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Week ending Friday 17th May

Another busy week in Year 2 where, again, we go into the weekend even prouder of the children after their efforts!

The children completed the second paper for both Maths and Reading over the course of the week. They are feeling very proud of themselves too! The majority of "SATs" are over which is a wonderful feeling but we will complete the Spelling and SPAG (spelling, punctuation and grammar) tests before we break up next week as these act as a good revision activity for the children, 

Year 2 have been completing work on fractions and continuing reading activities about the book "Mousetronaut" whilst we have been testing.

We began to describe wolves after reading Little Red Riding Hood and Emily Gravett's "Wolves". We collated facts about the animals such as "Their jaw is twice as powerful as a large dog's." "Wolves can survive anywhere from the Arctic Circle to the outskirts of towns and villages" along with a lot of description including... ferocious, fierce, cunning, sly, dense fur, beady eyes, hungrily gobbles, sneakily hunts". 

In Art the children began to add colour onto their Joan Miro designs thinking about tint and tone. After half term they will continue but this time with primary and secondary colours. We will have lots of artwork by the end of our colour exploration!

In Science the children enjoyed researching the life cycles of different animals such as sharks, bees and snakes. We compared similarities and differences between different life cycles. For the children to become "experts" they will present their cycle next week. 

In History we researched the life of Amelia Earhart, understanding why she is such a significant historical person. The children are fascinated by her story and I know they are excited to view more primary and secondary sources in order to try and solve her disappearance! We ordered the important events of her life on a timeline.

In RE we thought about showing God, the Creator, how thankful we are to him for creating the world. 

Week ending Friday 10th May

We hope you enjoyed the longer Bank Holiday weekend!

This week the children have began their tests with amazing effort and concentration! We are extremely proud of them. Each child has completed two tests- a Maths and a Reading paper. Next week they will complete the other two. It was wonderful to see everyone applying what they have learnt over the year and demonstrating excellent perseverance- a real growth mindset!

Meanwhile we have continued to read "Nibbles" and follow his book-eating adventures into the traditional tale of "Little Red Riding Hood". Year 2 read different versions of the tale, "borrowing" their favourite vocabulary and phrases for their plan. We began to retell it in our own words and will continue to next week.

The children have been introduced to our new Whole Class Reading book- Mousetronaut. A journey in space adventure that links our previous and current topics nicely.

In RE we continued to create artwork of the Creation Story. Year 2 continued their online books about the world and in Art we were introduced to the artists LS Lowry. The children thought carefully about shape and shade to recreate his famous matchstick figures. In Science we completed our research on the human life cycle, detailing the changes between teenagers (adolescence), adulthood and old age.

Have a fun weekend (it's looking like it will be nicer weather!) and see you on Monday. 

Week ending Friday 3rd May

Welcome back! It was wonderful to see the children on Monday after a restful, Easter break and hear their holiday news.

We recounted our events and began our new topic "We are on a Journey". The children practised their geographical skills and used an aerial photograph of our school grounds to locate clues for our first topic book. We collected an odd collection of soap, socks, hooks and rubber ducks along with the words "nip, bite, peck, toy with". This all led us to Nibbles the Book Monster who loves to nibble all of the above, but, most of all, he loves to nibble books! The children predicted what Nibbles might do on his nibbling adventures and we began reading. His first nibble was "Goldilocks and the Three Bears" so the children spent the week planning and retelling the new version of the classic tale!

In Maths we had a whirlwind stop of key areas of revision ready for us to begin the SATs tests next week. This included partitioning numbers into different combinations of tens and ones, recalling x and ÷ facts, finding fractions of numbers and subtracting numbers where we must rename. 

In Science we began thinking about life cycles of living things, beginning by looking in detail and researching the human life cycle which the children were very enthusiastic about! In Computing the children began to create an e-book all about the seven continents and five oceans.In Art

In RE Year 2 began our unit on "Who created the world?" We created artwork to represent the seven days of creation detailed in the book of Genesis from the Bible. The children thought of words to describe God the creator such as "powerful, omnipotent, mighty, intelligent, omniscient, creative."

It was great to see lots of children continuing to read, access Spelling Shed and complete some of the optional homework over the holidays, Spelling Shed lists have been updated with our new topic words and homework set up. 

Next week the children will complete their first two SATs papers- Maths Paper 1 and Reading Paper 2. Enjoy the longer weekend Year 2 and see you on Tuesday. 

Week ending Friday 12th April & Happy Easter!

The children have been completing their Space topic by writing a non-chronological report about what they have learnt. Some children decided to about "Our Solar System" and others "How to be an Astronaut". 

We completed missing number lines and read different scales in Maths.

Year 2 concluded their typing unit in Computing and Easter focus in RE.

In DT we used sugar paper (after finding out that was the strongest paper in our Science experiment) to make moving pictures.

Their Easter bonnets were just as imaginative, creative and eye-catching as usual- thank you for all your effort.

No maths homework booklets have been sent out...just a cover sheet of ideas you could complete and/or practise over the Easter holidays. 

Have a much needed rest Year 2! Stay safe and enjoy your Easter holidays. 

Week ending Friday 5th April

In Maths Year 2 have been continuing to practice our mental arithmetic and reasoning skills including missing number problems. We've been quickly recalling our multiplication facts for the 2,3,5, and 10 times tables but also linking these to division facts. We've really had to encourage the children this week to apply their learning into answering questions. They are more than capable of any question we have given them- they just must be accurate and use methods we have used in our lessons! Please remind and encourage children at home to do this also.

We have done a lot of independent reading and whole class reading this week. The children have enjoyed reading more of Snow White and the Seven Aliens.

In English Year 2 recieved Neil Armstrong's diary from NASA with the challenge to write a missing piece from the date Neil landed on the Moon. We went through the motions that Neil would have done on the 20th July and Year 2 wrote amazing diary entries. their best writing yet. NASA will be pleased!

In Science we carried out our investigation to answer the question "Which paper is the strongest?"

In RE we reflected on Jesus' forgiveness in the Easter Story and thought about how Jesus as a leader taught us the importance of forgiveness. We reflected on how we feel much better after forgiving someone or something.

The children have been practising their typing skills by word processing their Space Camp recounts. They are using the underline and bold tools. 

This is a very long half term and the children are coping brilliantly! One more week before a good rest. Have a great weekend.

Week ending Friday 29th March & SATs Meeting

Attached is the powerpoint shared on Thursday's SATs Meeting. Thank you for all who attended and if you were unable to and have questions or clarification please ask!

We've been busy writing our recounts of Space Camp and practising our fluency in maths. We have been recapping how to quickly add numbers together by partitioning, using a ten frame or a number line, aswell as our column method. In Science the children began to plan their investigation to find the strongest type of paper. In RE we explored different signs of Easter.

I hope you enjoyed the children's performance at our Mothering Sunday concert. 

Have a brilliant weekend and see you on Monday!

Space Camp Year 2

Click on the link to see all photos from Year 2's amazing Space Camp.

"I am so so proud of all the children and we really did have the best time ever! When everyone woke up on Friday morning the first thing they said was "Please can we have another sleepover at school?!" - Miss Sutton

"WE LOVED IT! It was really really weird sleeping in school! We did miss our parents but we loved it so much so we forgot about everything else! Thank you Tardebigge teachers!"-  Year 2 children

Space Camp!

British Science Week 2019

What a scientific week we have had!

The children have enjoyed a range of investigations and experiments including making their own lava lamp, dancing raisins, blooming flowers, mixing smarties and water together and building a bridge of sugar cubes in water. We created bubbles that you could hold too! On Monday scientists from the University of Birmingham helped us make seaweed slime too!



On Wednesday we enjoyed a hovercraft themed day where the children made their own hovercrafts and then watched a real life hoverboard with some children able to have a go! 

We continued to crack our time telling skills to every 5 minutes aswell as continue to solve missing number problems.

At the end of the week we researched the scientisist Edwin Hubble. Ask your child what they found out! We wrote a report on him.

We say goodbye to Miss Davies, our student teacher today too and wish her the best of luck!

Next week is Space Camp so I am sure excitement will reach new levels! Enjoy your weekends Year 2.

Week ending Friday 8th March

It was wonderful to see you all at Parent’s Evening on Monday and Tuesday. It’s always fab to show the children’s books for you to see the children’s progress yourselves.

In Maths the children have been learning to tell the time (o’clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to) and then to every hour.

In English we have been writing our information texts about Chris Hadfield. The children enjoyed writing this out in best and their presentation wowed us!

In Science we planned and carried out an investigation to answer the question “Which material is the stretchiest?” In Computing we used the internet to research answers for questions such as “Which is the hottest planet in our Solar System?”

In RE Year 2 began our unit of “Why does Easter matter to Christians?”

World Book Day was lots of fun! Thank you for your effort with costumes and learning the matching nursery rhymes!

We also started to sort sleeping arrangements for Space Camp. The excitement is building up daily!

Just a reminder that the SATs Meeting has been rearranged due to Space Camp so the new date is Thursday 28th March at 6pm.

Have a good weekend Year 2!

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