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7th September 2019

Hello and a very warm welcome to Year 1. This blog will be updated each week with our experiences and learning in Year 1 and will also contain ideas on how you can support your child’s learning at home. It would be lovely if you shared the blog with your child, in this way you will have a better idea of their school life. If they are anything like my son when asked, “What did you do at school?” I get the response, “Nothing!” Hopefully the blog might shed some light on their daily activities!

I am absolutely delighted with how well the children have settled in already. They all seem so grown up and are coming into school happy and ready to learn, we can’t ask for anything more. We have had a wonderful 4 days getting used to lots of new routines. The children have been amazing and adapted really well, I think the transition week in July really helped them to settle in so well.

The children have been introduced to entering school via the main door, new pegs, groups, tables, using the big toilets, where to put water bottles etc. So many new routines to remember! They were introduced to Mrs Medlicott, our fantastic teaching assistant, and myself. Together we talked about our expectations in Year 1. Mr Bennett teaches Year 1 on a Wednesday when I am with Mrs Cutler having assistant head time. In the morning he will be going down to Forest School and then in the afternoon he will be teaching computing and PE. On a Thursday afternoon Mr Alexander teaches PE and Mrs Friday teaches French and music.

This week we have been very busy with all our learning as well as routines. Our topic is, ‘Ahoy Pirates.’ Year one has a more formal approach to learning than Reception, however, we try to make learning fun and active and ensure all children are engaged. The children have been brilliant starting so many new things, we have done dough disco and started our handwriting books as well as making paper sculptures in art. We made fantastic 3D artwork in the style of Zoe Bradley by changing the shape, form and texture of paper. The end results were brilliant and displayed outside the Year 1 classroom!

Maths: We have done lots of counting, number rhymes and recognising numerals. We started our Singapore maths books in transition week and the children have been excited about having a book to work in!

English: We started with some speaking and listening about our holidays. The children all attempted to independently write their own holiday news. We wrote a good sentence together and looked carefully at all the things that a good sentence needs to have. This sentence we displayed on our English working wall and together we have made some actions to go with it to help us remember the following; finger spaces, capital letters, full stops, writing on the line etc. The children also completed a piece of work about themselves. They used sentence starters; I am, I can, I have and I like. It was lovely that all the children were confident enough to tell the whole class what they wanted us to know about themselves, especially their likes and the things they can do.

RE: We began our topic of, “What do Christians believe God is like”. We thought about the question, ‘What do we think God is like?’ The children thought about and tried to answer this question and they thought of some lovely ideas.

If you have any questions, queries or worries, however big or small, please pop in and see me.

Sorry for the lengthy blog. I hope you all have a fantastic weekend Year 1. See you on Monday!

Sara Welsh

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