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It was lovely to see the children on Monday. We have had a busy week and the children have worked hard. We had a lovely visit from Mrs Pryor and baby Theo who is 9 months old. He is just beautiful, such a happy baby. The children noticed lots of changes and asked some good questions about how he is developing.

English: We have started our new topic, ‘We are on a journey’. Our topic began with us going on a journey to find clues about our first book. We will be reading this book all term and will be stopping en-route to investigate other books. The children predicted what, Nibbles, the book monster, would do in the book. They had some great ideas. The children wrote their holiday news and impressed us with their writing skills.

Maths: We have completed a division unit in the Singapore Maths books. This was basically sharing groups equally, the children seemed to find this quite easy going (far easier than the multiplication) and we whizzed though it. We have begun a unit on fractions which had a couple of tricky questions, even the staff have struggled with some of them (but we got there in the end!) So far we have looked at halves and quarters of a shape. The children understood when it was a straight forward quarter of a shape. However some of the questions were quite tricky and really made us think!

Phonics: We have undertaken another phonic screening assessment and the children really impressed us. We are reading lots of real and alien words in preparation for the phonics screening. During the screening the children can have a paper copy of the screening materials and they can write their own sound buttons on it. We feel this will really benefit some children as they will be forced, (by the writing the words down), to identify the digraphs, trigraphs and split digraphs. We put a dot underneath single sounds. So the word ‘cat’ would be . . . one dot per sound. The word ‘with’ would be . . _ a dot for the w and i and a dash _ for the th. ‘choin’ would be _ __ . a dash for ch and oi and a dot for the n. Split digraphs have a ں underneath the word to join the vowel to the ‘magic e’ that makes the vowel say its name. The children are amazing at this, maybe they could teach you!

Science: The children answered the afternoon register giving the name of an animal you might find in the garden. The children were impressive, thinking about so many different animals and knowing lots of information about them. We recorded these as part of our science work.

Hope you have a lovely long weekend. Fingers crossed the sun shines. Look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday.

Sara Welsh

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