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Gosh we have had a very busy couple of weeks. The children have been so impressive with their hard work, enthusiasm, knowledge and application of skills. It was lovely to see so many of you at the Mothering Sunday concert and theactivities afterwards. I showed the phonic screening material as I had a captive audience and had already discussed it with many parents at Parents Evening. If you would like more information or advice on how to help your child please come to see me. Thank you for your chocolate donations, FOTs have made some fantastic prizes.

Maths: We completed a chapter on word problems which was quite tricky and ‘wordy’, even the adults sometimes had to concentrate to work out the maths! We have been working on multiplying. We have done this by making equal groups and counting how many in each group. We have made sure our groups are fair. We have looked at ‘lots of’, so 3 lots of 5 are 15. We have practiced counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s. The children worked out ‘groups of’ and we have used the sentence stem: “There are _ many groups of _ “

English: We have been using the book, ‘The Way Back Home,’ as inspiration for our writing. The children have written what the boy and the Martian would do to help each other and they also wrote an imaginary conversation between the boy and the Martian. We have stopped at various points throughout the book and the children have predicted what comes next.

Science: A week on, we looked at the apple experiment we had set up. We had put a quarter of an apple in oil, water, air and vinegar. The children had made predictions as to what would happen. We took the apple out of the containers and discussed why the apple looked as it did. The children recorded their results. Baby Theo came in to visit. He is just gorgeous. It is so lovely for the children to see how he has grown and developed. The children asked questions and observed his changes closely, one of my favourite questions was if Mia’s mum put him on the top of a hill would he roll down! Not an experiment we will be carrying out!

Phonics: We have continued working on alternative spelling for the same sound, such as air, are, ear and ere (homework sheet there and where!) Writing sound buttons on real and alien words and sounding them out. The children just need to keep sounding out and using robot arms to help them.

One week left then a well-deserved break all round.

Have a super weekend.

Sara Welsh

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