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Week ending 3rd February

It has been National Storytelling Week and Year 1 have enjoyed listening to a range of stories from a different teacher each day this week. It has definitely been a highlight of the week and the children have loved sharing each teacher's favourite story. 

In line with National Storytelling Week we have been focussing on the author Eric Carle in Literacy. We have explored a wide range of his books such as The Hungry Caterpillar, The Mixed-Up Chameleon, Polar Bear Polar Bear and Slowly Slowly said the Sloth. We answered questions about each story, explored the beginning, middle and end and wrote sentences about the stories. We will continue this focus next week. In Art we made a collage of our favourite animal from the Eric Carle book collection.

In Numeracy we have began to look at multiplying numbers using the language of "groups of" and "lots of". We understand what multiplication is and have learnt two strategies to help us find the product (total) when multiplying. We can arrange objects into groups or into an array. An array is an arrangement of equal rows and columns. In Year 1 we must count in 2s, 5s and 10s therefore our arrays and groups were of these amounts. This is a tough skill to crack but the children have persevered and will continue to do so next week.

In Science we have continued to classify animals but, now, according to what they eat. We learnt the words "carnivore, herbivore and omnivore". Ask your child what these mean! In Geography we searched for man made (human) and natural (physical) features in our surrounding area. In Computing we have been practising the skill of researching images using a search engine. The children have researched animals and can now copy and paste an image from the internet onto a Word document. They have displayed their typing skills to write sentences about their images. We are continuing to practice saving and retrieving our work.

In Forest Fridays Mr Bennett has worked with the children using different tools including the bo saw. It is very exciting!

Thank you for your hard work and effort with the children's homework over the last couple of weeks. The spelling books have proved a hit and the children were very proud of their achievements in the spelling check on Friday. Last week I was wowed with the poems and rhymes the children had learnt off by heart. The videos they recorded are wonderful!

Miss Blantford is leaving us to complete a placement at another school for 6 weeks then will return for the Summer Term. During this time, another teaching student Mr Cooke will be joining us.

Have a lovely weekend Year 1!

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