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Week Ending 27.11.2020

We have had a super week with a fantastic cinema afternoon on Friday to end it all off. I loved watching the children laughing, singing and dancing along to Nativity!

In maths we have continued with rapid recall of number facts with a total of 18. They are getting really speedy and I think it is amazing how they work the calculations out so quickly. In our addition calculation we had 8+6= and the children all got the answer correct. When asked how they worked it out, the answers ranged from; “I know double 8 is 16 and we have 8+6, the 6 is 2 less than 8 so that is 14,” “I know 8 and 2 is 10, so I took 2 off the 6 and that left 4, 10 and 4 is 14.” The more the children practice these calculations the faster they become.

We continued with the column method of addition with renaming. I have uploaded a video of how we do addition with renaming onto ClassDojo’s so you can see it in action. The children have sheets to do at home if they want to practice or you want to see how they are getting on. It is important they add the ones first and go through the process of saying their answer, say 15, then saying 15 ones is one ten and 5 ones, they can then place the ten into the tens column.

In English and history we have continued finding out about the Great Fire of London. The children sequenced the events as they occurred in 1666 and found out new information. They wrote a news report on the Great Fire of London, which was written as a, ‘cold task’ without much input beforehand. We then spent the next lessons looking at exemplar texts, comparative texts before we move on to magpieing good ideas next week and writing our own news report which we will record using green screen technology!

As we had the whole class in school, I thought we should take the opportunity to make our Christmas cards. There were a few different techniques involved in the task. The children had a lovely time singing Christmas songs and getting creative.

We will be doing the phonics screening check in a couple of weeks, so if your child came home with a phonics pack please practice, practice, practice.

Next week is the start of December, we know that life isn’t normal at the moment, so we are working hard to make it a special Christmas in school, with lots of work and lots of fun too.

Have a super weekend.

Mrs Welsh

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