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Week ending 28.5.21

We have had a super half term in Year 1!

We are firmly into our new topic ‘It’s a jungle out there!’ The children have been learning to use question marks in sentences, and have written invitations to send to different animals to join the Jungle Dance! (Inspired by our focus text, ‘Giraffes can’t dance’).

In Maths we have finished off our work on addition and will be moving onto subtraction after half term. The children have really developed confidence in this area of Maths, and can explore addition with physical resources, pictures and formal calculations.

We have been learning about an artist called ‘Paul Klee’ in Art lessons. We learned about how this artist explores colour in his abstract paintings. The children have practised creating ‘tints’ by adding white to colour paints, then made a painting of their own inspired by Paul Klee. They started with only primary colours and white, but created a whole rainbow of different colours and tints!

In Phonics we have revisited a lot of Phase 5 graphemes this half term. We are still doing lots of Phonics practise in school to support the children’s reading, despite the Phonics screening check being cancelled.

I can’t believe the children only have one more half term in Year 1! Mrs Welsh has been saying hello to the children out at playtimes and popping her head around the door every now and then to learn the children’s names, and so they can also become more familiar with her ready for next year.

We are hoping the last half term will be the best yet, with some sunny weather to come hopefully, some lovely whole school activities, and a trip too! Have a great week off everyone, and see you on Tuesday the 8th!

Mr Bennett

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