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Wow! What an amazing activity week! Full of exercise, healthy eating, sunshine, teamwork and smiles. The children have been amazing showing perseverance, determination and working collaboratively. This week the children are writing the blog…

“This week we had a fruit kebab and bananas. I liked doing, ‘Rob the Nest’ because you get to rob the nest.” Henry G

“On Sports Day I liked having lunch with my mum and dad. I liked the obstacle race the best, where you put the beanbag on top of your head, because it was a bit tricky. I like activity week because you can go in your own clothes. ” William M

“I liked the Bouncy Castle because it was bouncy and fun. I liked the running race because it was fun and I came first.” Summer

“I liked the horse riding because on top of the horse you had a great view.” Eden

“I really liked the recorders being played because I really like the sound.” Thomas

“Activity week was good; I liked the jump rope and egg and spoon race.” Mia

“I liked the egg and spoon race and the running race because I came first in both of them. I liked that some of my family were there. I liked the fun run because it was so much fun I wanted to go on again and again and again.” Livvi

“I liked the jump rope because you can jump where you want to go. You can skip really fast if you want to, you can do it backwards, front and side to side.” Jacob

“I liked the jump rope because I learnt how to skip backwards and star jumps when skipping.” Rosalia

“We went horse riding, I felt happy.” Bethany

“I liked activity week because we do loads of activities that aren’t the same. My favourites were the fun run, horse riding and jump rope.” Harvin

Next week the children are with me in year1 on Monday then they move up to Miss Cooke in Year 2 on Tuesday.

Have a lovely week Year 1, lots of sleep after a very busy week.

Sara Welsh

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