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Week ending 12th May

Tardebigge has held an E-Safety Week this week that has filtered into a lot of our curriculum lessons. For a video of the school’s learning, visit the E-Safety page on our school website. As part of this in our Computing lesson we learnt how to be E-Safety SMART.

S: Stay safe

M: Meet

A: Accept

R: Reliable

T: Tell

Ask your child to explain each rule in detail and how this looks at home and in school. We also began to create some rules for using the iPads in school. These will be shared with all classes when completed.

Phonics: We have recapped the sounds ay, ie and ou.

Numeracy: Year 1 continued to add and subtract numbers to 20. We are coupling our use of resources with mental maths (specifically this week number bonds to 10). It is really useful to keep practising these so the children get really speedy at recalling facts when problem solving.

  1. Addition by Adding Ones: This involved breaking a two digit number into tens and ones e.g. 15 is 1 ten and 5 ones. If the calculation was 15 + 4 we work it out by calculating 5 + 4= 9 then 9 + 10= 19. This two-step problem did confuse us but Year 1 showed fantastic growth mindset.
  2. Subtraction by Counting Back: The children are very confident using a number line and taking jumps backwards to find an answer.
  3. Subtraction by Subtracting Ones: This method is the opposite of adding by adding ones. E.g. 15 -4 involves breaking 15 into 1 ten and 5 ones, then taking away 4 from the 5 ones and counting what is left 15 – 4 = 11

IMG 7209

  1. Subtract from 10: for a calculation like 13-5 you cannot complete method 3 (subtracting ones) as 5 is more than 3. So you take 5 away from 10 which is 5 then add the 3 ones.

These methods have been tricky this week and I understand an explanation on a blog isn’t the best way for parents understanding either so feel free to come and ask anything regarding our Singapore Maths lessons. It is key we become confident in these methods as they will continue to help your child through their school career.  

Literacy: We followed Nibbles’ journey into Jack and the Beanstalk. The children got into groups and acted at the traditional tale in front of the Green Screen which transported them to Jack’s cottage, the beanstalk and the Giant’s castle. The children had to make their own props and write their own scripts. One member of the group became the filmer/director whilst the others acted out in front of the camera. It was brilliant! The videos are attached in a separate blog post for your viewing and I am sure you will be impressed after just a week’s rehearsal.


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