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Week ending 23rd June

We have had a fantastic week in Year 1! The children have definitely enjoyed the sunshine but have still worked hard, despite the hot classroom!

On Monday the whole school enjoyed a Creation Day focussing on the story of Genesis and how Christians believe God created the world. We thought about God’s creations around us as we sat and reflected in the Zen Garden. The children danced to music and used playdough to represent the 7 days of creation. Then they created collages to show how beautiful God’s world is. A wonderful day!

In Numeracy, Year 1 have been solving word problems involving addition and subtraction. They have applied all the methods learnt so far in order to answer questions. They understand that

  1. We must decide if the problem is asking you to + or –
  2. Write the calculation the problem is representing
  3. Use a method to answer the problem

We have used number lines to count on/back, number bond diagrams and ten frames to add by making 10. A new method the children have worked on is “bar modelling” that appears for each year in the Singapore Maths scheme. An example, shown below, demonstrates how we use the method to solve both addition and subtraction problems.

IMG 7396IMG 7446


I am really proud of the perseverance shown in this week’s maths lessons. Well done!

In Literacy we have enjoyed reading a wordless book “Journey” by Aaron Becker. The imagination from the children was fantastic. They used the detailed illustrations to describe, predict and create their own ideas about what was happening in the book. We learnt about 4 different types of sentences: statement, command, exclamation and question. I challenged them to use one of each to describe a page in the book. We will continue this next week.

In DT Year 1 have made, painted and evaluated their clay transport figures. The children are so proud of their creations and were very excited to bring them home for parents to see!

In Computing we used J2Code: Visual to input commands as an algorithm. Children can access J2E at home by logging on to the website. Children are very confident in doing this!

Well done for a fab week. Before we know it, it will be the end of term! Thank you for remembering sun hats and water bottles. Please continue to do so as we hope for more sunny weather! There is no longer any Maths homework as children have completed the booklets. Please continue to complete Phonics, Spelling and reading. Have a wonderful weekend everybody!

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