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Week ending 11th November


We had such an exciting day on Thursday with our special visitor from Children in Need. It is safe to say Tardebigge absolutely LOVED Pudsey! Thank you for all your donations and the children looked ‘spot’-tastic! 


IMG 5370

IMG 5380

In Phonics we have learnt the sounds oy (boy), ir (girl), ue (glue) and ay (play). We are encouraging the children to remember these alternate sounds when writing to ensure accurate spelling.

In Literacy the children received an exciting letter from Tim Peake asking for some advice about his next space mission. Year 1 compiled their information they researched last week into a report. We were all so impressed by every single child’s work. After, they then chose one planet to persuade Tim Peake to go to and wrote a reply.

In Numeracy we have been working on subtraction. We met “Linus the Minus” who likes to make numbers less! We worked on subtraction calculations up to 10, 20 and even 100. The children all used a beadstring or a number line to help with their calculation. For facts up to 10 we remembered and applied our number bonds to 10 e.g. if 3 and 7 make 10. 10 minus 3 equals 7.

In Topic the children pieced together a world map and enjoyed investigating the globe. They named and located the 7 continents. We will continue to look at this over the year. In Art the children enjoyed creating a class collage of Vincent Van Gogh’s “Starry Night”. It is a very eye-catching display in the classroom.

IMG 5398


In Forest Fridays the children enjoyed working with cameras and camcorders creating pictures and videos of their adventures! We were very chilly so thick socks are must for next week please! Old gloves are also handy.

In Guided Reading the children created a Poppy craft in honour of Remembrance Day.

We began practising our Christmas play and we are singing the songs beautifully already! We are all very excited to perform in December.

Next week is Pearl of Africa so there will be no Forest Fridays.

Enjoy your weekends Year 1 and see you on Monday!

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