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4th October 2019

Another busy week has flown by and lots of good learning is happening in Year 1!

Maths: In Maths we have continued to look at number bonds and to tell number stories whilst looking at pictures. The children have also done some journaling where they have to show and prove their mathematical thinking. They are really getting the hang of this now and Mrs Medlicott and I have been very impressed.

English: We made our own PowerPoint as a class about, ‘a bad pirate’. The children really got into the swing of things and had wonderful ideas! These ranged from, “A bad pirate chops people heads off” to “A bad pirate chews chewing gum.” They thought about a bad pirate’s appearance and what awful deeds a bad pirate might do. They rehearsed their sentence and then drew a picture of their bad pirate and wrote all about him. I am looking forward to marking them this weekend (as much as you can look forward to marking at a weekend!).

Handwriting: We have finished the caterpillar letters (c o a d g q s e) and started the one armed robots. These start on the line, sweep up, pause, go straight back down, straight back up again and then… so for r they flick but n they go over and back down and flick. The one armed robot letters are r n m h p b k.

In phonics, we have continued working on the cvcc (consonant, vowel, consonant, consonant) words: lamp, tent, pond, band etc. We have worked hard to hear and write all the sounds in the words.

Science: We had a visit from Rosie’s kittens; Whiskers and Simon, they are 4 month old now and they are very cute. We did careful observational pictures of conkers and discussed the feel of the outer shell and the conker itself. On Wednesday the children collected lots of conkers from the horse chestnut trees in the meadow.

RE: We shared the parable of, ‘the Lost Son’. We had an interesting discussion on how they thought the brother might feel when the lost son came home.  

Have a wonderful weekend.

Sara Welsh

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