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Week ending 7th April

Phonics- We have been learning the alternative graphemes for wh (when, which), ph (phonics, dolphin), oe (toe, oboe) and ew (blew, chew). Over the Easter holidays please continue to read little and often, practise your caterpillar words and read the tricky words.

Maths- We have been counting in 2s and 5s this week and spotting patterns on the 100 number square when doing so. For example, the numbers when counting in 5s have 5 ones or 0 ones. The children were also given some subtraction calculations to work out using dinosaur pictures. We talked about the subtraction symbol and the children were encouraged to explain how they worked out the answer.

Welly Wednesday- We enjoyed an end of term Easter egg hunt in the forest school area and then explored in the area. Some children made chocolate eggs out of mud, built seesaws and climbed on the climbing tree.

PE- During Gymnastics this week the children were developing their ways to travel on, over and under the apparatus. We saw children slide, shuffle, jump, hop, pull and push along the apparatus and observed some twisting jumps and tuck jumps off the table tops.

The children have been busy rehearsing for the Resurrection Rock Easter performance. We are so proud of the children’s hard work when learning the words and singing so clearly in front of the other children. Mrs. Atkinson is also very impressed with the singing talent in our class.

On the first Monday back the children will be engaging in a Science day in which we will be discussing healthy eating and how to keep our teeth healthy. On 26th-28th April I will be going to Condover Hall with Year 4 on their residential so Reception will be taught by Mrs Barnett and Miss Walker.

Happy Easter Reception! We hope that you all have a well-rested and fun holiday with your family and friends.

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