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Week ending 4th November

Welcome back Year 1! It sounds like everybody had a fabulous break!

In Phonics this week we have learnt the sounds ea (sea, clean) and ou (out, proud). These are alternate graphemes (the way we write a sound) for the phonemes (a sound) we have learnt already ee and ow.

In Literacy Year 1 became TASA (rather than NASA!) as the children researched the planets in the Solar System using a variety of sources. We discussed the importance of accurate information and retrieving relevant information. The children will use this research to create reports next week. They also enjoyed creating star constellation diagrams!

In Numeracy we have continued to work on addition and focussed particularly on counting on. We encourage children to hold the biggest number in their head and count on along a number line or with resources. Next week we will be moving onto subtraction.

In Topic we made our rubber and foil space suits for Baby Bear. Next week we will evaluate these. In Geography we looked at satellite pictures of Earth and zoomed in to the United Kingdom. We then made our own maps, labelling the 4 countries and began to look at the 4 seas and capital cities.

In RE the children enjoyed listening to stories Jesus told. These are called parables that hold a special meaning. We thought about the message of “The Lost Sheep” and what Christians have learnt from Jesus.

For Forest Fridays now the weather is chillier it would be fab if your child could bring in an old pair of gloves to keep hands warm!

On Monday we had a Wow and Wonder Day. Across the school we created a Bible Timeline which is now displayed in one of the corridors. Throughout the day Miss Hudson shared some ‘wow’ experiments with the children and linked them to Bible verses. We did the skittles rainbow experiment using a circle of sweetie skittles on a plate and poured hot water in the middle. This created a beautiful rainbow and reminded us of the promise God made to Noah after the flood. We made our own lava lamp to remind us that Christians believe Jesus is the light of the world and made an erupting volcano to remind us that Christians believe God’s love and other good ‘things’ overflow out of our hearts. In Year 1 we focussed on the amazing life of Moses! The children enjoyed creating different crafts to represent different parts of Moses’ life such as a royal necklace and a burning bush. The children investigated the 10 plagues of Egypt, learnt about the 10 commandments and enjoyed pretending to part the Red Sea (we used balloons!).

Homework is set this week! There has been some confusion about which session we are on in the Maths booklets as we have had half term. Some are on Session 4 and others are on Check Up 1. Either are fine! Please continue to complete a double page. Thank you!

Have a wonderful weekend and see you on Monday! Remember Pudsey is visiting us next Thursday so please wear your spots and bring in loose change for Children in Need!

Week ending 21st October

Wow! Our first half term in Year 1 is over! Can you believe how quickly it has gone! I hope the year doesn't continue at this speed!

In Phonics we have practised reading and writing the tricky words: he, she, my, was and they.

In Literacy the children asked questions and predicted the ending of a story. We looked at pictures of the story "Man on the Moon" and devised questions to ask "Bob". He then came and visited in his very special astronaut suit! Unfortunately he didn't talk but responded to the children's questions with yes or no. The children then used the information they found out about Bob to predict what the story would be about. We then checked if they were correct.

In Numeracy we have been training our brains just like astronauts do! We worked hard to investigate number bonds to 10, 20 and even 100. We used a variety of resources such as Numicon, cubes and two sided counters to discover lots of different ways to make the same number e.g. 2 + 8 = 10, 3 + 7 = 10. The children understood that addition can be done either way round (commutative nature of addition). We then made links because if you can recall your bonds to 10, you can make links to find bonds to 20 and even 100. For example: 1 + 9 = 10 so 1 + 19= 20 and in turn 10 + 90 = 100 or even 1 + 99 = 100. The children worked very hard to recall these facts and this will continue throughout the year.

In Topic the children practised different ways of fastening materials and made their space suit nets in preparation to make their actual space suit from rubber/foil after half term. Unfortunately our order didn't arrive in time for work to begin this week!

On Thursday it was Anti-Bullying Day so the children thought about the impact of saying "nasty" things to one another. We then read a book called "But Martin" that encouraged us to celebrate the differences in everybody. We then looked at ourselves in Year 1 and realised we are all so different which is brilliant! We made a pledge and signed our names on our whole school "Power of One" poster.

Year 1 enjoyed their Forest Fridays session this week. It seems like ages since we were last down at Forest School!

I hope everybody enjoys their half term holiday! Please continue to read with your child over the week: some children have changed book levels this week so see how you go. Education City and Bug Club are available for anything extra you would like to do; along with the normal Phonics and Maths homework.

See you on Monday 31st October Year 1!

Week ending 14th October

Thank you to all parents who were able to attend Parent's Evening this week. It was wonderful to share with you the brilliant start to Year 1 your child has had. We are really proud of each child in Year 1 for their first half term in Year 1 and are looking forward to more of the same for the rest of the year! Again, if you have any questions or concerns please let me know.

In Phonics the children have learnt the sounds air, ear, ure and ur. We will recap all our Phase 3 sounds next week aswell as practise reading and writing tricky words. 

In Literacy the children have loved reading and completing work linked to the wonderful book "Whatever Next" about Baby Bear who visits the moon in his cardboard box for a rocket, wellies for space boots and a colinder for a space helmet! The children have acted out the story, wrote diary entries as Baby Bear and a shopping list for a picnic on the moon. We have also investigated different punctuation: full stops, exclamation marks and question marks. We counted up how many there were in the book. The children also designed and made their own rockets using Lego and Duplo.

In Numeracy the children were introduced to the alien "Gus the Plus" who loves to add! They have added lots of different space items including moon rocks! We practised writing our calculations in clear number sentences using the addition and equals signs. I was very pleased with the mental maths the children displayed! We found the total by counting all objects together or by holding the biggest number in your head and counting on.

In Topic we investigated "What is the best material for a space suit for Baby Bear?" Year 1 decided we wanted the suit to be waterproof, strong and stretchy. The children tested 5 different materials for these different properties. They then decided which material they wanted to use in their own design. On Thursday the children drew and labelled their designs and made lists for what they needed. Next week we will spend a morning creating the space suits!

In RE we read different stories from the Old and New Testament of the Bible and retold them in a stain glass window using pictures and sentences. We thought about what Christians learn from these stories about God. 

I'm glad we have had a healthier week and it's been nice to have a full class! Remember it is our Tardebigge Trek on Monday afternoon. Wellies are already in school from Forest Fridays. Next week Forest Fridays will continue as normal. 

Have a good weekend!

Week ending 7th October

Apologies for the late blog this week- I have been off school like most of the children with this wretched bug! 

It was busy week for the start of our new topic Space! We explored an art gallery of music, pictures, objects and artefacts all linked to Space. A favourite was the new Year 1 rocket! We thought about what we already knew about space and wrote questions of what we would like to find out. We had an arty afternoon creating all the planets, the sun and galaxies using paint, chalk and glitter. Some boys enjoyed using foil to make an outline of an astronaut; all of which now forms an eye catching display in our classroom. Pictures will follow when I am back at school.

On Tuesday the planetarium came to visit. It was an exciting experience in which we all learnt alot. The man demonstrated the way the earth orbits the sun and explained why we have day, night and the seasons. We also saw constellations of stars and he pointed out how we could identify these in the night sky. We wrote up our experiences and the children really impressed us with their amazing writing and the number of facts they had remembered. 

On Wednesday you may have noticed a strange occurence on your walk into school. Lots of pants! Some aliens who love pants had crashed and left the mess! We used this opportunity to read the fantastic book "Aliens Love Underpants" and created wanted posters for the aliens. Some children have also created different designs on pants for aliens, picked their favourite and desribed why.

In a last minute Forest Fridays (due to no Harvest Festival) Mrs Medlicott and the remaining class created their own alien crash landings in Forest School. They then wrote about what they had done.

In Science we received a special box of materials flown in from a Space Mission with a note asking for help on what they are. We named the objects, discovered the material they were made from and explored their properties.

In Numeracy Mrs Medlicott,  Miss Blantford and the children began to look at 2D shapes by drawing different shapes in different patterns on pairs of pants. The aliens will be pleased! 

With nearly half the class off poorly we made the decision for only Education City and reading homework this week. Use the free time, if you wish, to read more as there are plenty of books on Bug Club, or play further activities on Education City. Normal homework will resume next Friday. 

The Harvest Festival has been postponed until next Friday (14th October) therefore there will be no Forest Fridays that day. Please send your child to school in full uniform.

I hope you all have an illness free weekend and those off poorly recover with lots of rest. I will be doing the same in hope to see everybody on Monday!

Week ending 30th September

In Phonics we have recapped the sounds oo (long oo in moon and short oo in book), ar and or. The children have worked extremely hard this week on including sweeps and flicks. We have been working on this in our daily handwriting sessions too.

In Literacy the children received a letter from Reception class asking for help on how to look after a fish. We investigated different sets of instructions and found some key features. These included a title, a list of equipment, numbered steps, pictures and "bossy verbs". Year 1 planned their set of instructions using pictures and captions on Wednesday and wrote them in detail on Thursday. We also followed a set of instructions to make fish biscuits. We followed them successfully as they tasted delicious!

In Numeracy the children have been working hard on representing numbers as pictures. We worked with numbers up to 20 then extending ourselves up to 100 by using the vocabulary of "tens and units". We broke down 2 digit numbers into smaller parts e.g. 62 would be 6 tens and 2 units. This helps children see "how much" a number is and the importance of place value (writing numbers the correct way round: 62 is very different to 26). The children were introduced to a range of resources to create a "picture". They worked with beadstrings, unifix, Numicon, ten frames and Numicon.

In Science we began to think about our 5 senses and the body parts associated with them. The children have been on a senses hunt aswell as enjoying a taste testing session. There were very different reactions to the sweet and salty popcorn, fizzy sweets and bitter lemon!

In RE we explored the many different roles God plays for Christians. We began by thinking about our own different roles; a friend, a son/daughter, a brother/sister and how important each of these were. We then compared this to God. 

In Forest Fridays we made a Tardebigge scarecrow ready for the Harvest Festival.

The children have visited the library this week with Mrs Mayne. The book they take from here may not match their reading level as this library book is for you to share as a family; not necessarily a reading book. 

It was great to welcome parents in on Thursday for a short but sweet visit to see the children's books and classroom. Thank you for coming and do not worry if you were unable to make it. There will be plenty of opportunities throughout the year for you to see your children's books. 

There will be no Forest Fridays next week (Friday 7th October) due to the Harvest Festival at 9.15am. Children can also bring in jogging bottoms to become part of their PE kits on Tuesday if they wish. It is getting chillier! 

Have a great weekend Year 1! See you on Monday for our new exciting!

23rd September

Wow I cannot believe we are only 3 weeks into Year 1! The children's behaviour, effort and transition over these past few weeks have made me the proudest teacher!

A homework letter has been sent out tonight along with this week's homework. Please let me know if there are any issues. A letter detailing our exit point for Rainbow Fish was also sent home. On Thursday children can come into school dressed in bright colours/rainbow like/even fish like! We invite parents in to see our classroom and your child's topic book at 3pm. It would be great to see you there!

In Phonics we have recapped the sounds ai, ee, igh and oa.

In Numeracy the children practised counting forwards to 100 and backwards. We discussed what accurate counting meant. The children enjoyed a whole variety of activities that helped them become increasingly fluent in this mathematical skill.

In Literacy we received another message from Dory (much to the children's delight!) She had another problem- she couldn't find her friends. Using visual literacy through watching clips from Finding Nemo and Finding Dory the children described one character using adjectives. Their work was so fantastic Dory did indeed find her friends!

We also began Guided Reading this week.

In Science Miss Blantford has been teaching the children all about their bodies. They labelled their body parts, compared their body parts to that of a fish and began to think about the different jobs different body parts do for us. We also discussed using the correct names for all our body parts. This links in with our whole school Protective Behaviour Policy.

In Forest Fridays we celebrated the second day of Autumn by making observational drawings of the trees down at Forest School. We will compare and discuss similarities and differences as the seasons change.

In RE the children explored what Christians feel about God and answered the question "Where is God?" through art. The results were very personal and beautifully explained by all.

Have a wonderful weekend and see you all on Monday!

Week ending 16th September

What a second fantastic week we have had!

In Phonics we have recapped the sounds sh, ch, th and ng. We have looked at our "Target Pencils" and are working hard on including capital letters, full stops and finger spaces in our sentences.

In Topic/Literacy the children retold the story of Rainbow Fish by either creating a story stream, story wheel or a story booklet. I was amazed at the recall the children had and the detail they included in their work. On Thursday we received a special email with a strange video attached to the class. It was Rainbow Fish thanking us for all our hard work! He said he had another underwater friend who needed help so Year 1 decided to be good friends and help him. It turned out the friend was Dory! She sent us a message telling us all her worries about losing her home. So we decided to create her home out of lots of different items. We then used our viewfinders to describe what we saw and wrote sentences including adjectives. We are waiting for a reply from Dory soon hopefully!

In Maths we have been reading, writing and ordering numbers up to 20 and then up to 100. We practised number formation, fixed messed up number lines and been on lots of number hunts!

In Art the children created a half photograph/half sketch self portrait and in Computing we learnt the words "algorithm and debugging" when programming the BlueBots (with Nemo coats on!) around our underwater maps.

The children loved our visit from the Dog's Trust and learnt alot about how to be safe around dogs. I hope they have been teachers themselves and shared this information with their families at home.

Guided Reading will begin next week and so will homework. A letter detailing this will be sent home next Friday.

Have a brilliant weekend Year 1 and see you on Monday!



Week ending 9th September

What can I say? What a fantastic first week we have had in Year 1. I am extremely proud of the children’s behaviour and hard work already and we are all loving one another’s company! This will continue throughout the entire year.

In Phonics we have recapped Phase 2 and 3 by playing many rounds of Phonics Bingo!

In Literacy we have written sentences about our Summer (which all sounded amazing!). We moved onto learning about adjectives (which are describing words) and labelled one of the character’s from Rainbow Fish. We then worked hard to use these adjectives in sentences.

In our Underwater Party, the children had a water balloon competition, shared their underwater accessories, danced, coloured and ate lots of party food such as crabs' legs, shark teeth, fish food and seaweed!

We have been very creative in our Art lessons aswell! The children enjoyed experimenting with a variety of materials and medium to create self portraits. Next week they will continue this.

We painted stones to create “fish friends” inspired by a wonderful book celebrating individuality “You Be You”. The patterns and colours used by the children were very eye-catching and have been complimented by all of the school community!


In our Computing lesson we began our topic "We are Coders". We explored using Beebots but decided we must understand direction first! We gave instructions to our friends who became robots. Then Miss Sutton became Miss Sutbot! The children had to walk down to Forest School recording their directions as they went to remind Miss Sutbot how to get there for Friday morning! We discussed how this was a set of instructions. In Computing this is called an algorithm.

Forest Fridays was very enjoyable. We introduced the rules of Forest School and then went on a Rainbow Nature Hunt.

In RE we began to think about “Who is a Christian?” We drew pictures of people who are Christians and realised that lots of different kinds of people are.

The children have coped brilliantly with the change in classroom, adults, expectations and lessons. I could not be happier! It has been lovely to meet parents on the playground and please if you have any questions, concerns or just want a chat please do!

Bug Club books have been set according to your child’s reading ability. Passwords will be found at the front of your child’s reading diary. Please note these have changed from last year!

Have a brilliant weekend Year 1. You definitely deserve it!

15th July

The children have had a brilliant week in both Year 1 and Year 2!

Leading up to Transition we began a series of "Protective Behaviour" sessions that focussed on our feelings. We discussed the idea that there are no bad feelings but it is how our behaviour responds to these feelings that is important. We also explored the statement that "Everybody has the right to feel safe all the time." This led us on to any worries we had about moving on to Year 2. We are really encouraging children and adults in the school community to discuss their feelings openly and honestly so it would be brilliant if this were reflected at home!

All these worries disappeared on Wednesday and Thursday and I am sure you will have heard about all the children's learning and activities on the Transition Days. They are extremely excited about their new topic!

Today we enjoyed a wonderful Musical Showcase. It was a lovely reminder of just how talented the children at Tardebigge School are!

I CANNOT believe it is our last week next week! I will definitely need this weekend to prepare for it and the mix of emotions we will feel! See you all on Monday for our trip to the Safari Park! Please remember a disposable packed lunch.

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