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Week ending 16th February

Wow! What a fast half term we have had.

In Phonics this week we have continued to recap all the sounds we have learnt this year. We learnt the tricky words there and what.

In Numeracy we have learnt about time. We explored how we measure time in seconds, minutes, hours, days, months and years. The children ordered days of the week and months of the year. We played games to estimate how long a minute was. We used books to help find facts such as "60 minutes in an hour". We also used clocks to read and draw the time to o'clock and half past. All children are confident reading to the hour but we found half past a little more trickier. It was fab to see children coming into school wearing watches and telling me the time (especially if we were a little late)!

In Literacy the children met a very special bird called "Dr K Fisher". She is an agony aunt to any minibeasts with a particular problem. We read about the Unhappy Worm who was bored with their body and the Always Hungry caterpillar who was worried they would burst from their weight gain! The children took on the role of Dr K Fisher and had to research and write a reply to make the caterpillar feel better. Their replies were very complimentary! In Computing, Year 1 then typed up their letter on the laptops to demonstrate everything they have learnt this term in these lessons.

In Topic we teamed up with Year 2 to demonstrate real perseverance. The children planned, designed and made their own moving character using card, split pins and lollipop sticks. We made lots of different minibeasts to continue our learning from Literacy. The children have taken these home tonight and I am sure you are impressed.

Please continue to read with your child over the half term and homework is set as normal. There are lots of books available on Bug Club. Have a wonderful holiday! Remember children return to school on Tuesday 28th as Monday is an Inset Day.

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