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8th December 2017

I was so proud of the children in our play on Wednesday and the dress rehearsal on Tuesday, they were amazing. They showed such confidence; acting, singing and talking in a packed church. Well done everyone. Miss Sutton and I were also impressed with the children’s behaviour during all the practices and rehearsals as well as the real thing. Miss Sutton and I really enjoyed the whole experience and we loved the way the children contributed their own ideas and lines to our performance.

I made it to school this morning only for the snow to be falling thick and fast and driving conditions on High House Lane were particularly slippery! I hope the snow day hasn’t inconvenienced you all too much. I’m sure the children are having fun.

Maths: In Maths we have completed our work on subtraction. We have also done a review of all the work completed this year so far and the children have impressed me. A couple of children found the odd blank question earlier in their books and it was great to see that they could just complete these answers with ease.

Phonics: we have continued working within phase 4. Sounding out and writing longer words and compound words. We have, ‘clapped out’ syllables and read sentence questions using our phonic skills. The children then had a go at writing their own question sentences. Phonics Play has some good games that the children enjoy playing and they do really help with their sounding and blending. There is a free section of games, so you don’t need to subscribe.

English: We have researched and written about the Great Fire of London. The children also wrote about the Christmas Play, the character they were, any lines they had and their favourite part of the story. The early part of the week was spent performing our play, speaking confidently and clearly to an audience.

We have a busy week coming up – and I have a feeling Year 1 will be like Santa’s Workshop! We have cards, calendars and decorations to make. In between this we also have a visiting Theatre Company coming to school to perform Pantomime on Monday with Christmas Lunch on Thursday.

Have a really wonderful weekend and weather permitting see you Monday, hats, gloves, scarfs and warm clothes (all named!)

Enjoy the snow.

Sara Welsh

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