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Week ending 16th September

I know that some children, particularly those with older siblings, are eager to read books online and use Education City so I have sent home a couple of letters this week to explain how your child can access the Maths activities on Education City and the books on Bug Club. These home learning activities are focused on getting your child excited about their learning at home.

Phonics- This week’s new sounds are i, m, n and d. Please practise these sounds at home and ask your child to show you the actions for each of the sounds. They may even be able to sing the song too!

Maths- The children have been working with me to practise recognising and ordering numerals 0-20. We have also been estimating and counting objects.

Welly Wednesday- Our first session in the Forest School area was full of adventure. The children loved climbing the tree, creating leaf mobiles and exploring the new area.

Dog’s Trust- Shadow (a toy dog) and his owner visited us to talk about ways we can be safe around dogs. We learned to ask before we stroke, give the dog time to smell us before and ask the owner where the dog likes to be stroked.

Dough Disco has now begun and the children are loving it! Each child is given a ball of therapy putty and alongside some pop music we carry out actions such as squeeze, roll, splat and twist. The focus for this daily activity is to develop and strengthen children’s finger muscles so that they are ready to write.

Write Dance has also started with our first routine being based on a volcano theme. The children will be using ribbons, scarves, chalk and shaving foam to create large movements alongside music. The aim of this daily dance is to develop children’s gross motor skills which will in turn help your child’s writing!

Have a lovely weekend. See you on Monday!

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