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Week ending 2nd December

Thank you to those who have brought in play clothes. We must have these in on Monday as we have a dress rehearsal in front of the rest of the school. We are very excited to share with everyone our singing, dancing and acting!


Bake Sale- Reception children have been busy baking gingerbread biscuits for our whole school Great Christmas Bake Off on Friday. Our classroom smelled very festive and delicious! The children practised weighing ingredients, mixing the mixture and rolling out the dough to create their biscuits. We then had great fun icing them afterwards.


Literacy- The children have been busy writing up their biscuit ingredients on a gingerbread man template. We have been encouraging the children to listen carefully to the sounds in the words and use the alphabet mat to help them form their letters.


Maths- We have been identifying coins and discussing how much they are worth by pretending to buy items in the classroom. The children have been placing £1 coins on a number line to work out which is more e.g. £5 or £7. We have also been comparing purses with different coins and trying to work out which purse is worth the most. Using an online number machine on the interactive board, we have been working out 1 more and 1 less for numbers 0-20.


Phonics- We have been learning to read the tricky words we, be, me, he, she and they this week. We have also been learning the trigraphs ear (hear, tear), air (chair, stairs) and ure (mature, secure).


On Saturday between 11-2pm it is our Tardebigge Christmas fete. It would be fantastic to see you all there!


Also, a reminder that it is our Nativity play on Tuesday at 10am. We would love to see you all there. Grandparents are also welcome!


See you on Monday!

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