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It was lovely to see the children after a week away. The only sad thing is, this is the last half-term of them being Year 1’s! I feel confident that they are ready for Year 2, they all seem to have matured and their reading, writing and maths are impressing all the adults in Year 1. They are a wonderful class.

Phonics, phonics, phonics: The phonics screening is next week so we have taken every opportunity to practice and revise all the sounds we have learnt. The children are brilliant. However, an additional practice this weekend would be fab. Please get them to do their phonic homework over the weekend. The website is and there are many free games, look for phase 5.  

In general all children can say what a phoneme is, the problem can sometimes be identifying them in the word, especially the split digraphs, where the, ‘magic e’ makes the vowel say its name – such as in the words phone, cave, Pete, dive, tube. Remember these might be real or alien, (nonsense words), like phobe or stribe. Occasionally the trigraphs are also missed - ure, air, igh. I know the children will make us proud next week.

English: The children all wrote their half term news, which was lovely to listen to, enjoy and then read and mark. We have discussed the start of the, ‘Jack and the Beanstalk,’ story, the setting and characters as Nibbles has Nibbled his way into that book!

Maths: We have completed time in the Singapore Maths books. We have studied o’clock and half past and the children seemed really confident, with just occasional confusion with 12.30 and 6 O’clock. We have started work on money, which is generally coin recognition and their values.

Next week Mrs Medlicott will be in the classroom while I take the children to complete their phonics screening assessment. I think we will whizz through it.

It was lovely to see so many of you for our read-a-thon and the children looked adorable in their pyjamas. I am so sorry I totally forgot to give out the read-a-thon badges today (I will remember on Monday!).

Hope you have a wonderful weekend and the sun shines.

Sara Welsh

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