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Week Ending 13.11.2020

Hello everyone, it’s Miss Harper here, I am one of the PGCE students currently in Year 1 and what another fantastic week we’ve had!

In Learning Opportunities this week, we have been doing a wide range of activities! Such as creating beautiful tissue paper and felt poppies to show our respect to the soldiers who fought for us in the war and remembering and discussing people in our families, that may have had something to do in the war too. It has been very interesting! Also in Learning Opportunities we have been introducing our final section of ‘Ocean Adventures’ with the concept of PIRATES! The children have been colouring and labelling pirates with Miss Cowen, as well as working with me to answer the question ‘What do I treasure most?’ on pirate coins to then be added to a pirate theme display! This theme will continue into next week’s Learning Opportunities too!

Phonics this week has consisted of more phase 5 sounds such as OY, IR, UE and AW, all of which the children have had a really good go at, they’ve really engaged with the activities and games we’ve set up and we are impressed with their progress! We will make phonics stars out of them all yet!

In maths we have been discussing number bonds to 10 and using different methods to show how we can make the number bonds. The children have really enjoyed using different objects such as numicons, sweets, counting cubes, beads and even colourful dinosaurs to show how we can make 10. The children have really benefited from being able to visually see what it physically looks like to make 10 of something.

In Forest school this week, the children have all started to have a go at using a saw (with Mr Bennett’s supervision) to cut a piece of wood from a log! This tasks showed team work and the importance of listening to the teacher and concentrating on the task at hand. The children have really enjoyed learning this new skill and were all very diligent in listening to Mr Bennett’s safety talk, beforehand. Well done year 1!

I also thought I’d let you know that Miss Cowen and I have both been made to feel so welcome by the children! We’re excited to continue to work with them on the lead up to Christmas!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Stay Safe

Miss Harper 😊

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