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8th December 2019

Gosh, what a busy time we are having in Year 1! The children were so excited when they came into school on Monday. They knew it was the start of advent and many children had been to see Father Christmas, been ice skating and seen trees and decorations going up. It is a very exciting and magical time. Also in school there are times when we are not following our normal routines, with play rehearsals and watching the dress rehearsals for reception and Years 3 and 4.

We have talked a lot about kindness in Year 1. All children in school know our first Tardebigge rule is, ‘kind hands and feet’ and ‘hands and feet to yourself’ and one of our Christian values is kindness to others. We are now talking in class about how our words can hurt and how our words can make others feel very unhappy. Many of the children at this age do find ‘toilet humour’ very amusing, however, they need to realise that calling someone a ‘toilet humour’ name can be upsetting. I hope we have stopped this and would like to thank the parents who brought this problem to our attention. Please remember that unless you or your child tells us that something is going wrong, we may be unaware. Please, if there are any worries, problems or concerns, let me know so that they can be dealt with in class. I do take any concerns very seriously.

Maths: In Maths we have completed our work on subtraction. We have also done a review of all the work completed so far this year and the children have impressed me. A couple of children found the odd blank question earlier in their books and it was great to see that they could just complete these answers with ease. We have worked on positions and the children have done really well with work on ordinal numbers 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc.

Phonics: We are continuing with phonics and have focused on the trigraph ‘igh’ for shine bright, wh as in whale, when, who and ph as in phone, dolphin and oe as in toe, dominoes.

We have a busy couple of weeks coming up – and I have a feeling Year 1 will be like Santa’s Workshop! We have cards, calendars and decorations to make, Christmas plays to perform and we also have a visiting Theatre Company coming to school to perform Pantomime on Monday. Then Christmas dinner and party day the following week.

We took our play rehearsals onto the stage in church and have practiced singing lots! The children are absolutely amazing, and I think you are in for a treat on Tuesday (fingers crossed!)

Have a great weekend Year 1.

Mrs Welsh

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