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Week ending 9th September

What can I say? What a fantastic first week we have had in Year 1. I am extremely proud of the children’s behaviour and hard work already and we are all loving one another’s company! This will continue throughout the entire year.

In Phonics we have recapped Phase 2 and 3 by playing many rounds of Phonics Bingo!

In Literacy we have written sentences about our Summer (which all sounded amazing!). We moved onto learning about adjectives (which are describing words) and labelled one of the character’s from Rainbow Fish. We then worked hard to use these adjectives in sentences.

In our Underwater Party, the children had a water balloon competition, shared their underwater accessories, danced, coloured and ate lots of party food such as crabs' legs, shark teeth, fish food and seaweed!

IMG 4408

We have been very creative in our Art lessons aswell! The children enjoyed experimenting with a variety of materials and medium to create self portraits. Next week they will continue this.

We painted stones to create “fish friends” inspired by a wonderful book celebrating individuality “You Be You”. The patterns and colours used by the children were very eye-catching and have been complimented by all of the school community!


IMG 4422

In our Computing lesson we began our topic "We are Coders". We explored using Beebots but decided we must understand direction first! We gave instructions to our friends who became robots. Then Miss Sutton became Miss Sutbot! The children had to walk down to Forest School recording their directions as they went to remind Miss Sutbot how to get there for Friday morning! We discussed how this was a set of instructions. In Computing this is called an algorithm.

Forest Fridays was very enjoyable. We introduced the rules of Forest School and then went on a Rainbow Nature Hunt.

In RE we began to think about “Who is a Christian?” We drew pictures of people who are Christians and realised that lots of different kinds of people are.

The children have coped brilliantly with the change in classroom, adults, expectations and lessons. I could not be happier! It has been lovely to meet parents on the playground and please if you have any questions, concerns or just want a chat please do!

Bug Club books have been set according to your child’s reading ability. Passwords will be found at the front of your child’s reading diary. Please note these have changed from last year!

Have a brilliant weekend Year 1. You definitely deserve it!

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