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Week ending 18th November

This week the role play area was transformed into a farm shop equipped with real fresh vegetables, wooden creates, shopping lists, baskets and tills. The children enjoyed paying for their vegetables and taking it in turns to be the shopkeeper. Next week we will be using a few of the vegetables to make our own leek and potato soup.

Literacy- The children have been reading Owl Babies and learning about the nocturnal animal. We then had a go at labelling the owl’s body parts e.g. wing, claws, ears etc.

Maths- We have been identifying and describing features of 3D shapes such as a cylinder, cube, cuboid, pyramid and a cone. We have been using shape vocabulary such as faces and corners. We have also been adding Percy the Park Keeper’s animals and showing this as a calculation e.g. 4 +3 = 7.

Phonics- This week the children have been learning phonemes for the graphemes or (fort, torn), ar (farm, chart) and oo (long oo- food, boom and short oo- book, look). We have also learned to read the tricky words my and was.

Welly Wednesday- We read the story ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’ and decided to go on a hedgehog hunt across the fields. We recited the repeated refrains along the way e.g. ‘We’re going on a hedgehog hunt. We’re going to catch a big one. What a beautiful day. We’re not scared.’ Ask your child where we found the hedgehog!

A reminder that Bedtime Stories is on Wednesday next week. We can’t wait!!

Have a fun weekend!

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