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Week ending 10th February

Maths- During Number Time, the children have been showing doubles using counting objects, recalling doubles and using ten frames to solve addition number problems.

Literacy- We have been writing a recount of our Chinese New Year week last week. The children considered what they heard, created, tasted, and saw within their writing.

Phonics- The children have been learning to read two new tricky words this week; said and so. We have also been revising our graphemes and learning to read and write CVCC (consonant, vowel, consonant, consonant) words.

Welly Wednesday- We spent a chilly afternoon in the Forest School area looking for black minibeasts, brown minibeasts, flying minibeasts, slimy minibeasts and stripy minibeasts. We discussed where we found the different minibeasts and why.

PE- In Dance the children sang 'The Wheels in the Bus' and moved in an angry, sad, happy, tired way and then danced to this song in a rock 'n' roll dance style. We thought about bending our knees, twisting our hips, spinning our partner and kicking out our feet.

RE- The children have been learning about the Muslim place of worship, a Mosque. We looked inside different Mosques on the interactive board using a 3D virtual tour website. The children also explored our mosque small world play and discussed what they could see inside. We watched a video clip of Muslims hearing the call to prayer and visiting the Mosque. The children talked about what they could see and hear and we discussed why some rituals, such as taking off shoes, happen.

Have a wonderful weekend Reception!

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