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6th March 2020

Gosh what a busy week we have had! It was lovely to see you again at Parents Evening and to be able to celebrate the progress your child is making. I am really pleased with the hard work and mindset of our Year One Class.

World book day: WOW the children looked absolutely amazing in their costumes. We spent the day listening to favourite stories, acting out stories and loving books and reading. The teachers read a range of books and comic strips. The children also learnt how to draw Dennis the Menace and really impressed me with their effort and outcome.

Maths: We have started the first chapter of our new Maths books. We are working on numbers to 40, including reading, writing, and making numbers. In Singapore Maths we grouped the numbers into 10’s and counted them, we then counted the left-over ones. You could practice this at home, making bundles of 10’s plus some ones. The children should count the 10’s first and then the remaining ones, 10, 20, 30, 31, 32, 33 etc.

English: We looked at the book cover of the book we are working on, ‘The Storm Whale’ by Benji Davis. We discussed the dialogue between Noi (the little boy) and his dad. The children thought of questions and responses that the characters might give; they wrote these up using question marks to punctuate their work.

Science: As a school we have been leant microscopes from the Royal British Microscopical Society. Year One had a great time on Monday afternoon exploring the slides that had been provided, looking through lens, and seeing if we could make our own magnifiers using drops of water. We also had a text from Noi telling us a pipe had burst and he needed some waterproof material to fix it. The children had a great time testing a range of material to help Noi fix his leaky pipe.

I hope you have a very happy weekend. Next week we look forward to British Science week with lots of exciting and engaging Science investigations and activities throughout the week. Also, a reminder that on Monday it is class photograph day! 

Sara Welsh

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