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5th October 2018

This week has been very busy, I have been on courses on Monday and Thursday but I was in school on Wednesday afternoon when Mr Bennett usually has the class.

Maths: In Maths we have been looking at Number bonds, the two numbers that added together make another number. We investigated all pairs of numbers to make 6; 0 and 6, 1 and 5, 2 and 4, 3 and 3. The children worked at looking at the whole number and the numbers that can make up this.

English: We looked at the first page of the book, ‘The fish who could wish.’ The children drew what the fish could wish for and wrote a sentence to a match their picture. The children are doing daily handwriting and really impressing me with how they hold their pencils, starting on the line, sweeping up, pausing and forming their letters, remembering the flick at the end! Cursive handwriting is quite tricky to master, however, it does mean that by year 4 our children have beautiful, fluent, joined up writing.

In phonics, we have continued working on the phase 3 sounds and been applying this knowledge in our reading and writing. The children seem to be able to write the sounds, for example, in the word ‘hair’ they remember to write the ‘air’ trigraph whereas when they are reading they don’t always recognise the 3 letters (like air) make one sound. We will continue working on this and if you could discuss when reading this would be helpful.

Science: We had done some real scientific thinking. We sorted animals into groups and gave reasons for this, the children really impressed me with their categories and thinking and discussion about these. We then had a long discussion and debate about whether humans are animals (most children thought not) they were quite persuasive in their arguments! In the end I explained that humans are animals. We looked at the categories of animals, mammal, insect, bird, fish, amphibian and reptile and sorted our animals according to these criteria. We were lucky enough to have baby Theo come in to visit us. We could see how he had grown a little bit, he is now in the next sized nappy and drinks more milk (he is still not crawling or eating fish fingers and chips though)! It was lovely to observe the small changes and discuss how and why babies do things, such as why babies cry, because they are; hungry, uncomfortable, in pain, bored etc. We also talked about baby Theo having more bones than an adult (which the children were surprised about). We discussed how the rib cage protects our heart and lungs and the skull protects our brain. Thank you to Mia’s mum for bringing our science to life.    

Have a wonderful weekend. I’m looking forward to meeting and chatting to you all next week at Parents’ Evening.

Sara Welsh

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