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Week ending 24th November

What a busy week! We have missed the children that have been off poorly and have been glad to see them return. For those who are still under the weather we hope to see you on Monday!

In Phonics we have learnt the sounds ey (money), ew (new), au (launch) and oe (toes). The children are fab at retaining these alternate graphemes and are beginning to use them in their writing for more accurate spelling. We always discuss the positioning of a phoneme (sound) in a word and how this helps us remember which grapheme (the way we write a sound) is in which word.

In Numeracy we had a fantastic couple of days focussing on Fractions. The children understood the importance of fractions being “fair” meaning equal parts. We worked hard to recognise ½ and ¼ of shapes and objects. We extended our learning to write these fractions as the written symbols aswell as break wholes into smaller parts such as thirds, fifths and sixths. The children saw equivalence between one half and two quarters. We investigated this using cakes and cookies which the children enjoyed eating afterwards! They designed their own pizza with different fractions of toppings. We will cook our designs on Party Day in a couple of weeks! We build whole blocks of Duplo using fractions and coloured in different fractions of shapes. Year 1 also found half of a quantity by sorting different aliens into two different space ships. We knew both groups must be the same and found out not all numbers can be halved and stay whole.

In Literacy the children have enjoyed planning a story ending to the John Lewis advert “Man on the Moon”. We used our imagination to answer questions such as “Where is he? Why is he there? Who is he?” The children looked at the structure of a story using a story mountain and planned their own problem, solution and ending that they will write next week. Year 1 also enjoyed retelling other tales, acting out the advert and deciding what they would do on the Moon for a day.

In Topic we looked closely at Earth’s different land forms. Miss Blantford and I were amazed at the children’s existing knowledge. They recognised and named landforms such as ocean, sea, valley, mountain, coast and cliff. We discovered some of Earth’s features can be classed as both! We will compare Earth’s landforms to other planets in our Solar System in the coming weeks.

We continued to rehearse for Christmas and we are excited to move into the church onto the stage next Monday so we can bring it all together!

A letter has been sent out this week inviting your child back to school for a Star Gazing event on Monday 12th December. The children’s faces lit up with this news so we are really hoping for a clear night! Please send your reply slip in by Friday 2nd December. Christmas play costumes are due in on Friday 2nd aswell. Any issues or questions about this please come and ask!

Next week we are going to get into the Christmas spirit by starting our Christmas craft. School Council have also organised a fundraising activity next week…. “The Tardebigge Christmas Bake Up!”. Each class will be making a Christmas themed treat for sale on Friday 2nd December. Any donations would be fantastic in aid of the Salvation Army and new reading materials for the school. Thank you very much!

Have a wonderful weekend and see you on Monday!

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