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5th January 2018

Happy New Year to you all.

I hope 2018 is an amazing year for each and everyone one of you. Can I start the blog by saying a really huge, “Thank You”, from all the staff who work in Year 1 for your really kind, thoughtful and generous gifts and kind words this Christmas. It certainly sounds from what the children said that everyone had a lovely time. The children certainly did!

We have had a fun packed two days and worked incredibly hard, although I am sure the children will just think they have had lots of fun as we have been slightly off timetable!

On Thursday we discussed our holiday news and favourite presents, I am so glad that Father Christmas visited every child, I never had my doubts! The children wrote their Christmas holiday news in their new topic books which have whole pages of lines (no space for a picture!). We recapped all our phase 3 and 4 sounds. We are starting phase 5 phonics on Monday and will be looking at alternative spellings of sounds we already know such as; ai, ay, a-e, snail, say, make. We also thought about our prayers for 2018. We had a lovely discussion and the children really impressed me thinking about prayers for the world, including everyone in the world having enough food to eat, clean water, comfy beds, mummies and daddies who love them and toys. They wrote their own prayer on a star and these will be displayed on our RE learning wall. In the afternoon the children had music with Mrs Friday and PE with Mr Alexander.

On Friday we introduced our new topic, “An Island Adventure”. We are focusing on the Katie Morag stories in the first instance. We read “Katie Morag Delivers the Mail” and we watched a clip of Katie Morag’s island tour. We then painted pictures of the landmarks on the island and the different characters using the book for reference. We made colour washes to create a background for a twilight scene of the island. We looked at the artist Kandinsky and his concentric circles piece. We used different media paper collage, chalks and pastels. We created our own works of art which we are hoping to join to create a Year 1 masterpiece.

Have a lovely weekend, hope it is relaxing - many of the children seemed quite tired this afternoon.

Sara Welsh

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