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Week ending Friday 26th May

Apologies for the technical error on the blog last week! I was unaware until today as it just seems to have disappeared!

In Literacy the children have concluded their work on Nibbles: The Book Monster by writing their own twist on a traditional tale. Each story was so unique and demonstrated all the children have learnt over the year so far. We are spelling words alot more accurately and challenging ourselves with different sentences starters and punctuation.

In Numeracy the children have worked hard on partitioning numbers into tens and ones e.g. 43 is 4 tens and 3 ones. They have used place value charts, arrow cards, number bond diagrams and BASE 10 resources to prove their understanding of "how much" a number is. The children have practised counting in 2s, 5s and 10s. As extra maths this week, Year 1 have looked at money and began to recognise the different coins and their value. Understanding value of a coin and combining different coins to make totals is a tough task but we are well on your way. Share the coins in your wallet/purse at home and challenge your child to recognise them and find the total of a few.

In Topic we continued to use historial sources to research famous transport of the past...this week we moved onto the Wright Brothers and their first airplane flight in 1903.

In Computing the children finished their transport talking books on Shadow Puppet. This concluded our "Creative" computing focus on the past term and a half. We will return to Coding in June.

No usual homework over the May half term. Instead a letter has been sent home today regarding a Phonics challenge on Education City. I have uploaded a variety of different phonics based activities onto Education City for children to complete little and often over the week off. A tick list has been sent home to record the work the children do! Do not worry if you don't complete much as you can do would be really helpful preparation for us when we return to school as the Phonics Check is the following week (Mon 12th June).

You will have read on the newsletter that I will be moving to Year 2 with the children in September which I am extremely happy about as this year as gone far too quick to say goodbye to them in July! Knowing one another so well from this year will really help in Year 2 with its different challenges and demands (SATS!). We will be joined by Mrs Duggan, who is very excited to join the class. She has already began to get to know the children during Golden Time on Fridays in order to help transition. Year 1- we must make the most of Mrs Medlicott next half term as I know we will miss her lots! 

I hope the sun continues to shine for our half term! See you on 5th June for our final half term in Year 1!

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