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Week ending Friday 30th June


Literacy: We have recapped our learning about the suffix –ed. Year 1 understand this suffix is added to a verb (a doing, having or being word) when it happened in the past. The children have also learnt how the prefix –un is added to the start of a word and changes its meaning to the opposite. In their writing, Year 1 wrote a postcard acting as the girl in our book “Journey”. I am so delighted with how hard they worked to include the 4 different types of sentences we focussed on last week.

Numeracy: We returned to work on multiplying numbers. The children identified equal groups and added these groups. We practised counting in 2s, 5s, 10s and 3s!

RE: We looked at how Muslims show they belong to the Islam faith. The children demonstrated their excellent existing knowledge about the mosque, prayer mats and Qu’ran. We practised writing in Arabic and learnt about the pilgrimage Muslims go on called “Hajj”.

Next week is Activity Week therefore children are required to wear sporty clothes all week! Please ensure water bottles and hats are in school as we will be outside and active throughout the week! On Thursday it is Sports Day. More details can be found on the newsletter with regards to clothing and timings.

Have a brilliant weekend!

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