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Week ending 28th April

Welcome back Reception! We hope that you had a wonderful Easter break!

Explorer Dome- On Monday the children experienced the Explorer Dome in the Community Hall. This involved the children crawling into a big inflatable dome and within this we learned about the human body. The children carried out a Science investigation in which they added different foods to a container and mixed them together. This allowed the children to talk about what happens inside our stomachs. We also looked at a skeleton and identified some bones and even got to hold some animal teeth and talked about the importance of teeth.

When the children returned to the classroom, they sorted foods into unhealthy and healthy and more importantly talked about the importance of eating a range of foods to create a balanced diet to enable us to be fit and healthy.

Literacy- It was so lovely to hear about the children’s Easter holiday. They had some very exciting adventures to share with us. The children then had a go at writing about their Easter break. They had to think of sentence, say it, write it and then check it. We are hearing lots of sounds in words now and we are encouraging the children to include finger spaces between their words. Some children were even using capital letters and full stops in their sentences!

Handa’s Surprise- Mrs Barnett taught the children from Wednesday to Friday whilst Miss Hudson went to Condover Hall with Year 4. The children read the story Handa’s Surprise and then had a go at acting out the story with animal masks and finger puppets.  The children had a go at writing some sentences about the story and carried out some fruit tasting in which they tried the different fruits in the story.

Welly Wednesday will be back on next week.

Remember that Monday is a bank holiday and on Tuesday it is our Superhero dress up day. We look forward to seeing a class full of superheroes!

Enjoy the long weekend Reception!

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