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Week ending 17th March

In Phonics the children have been reading and writing lots of nonsense words! They are remembering all their phonic sounds and blending skills to read and write accurately.

In Numeracy we have continued to add using our 2 methods (adding by using number bonds, adding by counting on) to solve different problems. Our problems included missing numbers, pictures and words.

In Literacy we have learnt to read and write words including the -ed suffix. Year 1 found out this suffix is added onto the end of a word like jump, talk and play. These words are verbs. We also discovered we add this suffix on if it happened in the past. In Literacy the children also wrote their own folk tales  based on their planning from last week. Their writing blew me away! The children enjoyed marking each other's work using our target pencils. They did so well I even contemplated them taking books home to mark instead of myself! 

In RE the children continued to explore mosques. They enjoyed acting out the preparation Muslims go through before entering a mosque and then looking closely at special items such as tashbih beads, the Qu'ran and prayer mat. They added these to their artwork they began last week.

In Science we have been closely observing our seed investigation. The seed placed in water has grown the best! Only 4 of the children predicted this! Year 1 planted their own bean in compost today and will be looking after it; hoping it will grow! They will create bean diaries over the coming weeks to observe the growth of their bean plant. Hopefully in the Summer Term they will be bringing home a well looked after plant!

We have been busy making our Mother's Day cards and practising our song for our Mothering Sunday concert next Friday. Remember mums you are invited to school at 1pm and the concert begins in church at 2.15pm.

Thank you for all handing in your reply slips for Hatton Park. We are very excited about this trip!

Well done on another busy week! See you all on Monday.

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