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Week ending 5th May

Phonics- We have continued to recap split digraphs and explictly taught u-e and o-e. The children have all had experienced a practice test for the Phonics check in June. Some children may come home with a pack of nonsense words to help consolidate their learning. Please ensure you complete these with your child and ensure they sound out and blend accurately using robot arms and phoneme fingers.

Literacy- Nibbles has continued to cause mayhem in another story; Little Red Riding Hood. We received a message from Little Red asking for Year 1's help to fix the story for her. The children have really stepped up to the tough expectations of the Summer Term and retold the story clearly and in great detail. They are thinking about conjunctions, spelling their tricky words correctly and ensuring we use the -ed suffix when appropriate. All children must remember the basics even when they challenge themselves. When writing at home please keep reminding them of their full stops and capital letters,

Numeracy- In Numeracy the children have returned to adding numbers; this time up to 20. We have learnt two methods so far...

1. Adding by Counting On: using a number line, jumping forwards and starting from the larger number first.

2. Adding by Making 10: making the numbers on ten frames then moving/partitioning one number in order to make 10, then count on to add the remainder.

They have worked hard to prove and explain their reasoning behind each calculation. We will learn two more methods next week.

Topic- The children used sources online to research the explorer Christopher Columbus. We thought about the reliability and accuracy of the secondary sources we found. They will use this next week to compose a pretend interview with the explorer!

Computing- The children researched and saved their images for their "talking books" about transport. They then inserted these on "Shadow Puppet" and began to add/edit text.

On Friday we listened to Year 4's Condover presentation. It was fab to hear about their adventurous trip. The children then buddied up and did some paired reading.

It is E-Safety Week next week! The children will focus on internet safety in their Computing lessons and be completing challenges throughout the week. Just a reminder that we are welcoming parents to learn more about how to keep safe online into school on Tuesday 9th at 2.30pm. E-Safety practitioners from Catshill Primary School will deliver the meeting in the Community Hall. I urge you to attend!

Have a great weekend Year 1. See you on Monday.

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