. The children were excellently behaved.

In our assembly and History we explored the life of Nelson Mandela; linking into our Christian value of Justice for this half term. The children reflected on what type of a man and leader he was! We imagined life during apartheid and what it would have felt like. The children then created artwork to present equality.

The children will have come home with their PE kits this week ready for Activity Week from Monday onwards. Please come into school wearing sensible sports gear and on Thursday, in your child's house colour. Hats and water bottles are essential as always!

Have a lovely weekend!

Week ending Friday 22nd June

We really enjoyed a pantomine performance of the Wizard of Oz on Tuesday morning!

In Maths we continued to investigate 3D shape. We persevered to create some of our own 3D shapes from different nets. We then practised drawing 3D shapes on paper as we went on a shape hunt around school.

In English we continued to write our set of instructions on "How to look after a ...." or "How to be a.....". The children then predicted the events in Chapter 3. We have loved reading "Wanted the Perfect Pet". Finally in the latter part of the week we chose parts and chapters to perform. The performances were brilliant and we had a go at writing a play script for ourselves. 

In Computing the children continued to create their books based on their African country, this week adding in sound.

In RE we looked at Chanukah in more detail and were introduced to the candles, food and games they play during the celebration.

We have continued to observe our beans and have gathered even more information about what a plant needs. Our results have been changing and the childrne have really enjoyed discovering new scientific information! Ask your child what they have found out over the weekend!

A reminder that next Wednesday is our in-school Read-a-thon at 9am for those with their invitation. In the afternoon Year 2 wil be going to Multi-Skills.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Week ending Friday 15th June

What another fast week we have had! 

In English we read Chapter 2 of our book "Wanted: The Perfect Pet" where we met a duck. He had no name and no company! We put ourselves into his (webbed) feet and imagined we were him writing a diary entry. We read about how he noticed Henry's Wanted advert in the newspaper and decided to dress up as a dog! We then planned instructions for the duck on how to be a dog or the African pet we decided last week!

In Maths we continued working through our workbooks learning about fractions: counting in quarters, thirds and halves and finding fractions of a set. Then we moved onto 3D shape.

In Science we have continued to observe our beans and record our findings. We were surprised with the results so far...the beans in the dark have grown the most whilst the beans being watered with fizzy drinks haven't at all. The children also created some food chains and became more familiar with the vocabulary  "producer and consumer".

In Computing each pair of children have chosen an African country to research and create a book about on Book Creator. They have researched information such as the flag, population, weather, language and geography.

We enjoyed a rugby session on Monday afternoon led by Jamie from the Worcester Warriors. These sessions will continue for the remainder of the Summer Term.

Children who have completed the Read-a-thon came home with an invitation on Wednesday for whoever they read with to attend an in-school read-a-thon on Wednesday 27th June at 9am. We hope you can join us. If you are yet to start the Read-a-thon challenge please do so!

Have a brilliant weekend Year 2 and see you on Monday.

Week ending Friday 6th June

We had a brilliant start to the week on Tuesday with a morning of African drumming and dancing! The children loved playing the djun djuns, djembes, talking drums and shakers. We are a musical lot!

In English we began reading a new book "Wanted: The Perfect Pet". We read and focussed on Chapter 1 about "Henry" who wants a dog even though he has 27 different frogs! The children thought about the perfect African animal they would want for a pet. They described the pet and then created an advert for it!

In Maths we have been returning to our Singapore Maths workbooks and focussing on fractions. The children have been ordering and comparing fractions aswell as counting wholes and parts. 

In Science the children have devised their own investigations based on plants. First we named and sorted alot of garden and wild plants then deciduous and evergreen trees. We sketched different leaves and explored what nature we have around us in our beautiful school surroundings! After discussing what a plant needs to survive, the children planted their own beans but decided to change one thing (variable). We have planted beans in the dark, in sand, in cotton wool and some replaced water with fizzy drinks, juice and oil. We are keeping bean diaries to observe and record.

In Computing we went outside and took photographs. We edited to make the photos more effective!

In RE we began to explore the Jewish celebration of Channukah (Hannukah).

Next week some parents will be receiving an invitation to our Read-a-thon in school on Wednesday 27th June at 9am. This is an opportunity to thank you for completing the Read-a-thon (reading 6 times a week) with your child and a chance to see some of the children's work about the books we have been focussing on in school! The children's progress in their reading because of this has been fantastic. 

Have a super weekend Year 2!

Week ending Friday 25th May

What a wonderful final week of the half term! We spent it mainly focussing on our brilliant trip to the Safari Park!

Click on the link to see some photos of the day.

The children worked really hard to write their recounts of our day for the rest of the week. We also completed the spelling and SPAG SATs tests (finally we are done!). In other lessons we acted out our Shabbat celebrations, putting ourselves in the shoes of the Jewish family member we were pretending to be. The children also enjoyed some free time and watched part of David Attenborough's "Africa" programme on the savannah. 

On Friday the children enjoyed our Indoor Athletics at Trinity High School- thank goodness it was inside!

No Maths booklets sent home but please read and if you would like, you can complete the "Everything you know about the African Savannah" poster/fact file!

Have a lovely half term children! Stay safe and see you back at school on Monday 4th June. I can't believe it is our final half term together when we come back. 

Week ending Friday 15th May


What a brilliant way to end another week of SATs! The Royal Wedding dress up day has been fantastic and definitely got us into the patriotic spirit for tomorrow's event. I hope you enjoy the decorations the children have bought home for you to share whilst watching!

The children well and truly deserve a rest this weekend. We cannot say how proud we are of their continued effort and enthusiasm towards their tests again this week! We are done! Both Reading and Maths papers have been completed. They have absolutely blown us away and I could not be prouder/happier/pleased/joyful! Next week we will be carrying out the spelling and SPAG test.

In RE the children researched Shabbat (the Jewish celebration) in more detail and prepared in groups to act out certain parts of the event in more detail. We are beginning to reflect on why Jewish people do certain things during Shabbat.

A reminder it is our trip to the Safari Park on Monday. Please wear a hat and suncream as the forecast is sunny (fingers crossed!). Can all children wear their school uniform and bring a fully disposable named packed lunch & water bottle. If you have ordered a lunch in school any other snacks can be brought in too.


Week ending Friday 11th May

I hope you all had a wonderful long Bank Holiday weekend. The sun seems quite a long time ago now on Friday afternoon! It was lovely to be back with the children after being away at Condover last week.

This week we began completing some of the tests needed for SATs. The children's enthusiam blew us away...they were so keen and ready to show off how amazing they are! We are keeping it very low key in school so there is no need to worry. Remember as I said in the SATs meeting and on the SATS powerpoint the tests are just an element to the SATS. We have been working hard all year to make a judgement on your child's attainment! We will continue next week with two more papers.

Here are some pictures of our free time/chilling/PE this week in between our Showing off in SATS...

No homework this week so please continue to read and relax ready for next week!


Week ending Friday 4th May

We began the week editing our non-chronological reports. Year 2 then redrafted them on either an iPad or laptop. They really enjoyed this activity!

We've spent most of the week practising different skills in our reading and maths; preparing for next week where we will start a couple of the SATs tests. Again, like I said in our SATs meeting...this is only one piece of evidence for a teacher's assessment so we are so so proud if the children just try their best! And their best is amazing! 

Whilst I was away at Condover the children enjoyed reading "How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth" and completing different activities based on it!

Enjoy the long weekend! Please make sure you rest and chill! 

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