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6th October 2017

The children have been working really hard this week.

Maths: In Maths we have been looking at Number bonds, the two numbers that make another number. We investigated all pairs of numbers to make six:  0 and 6, 1 and 5, 2 and 4, 3 and 3 etc. The children looked at a whole number and then worked at finding all the numbers that, added together, made up this whole number.

English: This week we have been working on the sentences; Captain Blackbeard likes… Unfortunately, Captain Blackbeard can’t write (he didn’t go to Tardebigge school!) so he sent us a message in a bottle, these were pictures of his favourite foods. The children were amazing at using their phonics to write a list of Captain Blackbeard’s favourite foods. They wrote sentences about Captain Blackbeard’s likes and dislikes. They have started to use a pink pen to edit and improve their work, correcting spelling mistakes or adding punctuation if forgotten.

In phonics, we have continued working on the phase 3 sounds and been applying this knowledge in our reading and writing. The children seem to be able to write the sounds, for example in the word ‘hair’ they remember to write the ‘air’ trigraph. However, when reading, they don’t always recognise that 3 letters, (for example ‘air’) make one sound.  We will continue working on this and if you could discuss this when reading it would be very helpful.

RE: Our RE focused on love going both ways. We began to make connections between parents love and our love for our parents. The children thought about all the ways their parents show their love for them and things that they do to show their love, for example, take them swimming, to school, cook meals, hug and kiss them, read stories, tuck them into bed and turn them upside down! Then the children discussed ways they show their love to you – tidy their rooms, kiss you, love you, snuggle on the sofa.

Science and DT: We had a great time predicting and reasoning why our boat would float or sink, then placing them in the water and seeing if we were correct. The children then thought of ways they might be able to improve their boats so they would float next time.

A German orchestra visited us at Tardebigge church, they were amazing! The conductor used to play at church when he was a child and he talked about music being a universal language. He introduced us to each of the instruments in the orchestra and let some children have a go at playing them. The orchestra then played a range of music including, Beauty and the Beast, Dynamite and a bit of ABBA! The children really enjoyed listening to the music.

Have a wonderful weekend. I’m looking forward to meeting and chatting to you all next week at parents evening.

 Also don’t forget Harvest is on Friday morning at 9.15.

Sara Welsh

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