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Yet again the children have impressed me this week with their hard work and enthusiasm. We had some visitors come to see us from another school and they were so impressed with the children’s behaviour and their work.

Art: We created planets and painted these using watercolours. The children’s paintings of their imaginary planets have been displayed in the corridor, so next time you are in school please take a look.

English: We looked at the front cover of the book, “Whatever Next”; the children wrote adjectives and expanded noun phrases to describe the pictures. They wrote some lovely phrases such as, “the inky blue sky.” My mum replied to a photo I’d sent her of our planet display, she asked the children what their planets were like. The children then responded with information about their planets, what they were like, who might live there, special equipment you would need if you went to visit their planet etc.

Maths: We completed our chapter on addition. We did some work to practice representing numbers in different ways on a part, part whole model, for example 10 might be divided into the parts 9 and 1 or 5 and 5. We have begun the chapter on subtraction and have taken away using a number line and by using the part, part whole model. We have had a number, such as 17, and then had to take away 4 (17-4=). With the part, part, whole method 17 is put as the whole number the two parts would be 10 and 7, then the 4 is taken away from the 7 before adding back the 10 part. I hope this makes sense it is hard to put it into words, if you are unclear come and see me and I will demonstrate this for you.

Phonics: In phonic lessons we have been working on the alternative sounds ir – as in bird, first and swirl, er as in tiger, better and other and ur as in turtle, nurse and burn. Again we looked at the position of the sound in the word.

RE: Miss Khan taught a lesson on a Muslim’s sacred place. We role played going into the Mosque and discussed the things that we might see; and what were the importance of these items to a Muslim. The children enjoyed examining the prayer mat and trying on a hijab and the hat. They had lots of very thoughtful questions which Miss Khan answered. We are looking forward to going to a real Mosque and seeing what that is like.

Topic: We looked at Neil Armstrong’s life and recorded some of the main events on a story map, for example, Thomas wrote “He flew planes for the navy” alongside his picture of the US badge, then he drew the rocket blasting off from earth, then when when the rocket went out into space and then landed. Then finally he drew Neil dancing on the moon with Neil saying “Hipperty Hop.”

Next week is the last week before half term, I’m sure it will be a fantastic one. Have a lovely weekend. See you Monday.

Sara Welsh

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