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Week ending 10th March

Thank you for all attending Parent's Evening. It was wonderful to talk about your child's progress and share their learning with you. Please ensure books are returned in book bags by Monday if possible! We are very proud of our lovely Year 1 class. They all deserve a wonderful weekend!

In Numeracy we continued working through our Singapore Maths scheme. We have focussed on addition within 10. We learnt two methods to help us add. 

1. Adding using Number Bonds (using a part, part, whole diagram)

2. Adding by Counting On.

We used these methods to solve missing number problems which we found rather difficult. The children persevered and knew it would take a lot of time, effort and exploration to solve the calculations.

IMG 6617

In Literacy the children have become their own authors in order to write their own folk take, following the style of "How Rabbit Stole the Fire" They created their character, setting and plot using a story mountain. Next week they will write their stories.

IMG 6591IMG 6594

In Science we began an experiment to find the best way to grow a plant. We planted 3 beans in compost, water and soil. Year 1 predicted which one they think will grow best. They will use the results to then decide how to grow their own bean plant.

In Computing the children continued to edit text, font, size and colour on Microsoft Word on the laptops. Next week they will apply this learning to another device; iPads.

In RE we began looking at our final sacred place of worship: a Mosque. The children thought about how Muslims would feel there; thinking about what they already know about churches and synagogues. They painted a picture to represent this.

Thank you for the Hatton Park trip reply slips. If you have not sent it back in yet please do as soon possible.

See you on Monday Year 1!

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