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Week ending 30th September

In Phonics we have recapped the sounds oo (long oo in moon and short oo in book), ar and or. The children have worked extremely hard this week on including sweeps and flicks. We have been working on this in our daily handwriting sessions too.

In Literacy the children received a letter from Reception class asking for help on how to look after a fish. We investigated different sets of instructions and found some key features. These included a title, a list of equipment, numbered steps, pictures and "bossy verbs". Year 1 planned their set of instructions using pictures and captions on Wednesday and wrote them in detail on Thursday. We also followed a set of instructions to make fish biscuits. We followed them successfully as they tasted delicious!

In Numeracy the children have been working hard on representing numbers as pictures. We worked with numbers up to 20 then extending ourselves up to 100 by using the vocabulary of "tens and units". We broke down 2 digit numbers into smaller parts e.g. 62 would be 6 tens and 2 units. This helps children see "how much" a number is and the importance of place value (writing numbers the correct way round: 62 is very different to 26). The children were introduced to a range of resources to create a "picture". They worked with beadstrings, unifix, Numicon, ten frames and Numicon.

In Science we began to think about our 5 senses and the body parts associated with them. The children have been on a senses hunt aswell as enjoying a taste testing session. There were very different reactions to the sweet and salty popcorn, fizzy sweets and bitter lemon!

In RE we explored the many different roles God plays for Christians. We began by thinking about our own different roles; a friend, a son/daughter, a brother/sister and how important each of these were. We then compared this to God. 

In Forest Fridays we made a Tardebigge scarecrow ready for the Harvest Festival.

The children have visited the library this week with Mrs Mayne. The book they take from here may not match their reading level as this library book is for you to share as a family; not necessarily a reading book. 

It was great to welcome parents in on Thursday for a short but sweet visit to see the children's books and classroom. Thank you for coming and do not worry if you were unable to make it. There will be plenty of opportunities throughout the year for you to see your children's books. 

There will be no Forest Fridays next week (Friday 7th October) due to the Harvest Festival at 9.15am. Children can also bring in jogging bottoms to become part of their PE kits on Tuesday if they wish. It is getting chillier! 

Have a great weekend Year 1! See you on Monday for our new exciting!

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