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Week ending 24th March

Literacy- The children read a poem about frogs and then had a go at writing their own frog poem. We have become very inspired by our class frogspawn which has now turned into tadpoles, a few of which are starting to grow legs! The children have really enjoyed coming into school each morning and watching them grow and change.

Maths- The children learned a doubling machine number song and practised finding doubles of different numbers. We looked at ladybirds and doubled the number of different spots. We have also been encouraging the children to talk about what they see when they look at a group of 5 cubes (3 red and 2 blue). We practised splitting the group in different ways and moving the cubes around and asked the children if it was the same or different. We also discussed whether 3+2=5 is the same as 2+3=5.

Science- The children shared the story Growing Frogs by Vivian French in small groups and discussed the different frog facts. They then created some fantastic frog life cycles on frog outlines and even included some bouncy legs!

IMG 6837

Phonics – The children have been learning alternative graphemes (letters) for the phonemes (sounds) oy (toy, boy, annoy), ea (beach, teach, sea), ir (girl, bird, twirl), ue (blue, glue, sued). We have also been revising the tricky words said, have, like, so, do some, come, were, there, one, little, when, out, what.

Welly Wednesday- We enjoyed a very muddy and soggy Welly Wednesday down in the Forest School area. The children created dinosaur dens using twigs, moss and mud. Many of the children loved jumping in the muddy swamp puddles too!

IMG 6814 IMG 6827 IMG 6835

RE- We have continued learning about the Easter story and have been discussing why Christians celebrate Easter and why they regard this as a special time of celebration. The children acted out the story of Jesus riding through Jerusalem on a donkey and this week tried hot cross buns and talked about the symbolism. Some children said the bun looked like the stone in front of the tomb and others said the cross reminded them of Jesus dying on the cross. The children then created Easter crosses covered in flowers using craft materials and discussed how Easter made them feel. Some children chose to make hot cross buns with crosses on top using playdough.

Thank you to those Mums and Nans who attended our Mothering Sunday craft afternoon and concert. We hope you enjoyed our performance!

Finally, there will be no Welly Wednesday on 29th March and 26th April.

Have a fun weekend!

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